Friday, March 13, 2015

Catch This New Release!

Today on My Pet Blog, we're putting the spotlight onto author Heather M. Gardner and her latest release, One Good Catch.

Title: One Good Catch
Author: Heather M. Gardner
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Publisher: InkSpell Publishing
Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs
Release Date: March 13, 2015 (Hey, that's today!)

Ignoring a recent trauma that is affecting her everyday life, ER Doctor Kate Maguire engages in some high risk activities, but putting herself in these dangerous situations isn’t enough to feed her edginess. She needs something more. When her brother’s high school best friend comes back to town, it’s her chance for a ‘no strings attached’ fling with the man who still headlines in all her best dreams.

Rhys MacGrath’s days of one-night-stands are long over. The pro-football player might be side-lined at rehab for a shoulder injury, but that doesn’t mean he can’t admire and desire the all-grown-up, so-damn-hot, version of the tomboy he once knew. His sudden interest in Kate might be aggravating his best friend, who doesn’t approve, but it’s her indifference that’s driving Rhys crazy.

Everything heats up when Kate’s nosy nature sets her in the line of fire of an arsonist forcing them to deal with more than just the sparks igniting between them.


Where to find One Good Catch:


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Heather M. Gardner's love of books began on the hand-woven rugs of her small town library where her mother worked. There she had a never-ending supply of stories to read at her fingertips. As a teen, her favorite genres to curl up with were romance and mysteries. When she started to create her own stories, they were the perfect fit.

Heather resides in New York with her best friend who is also her husband, plus her talented and handsome son. She is currently owned by four stray cats. Heather's a full-time mom, works part-time from home, a chocolate enthusiast, coffee junkie, cat addict, book hoarder and fluent in sarcasm.

Where to Find Heather:
Blog: The Waiting is the Hardest Part
Twitter: @hmgardner
Goodreads: HMGardner 
Facebook: HeatherWritesRomance

Go get your copy today!
Congratulations, Heather!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Moving On

Well, it's now Friday, and our buyer didn't back out. So now we dance!

Until we realize that the sellers of our new house decided to take a sudden detour to the land of Complete and Total Jackassery, which means that The Man, Big, Gator Girl, Fat Cat, Zombie Cat, and I will be homeless in less than a month.

Our Florida realtor is working very hard to find us a replacement home so the amount of time that we'll have to impose on family or live in our car will be minimized. 

At any rate, we have to move out of our current house in less than a month, which means that I really have to get serious about packing. I have a long and storied history of postponing the packing part of our moves. I say 'storied' because I'm usually lounging on a sofa reading a book when I'm supposed to be putting that book and all the rest in a box for ease of transportation.

I'm attempting not to do that this time. I have been packing a little bit here and there, starting with my books because there are so very many of them. I'm estimating there will be about 50 boxes when I'm finished. This is what my office looked like the other day:

But as serious about packing as I am, I have still managed to find time to take very important photos such as this one of my Super-Poseable Aragorn action figure:

And I even found some cool things, such as this letter written to me from a student I had back in my teaching days.

But now that I've droned on about these super vital things, let me ask you writers out there a serious question. I have in my possession several paper copies of old drafts of WIPs, primarily Effigy. They're all in binders, and they take up a not-insignificant amount of space. 

So my question is...Do I keep all of those binders containing all of those drafts? Should I shred the drafts instead? Should I do something else with them? 

Any suggestions?

Have a great weekend, everyone. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Promise of Progress

During my last post, things were in motion, and I was gearing up for a move from one end of the east coast to the other.

Then Wednesday happened.

On Wednesday, it appeared as though everything was on the verge of falling apart on both ends of our move. Our buyers weren't buying and our sellers weren't selling. I, of course, dealt with it with my trademark rationality and maturity, and woke up on Thursday morning resigned to the knowledge that not only we were starting over at Square One, but that I was also going to have to go back to The Store and ask for my job back.

But then...we didn't.

I'm still not quite sure how it happened, but deals on both sides were pulled from the fire and beaten with a blanket until the flames had been extinguished, and now things are (PLEASE DON'T LET ME BE TEMPTING FATE) back on track.

The last day for our buyer to back out is Wednesday, which means between now and then, I shall look like this:

In order to help distract me, I am starting work on Part Three of Second Nature. That's right—I said Part Three. That's not a typo, either. Some time Friday morning, I managed to eek out those last two scenes that I told you about last time. Yesterday, I briefly considered adding a new scene to Part Two, but have tabled that idea for the moment, leaving me free to tinker with Part Three.

I know how it starts, and I have an idea of the Big Events leading up to the end. I just...I haven't quite figured out the middle. It's just a hazy thought bubble at the moment. I'm hoping that if I start writing from the beginning (of Part Three) that the characters and I will discover what's going to happen together.

Or, we'll just stare at each other all day until I give up and go pack something. Mindless manual labor is often good for the story process. (That's one of the reasons why I was at The Store so long. Well, that and my OCD, control freak tendencies)

And I know I said in my last post, I would be taking a writing hiatus after the completion of Part Two, but I really need a distraction. I think the hiatus can wait.

On that note, I'm out of here. Hope all y'all (my Florida realtor is teaching me to speak southern) are having a great Monday. Thanks for stopping by!