Monday, March 17, 2014

Free Space

Today's post is going to be a quick one, with me pretty much just taking a look back at last week's goals and how I did with them.

1. Complete re-watch of the Veronica Mars series in preparation of viewing the Veronica Mars movie.

Completed. But of course I did. That's what obsessive fangirls do. I also went to Massachusetts to see the movie (which I loved, by the way. But of course I did. That's what obsessive fangirls do...) and then watched the movie a second time exactly twenty-four hours later. I imagine a third viewing won't be far behind as I attempt to figure out what I'm supposed to do with my life now that the Veronica Mars anticipation train has finally rolled into the station.

2. Finalize Effigy's blurb.

Oh. Right. That. I haven't done this yet. (But of course I haven't. That's what...pathetic people do.) I guess I could probably do this with my life now.

3. Work out the plot problems in Second Nature's chapters 22-24.

I may have done this. It's a little too early to tell.

4. Walk at least 10 miles this week.

I logged only nine miles. But I've decided to give myself a bonus mile because I probably walked at least that far while dealing with all the snow from last week's storm. Plus, the snow was super heavy (heavy enough to break my shovel), so I could even be into bonus miles if I wanted to go that route...

5. Don't throw a temper tantrum if the big snowstorm they're predicting actually hits.

It came. It snowed. I shoveled. A lot. As I mentioned in the last goal, my shovel broke fairly early on, so it even took longer than it (probably) would have normally. But I didn't throw a temper tantrum. Good for me.

And on that note, I'm headed out. I'll be taking a blogging break for a while—probably for the rest of the month—so there won't be any new goals for the week ahead. I know this might disappoint you, but look at it this way—neither will there be any more gushing over Veronica Mars... (and there was much rejoicing!)

Anyway, take care, everyone, and thank you for stopping by today. I'll see y'all in April.

Friday, March 14, 2014

It's Heeeeeeeeere! (A Celebrating The Small Things Post)

Today on My Pet Blog, we're taking part in VikLit's Celebrate The Small Things bloghop where participants celebrate happenings of any size from the past week. Please click on the pic to the left or the link above for a complete list of participants.

Here's what I'm celebrating this week:

Effigy has a cover. (Well, an e-book cover anyway. The paperback version will be coming along shortly.) I know I haven't shut up much about it lately on various social media forums—and I'm sorry for that—but it's exciting, and even though I'm also terrified by the idea, I can't wait to share it with all of you. The one downside to this achievement is that it's another cleared major hurdle on the path to publication. If this progress keeps up, I'll actually have to work out the problems I'm having with Effigy's sequel. Yikes! Anyway, there's a cover, and I love it.

—The Veronica Mars movie opens today. Some lucky bastards got to see the movie last night at an advanced showing. Some other lucky bastards are seeing the movie today. I have tickets for tomorrow, so today will be an exercise in patience and willpower. I say 'willpower' because sitting in my inbox right now is a link to a digital download of the movie and a PDF of the script itself. I will. not. open. them. until. Sunday. Please spare a kind thought for the three people accompanying me to the movie this weekend. I have no idea how they're going to not lock me in a basement until it's time to go. And then not shove me in the trunk of the car during the 2+ hour drive to the movie theater. The worst thing is that I'm really trying to contain myself and be a remotely normal person when this is what I'm like on the inside:

And probably the outside, too. I do suck at containing myself.

So that's going to do it for me today. I still have two more episodes to watch today.

What are you celebrating this week? Have a great weekend, all!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Goal Post

This week's My Pet Blog drinking game: do a shot every time I mention Veronica Mars and/or how freakin' excited I am to see the movie this weekend. (Please play responsibly.)

So, yeah. I'm going to be fangirling pretty hard this week—harder than usual, I mean—and I thought it might be wise to set myself some goals to help ground me a little as I count down the very moments to the premiere of the Veronica Mars movie. (shot #1! or #2, if you count the opening disclaimer.)

These goals are:

1. Complete re-watch of the Veronica Mars series in preparation of viewing the Veronica Mars movie. (Shot #2. Or #3. Players' choice.)

I'm at the beginning of season three right now and, if I've done my math right, I need to watch three episodes a day in order to finish by Friday evening. My day job will make this probably my biggest challenge of the week, but I will persevere. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. Right?

2. Finalize Effigy's blurb. 

No more drafts. It needs to be over and done with, and that's going to happen this week. Thanks again, by the way, to everyone who provided much needed feedback on that last draft.

3. Work out plot problems in Second Nature's chapters 22-24.

I know where the story currently is, and I know where I want it to end up. I just need to figure out how to properly build the bridge that'll connect the two. Maybe I'll find the answer in season three of Veronica Mars... (I just really wanted everyone to do another shot. #3/4, y'all!)

4. Walk at least 10 miles this week.

There's a lot of couch time in my immediate future.(VERONICA MARS! #4/5) I need to offset it somewhat.

5. Don't throw a temper tantrum if the big snowstorm they're predicting for midweek actually hits.

This winter has sucked for so many of us, I know. It's had me seriously wondering why I don't live in some tropical paradise somewhere (spiders, snakes, and lizards, mostly), but I am a lifelong New Englander, so I will suck it up and deal. Because, hey, what's another foot of freakin' snow at this point? At least it'll cover up the six inches of ice coating my driveway, right? Seriously, snow. You and I are going to have a confrontation.

My relationship with snow this winter.
Everyone do a shot!

What's on your agenda this week?

Friday, March 7, 2014

Celebrating Things Both Large And Small

Today on My Pet Blog, I'm taking part in VikLit's weekly bloghop, Celebrate The Small Things where participants share whatever it is they're celebrating from the past week. (Click on the link for a complete list of participants.)

And as you can guess from the title, I have a wide variety of celebrations today, but let's start with the small stuff and work our way up, shall we?

—There's only one week remaining until the premiere of the Veronica Mars movie! Which means there's only one more week that you'll have to hear about it here! Of course, then, you'll have to hear about how much I loved it, but we can tackle that problem later. This week I procured a copy of the soundtrack for this sure-to-be amazing film, and I highly enjoyed it. I really can't wait to see it. You know, just in case I hadn't already made that perfectly clear.

—There's only one month remaining until the premiere of season four of Game of Thrones! I am currently without HBO, but The Man has promised to add it back to our cable line-up so that we may watch the new season live. We're also planning to re-watch the rest of the series between now and April 6th. A difficult task, to be sure, but I'm positive we're up for the challenge.

—Making progress. As in me, making progress on the publishing Effigy thing. I keep waiting for me to screw up something, and it keeps not happening. Maybe next week. But until then, final edits are done (or as done as they're going to be at this point), the manuscript is off with the formatting-type person, and the cover artist is...well, probably plotting my death, but mockups have been sent and feedback given and new mockups are on their way. This thing just may happen after all. Though I still don't quite believe or trust it yet. There's an excellent chance I never will.

But enough about me. Let's move on to the big celebration...

Kyra Lennon has a new NA contemporary romance on the way (release date is March 31st), and I'm pleased to be taking part in the cover reveal.

Drum roll, please...

Here's what it's all about:

At the age of twenty-one, Bree Collinson has more than she ever dreamed of. A handsome husband, a fancy house, and more shoes than Carrie Bradshaw and Imelda Marcos combined. But having everything handed to her isn’t the way Bree wants to live the rest of her life. When an idea to better herself pops into her head, she doesn’t expect her husband to question her, and keep her tied by her apron strings to the kitchen.

Isolated and unsure who to turn to, Bree finds herself falling back into a dangerous friendship, and developing feelings for the only person who really listens to her. Torn between her loyalty to her husband and her attraction to a man who has the perfect family she always wanted, she has some tough choices to make. 

While Bree tries to figure out what she wants, a tragedy rocks the Westberg Warriors, triggering some dark memories, and pushing her to take a look at what’s really important.

Sidelined is the third book in Kyra Lennon’s Game On series. Game On (Book 1) and Blindsided (Book 2) are available on Amazon and Smashwords.

About the Author:

Kyra is a self-confessed book-a-holic, and has been since she first learned to read. When she's not reading, you'll usually find her hanging out in coffee shops with her trusty laptop and/or her friends, or girling it up at the nearest shopping mall. And occasionally hanging out with rock stars, because that’s how she rolls!

Kyra grew up on the South Coast of England and refuses to move away from the seaside which provides massive inspiration for her novels. Her debut novel, Game On (New Adult Contemporary Romance), was released in July 2012, and she scored her first Amazon Top 20 listing with her New Adult novella, If I Let You Go in November.

You can find Kyra in the following places:


Congratulations, Kyra! We here at My Pet Blog salute you!

And on that note, I'm outta here. Thanks for stopping by today, and have a fantastic weekend.

Monday, March 3, 2014

In Which I Review Books

I haven't done one of these posts in quite a while.

In fact, my last one was back in April 2013. Not quite sure what happened there (some sort of day job-laziness-induced apathy, most likely), but I thought I'd give it another go today.

So here are the books I read last month and my impressions of them:

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind (volumes 1 &2): New comics about the crew of the Serenity, following the events of the movie. Naturally I adore them. My one criticism is that they're TOO DAMN SHORT. I need more, like Tolstoy-length more, you know? Yes, it's possible my obsession with these characters is bordering on unhealthy. Like yours isn't. Browncoats forever!

Fear Nothing- Lisa Gardner- The latest installment in her D.D. Warren series. I love the D.D. Warren character, and I think each novel in which D.D. appears is better than the last. This particular story was very well constructed, and the resolution (i.e. the bad guy) wasn't obvious. At least I didn't think so. The red herrings were well placed and kept me unsure and off balance all the way until the end. A lot of times, I have it figured out about half way though. I didn't this time.

The Impossible Knife of Memory- Laurie Halse Anderson- Largely, I adore Laurie Halse Anderson's novels. I love how she writes—how she constructs scenes and characters—and this book didn't change that opinion. That said, I didn't love it as much as I have some of her previous works. As much as I liked the MCs, there was just a disconnect somewhere in there for me.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Eight (volumes 1-8): Since I was already on a Joss Whedon comic book roll, I decided to take this graphic novel series on as well because I am a bad, bad Buffy fan who hasn't read them before. Fortunately, I was able to get the majority of them from my sister's public library because these babies ain't cheap. An interesting read, all of them. Some stuff worked for me, and some stuff didn't (I really want to freak out about one certain thing here, but spoilers...), but I was, of course, happy to catch up with the Scooby gang and find out what was happening now. I'd really like to read the season 9 novels now, but I'll either have to win the lottery or wait for the library to acquire them. I think the lottery odds are better.

Wolf Hall- Hilary Mantel- A novel about Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII's right hand man who helped orchestrate Henry's divorce from Katherine and subsequent marriage to Anne Boleyn—among other things. I love this period in history, but you very seldom see it told from Thomas Cromwell's POV, so I was quite interested in this one. Plus, everyone was raving over it. I thought it would be a slam dunk awesome read. It wasn't. It took me a long, long while to get comfortable with the storytelling style. There were so many instances where I had to go back and reread passages because the pronoun references were just not there. But in between those instances was some spectacular writing, and by the end of the novel, I wasn't quite as annoyed. So much so that you'll soon see this novel's sequel pop up in this post.

Where The Stars Still Shine- Trish Doller- A YA novel about a girl who has spent the majority of her life on the run with her mother. When her mother is arrested, the MC, Callie, is sent to live with her father and experiences what could have been her life if her mother hadn't taken her away. I gave this novel three stars on Goodreads, but it probably would've been more like two and a half, if they allowed people to give half star ratings. It just didn't grab me the way I had hoped. It didn't move me like Emily Murdoch's novel (with a similar premise) If You Find Me did. It's not a bad book, and I know I've read much, much worse, but this particular story didn't do a whole lot for me. Again, another disconnect.

Bring Up The Bodies- Hilary Mantel- Thomas Cromwell #2. Maybe it's because I had already done the work to become acquainted with the writing style, maybe something else, but whatever it was, I really liked this novel. It was engaging with beautiful writing. And it made me laugh out loud more than once. I really liked Thomas Cromwell. There's another novel yet to come, and I'm already worried about it because I know how things end up for Mr. Cromwell. I wonder if I'll chicken out and just not read it. But I doubt it. I'll just be incredibly depressed the entire time.

Read anything interesting lately? Let me know—I'm always on the hunt for new books to check out.

Thanks for stopping by!