Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The State Of The Novel Address

One of the first things I did upon moving into my new house was to get some semblance of a storyboard back on my walls. (The kitchen could wait.)

Yes, I still have my Trello board, but my office just doesn't feel like an office to me without a storyboard. Oh yeah, that's right—my new office has wall space enough for me to have a storyboard there and not on my dining rooms walls.

And there was much rejoicing (by The Man, anyway).

But as I still haven't uncovered all of my original storyboard supplies, and the big-ass bulletin board remains un-hung, it's not a full and complete storyboard. Yet, anyway, but it's something, and I needed something because I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN IN THIS WIP.

Shortly before the Big Move, I wrapped up a draft of Part Two of Second Nature. I dabbled a little with Part Three before realizing that I no longer knew where the story was going to go. The Big Move happened, and the WIP got shoved onto the back burner (a fact over which I was incredibly mature and understanding and did not at any point throw a major temper tantrum) until recently.

My writing pattern thus far as been as follows:


Yay! I have an idea, and it's awesome!


What was I thinking? That idea was terrible! I'll come up with a new one.


Any minute now...


Hey, I think there's some vital housework that needs to be done.

I know how Part Three starts, and I have an idea as to how Part Three ends (or should end). What I've done (or am doing) is scribble a one-sentence synopsis of a scene I think would work onto a post-it and slap it on the wall. I add or subtract or rearrange as my thought process dictates. There's no real rhyme or reason to anything yet. Mainly, it's just a compilation of character confrontations I think should happen based on the events of Part Two. In doing all of this, I'm hoping that I'll be able to work out how to connect A to C.

I'd really like to get this draft finished. I'd originally hoped to have this book out this coming July, but now I'm hoping that the first draft might be finished. I guess that's the way it goes sometimes. I just find it discouraging that I'm still working on it.

But I'll keep working on it. I don't tend to give up easily—unless, of course, we're talking about exercising or eating health—and I'm certainly not going to give up on this project. I'm obsessed with it, and I'm dying to know what'll happen next.

So that's the status of my writing. How's yours coming along?

Monday, May 11, 2015

Life Among The Floridians

So here I am. Living in Florida. Have been for a month now.


Wait...I know how it happened: beer. Stupid, foamy beer. Lowers one's inhibitions and makes them thinks things like living in Florida is a good idea.

Let this be a lesson to you, kids.

Needless to say, Florida and I have gotten off to a bit of a contentious beginning.

The road trip down wasn't bad. Except for Fat Cat biting me twice in a Massachusetts rest stop, John Oliver making me terrified of bridges (the worst episode ever to watch the night before one was scheduled to drive over the Tappan Zee Bridge), the Gator Girl's anxiety-induced diarrhea the second night, and Big's third morning nosebleed that made the hotel room look like a set from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the entire trip was on the verge of boring.

Then we arrived in Florida. Now, in the interest of fair and balanced reporting (ha!), I need to mention that The Man, the dogs, the cats are all just fine, and seem to be adjusting nicely. Enjoying themselves, even.

Then there's me. Me, who hates change. And heat. And humidity. Among other things.

Since we got here, I have felt off-balance. I can't get my bearings, I can't get my feet under me. I sincerely hope that this feeling dissipate, and soon. Until then, I am in serious "Fake It Until You Make It" mode.

So here now, for your reading pleasure, is a list of...

Things I Like About Florida:

1. The beach isn't too far away. I think I've been to the beach more in the last month than the last 5 years put together. I do like the beach. (Of course, I'm still unemployed at the moment. Thinking a day job will cut into my going-to-the-beach time. Stupid day jobs.)

2. The library set-up is nice. I have a library card that allows me to check out books from any library in the county. And there are a lot of libraries—I've been to two thus far. There's at least five more. One is just over a mile from my house. I do like libraries.

3. The area grocery stores have excellent bakeries that have excellent cake. I do like cake.

4. ...C'mon, c'mon, think! You can't have just three things!

5. Oh! I have a mailbox. Like, at the end of my driveway. It's been years since I've had a mailbox at the end of my driveway. At home, the town snowplow would hit my mailbox every single winter, and I wouldn't find it until two months later when the snow melted. It was usually three houses down by then. Eventually, we gave up with the mailbox and moved to a PO Box. Now I have an actual mailbox again.

6. And speaking of things being delivered to my house instead of me having to go get them, there are actual restaurants here that will deliver actual food right to your actual door. We never had any delivery back home. Here. when you call to place an order. they just assume that they're bringing it to you.

So, yeah. That's what I've got thus far.

I'm attempting to get things back to normal as best I can, and that includes blogging. This poor blog has been woefully neglected during this entire process—not to mention how many of your posts I've missed out on. I want to do better. Starting this week. I can't promise I'll be wildly successful (I've been writing this post for weeks now...), but I'm going to give it my best shot.

Thanks for stopping by today. It's much appreciated.