Friday, January 6, 2012

Sleep Deprived

I have had approximately six hours of sleep over the past three days. Some times this happens because I am, after all, an insomniac and not sleeping is kind of the definition of that. But this time around, the blame falls on my furnace.

The problem started Tuesday when we had our routine maintenance. Ironic, right? I mean, routine maintenance is supposed to prevent stupid problems but for whatever reason (I have been since told this was just an unlucky coincidence. I don't believe them), not long after the furnace technician left the house after the routine maintenance, my furnace started to leak. Water, that is. And a lot of it.

So a technician came back out to the house on Wednesday to look at my very wet furnace in my very wet basement. At first he had a little trouble locating the leak until I pointed the very obvious leak out to him (not really feeling very confidant here). I shouldn't give him such a hard time, I suppose. It was, after all, very cleverly concealed right in plain sight on the front of the damn furnace. But whatever. He looked at the leak and said, "Yep. Your coil's busted. Gonna need a new one."

Of course the new one wasn't in stock and had to be ordered. It wouldn't arrive until Thursday afternoon at the earliest. Until then, I was told, I'd just had to let it leak because there was nothing he—nor anyone else— could do. I told him I actually believed that. He didn't get the sarcasm.

So after he left me with an estimate that started at $600, I broke out the oldest towels I have and started mopping. I broke out my broiler pan (finally found a use for it!) and stuck it under the leak because it was the only thing I had that was shallow enough to fit. It still doesn't catch all the water (the leak splits off and leads to somewhere not pan friendly) but it certainly helps. Of course, I have to stop what I'm doing every two hours to go down to the basement and empty said pan but I figure it'll be better than letting the water just continue to fill my basement. Because, again, it's a lot of water.

And when I say every two hours, I really do mean it. Hence the non sleeping thing. The Man takes one of the morning pan emptying shifts before he goes to work so I can string together a little more sleep but it's all good because today I received a call that my coil has arrived and shall be installed. Some time between 9 and 5.

This means I'm home bound all day long. I don't mind so much because, let's face it, I shouldn't be driving. The no sleep thing is catching up with me. Wednesday night I wrote myself a note about Effigy— a solution for a problem I've been having— only when I woke up three hours later, this is what it said:

"That was a problem for another day, another time. What really mattered was"

And that was it. Anyone spot the problem with my solution?

If you said, "there's no solution in your solution," you'd be correct.

Unfortunately, I was reading this note and coming to this conclusion whilst on the stairs (that's right. I used 'whilst'... don't you wish you were that cool? Or tired?). After said realization, I slipped and fell the rest of the way. Now my shoulder is out of whack and my ass is bruised. My ever sympathetic friend, Teri, told me that if I had a fatter ass, it wouldn't have hurt so much.

Sounds like a good reason to eat more Ben and Jerry's to me.

On the plus side of things, I have really taken advantage of my waking hours the past few days to lower my best times on Minesweeper get a lot of writing done. Well, a lot for me at any rate.

I guess there always is a silver lining. And I used it to stop my basement from flooding.



  1. $600 for a stupid part? I love getting ripped off. :P And I love Ben and Jerry's. :)

  2. Some days are like that. Even in Australia.

    So sorry for the string of lousiness! We had a winter like that (only were leaking oil) when my daughter was small. The leaking oil was only for several hours though, as the oil company was happy to come haul away our extra oil... Several days of way too cold though. Oh... and then there was the flooding... (we have a sump pump now but there was a BAD winter of me and a shop vac for hours on hours on hours... Hope all is fixed for you very soon!

  3. I'm so sorry about the insomnia. Mine is chronic, related to the fact that I can't see light, and if it goes on long enough, it can make me physically and mentally miserable. I completely understand about that note you wrote to yourself, LOL, I've done things like that too many times to count.
    Hope you get some sleep soon, and if not, Ben and Jerry's. (Chocolate Therapy, Chunky Monkey, they're all good)

  4. Ben and Jerry are good friends of mine. Put some Chunky Monkey on your butt to heal that bruise.
    I hope your furnace gets fixed soon, and without the huge cost. And get some sleep!

  5. Phish Food is far and beyond my favorite. But Chocolate Therapy is good too...

  6. Oh, I love writing myself notes that won't make sense later. I'm also infamous for writing notes or texts that only make sense to me.

    One of the notes I wrote myself as I was editing was, "I hope she does the soup thing." My friend who is helping me edit was like, "What does this mean?" I shook my head and thought, "If only MJ were here." Haha.

    I'm sorry you were having such issues with your port compression coil for your furnace. You know what they say, it's a nothing part, till you don't got one.

    In any case, go take nap! We'll all still be here when you wake up :)

  7. I had a similar thing happen to my car in December. It sucks.

    As for the sleeping thing, have you ever tried Melatonin? I swear, that stuff is magic. (Of course, it does no good if you have to wake every 2 hrs...)

    I hope everything gets fixed. And I hope nothing else breaks. Ever. Good luck.

  8. I HATE stuff like that.


    And I get really grouchy after the second night of almost no sleep

  9. Ouch. That sounds like a bad few days.

    Hope nothing else breaks, and that you get some sleep soon!

  10. @RandonDanni- I love the soup thing. It's always a hoot and we all don't die from it. Now, if you'll need me. I'll be in my bunk.

    @Liz- I've never tried Melatonin but I'll have to give it a shot after this furnace situation is resolved. Thanks for the suggestion.

    @Jolene- I tend to get really silly after the second night of almost no sleep. Unless I'm writing a lot. Then I'm just happy.

    @GoldenEagle- Sleep should be on its way soon. I'm very much looking forward to it.

  11. Aloha MJ,

    Nice to meet you and thanks for the comments on my "interview."

    First time I've been to your blog, and I'm following, cos you're pretty damn funny, too :)

  12. lol.... aw, you poor thing. That just sucks... and my lol was for your Minesweeper joke, not that your basement flooded. ;)
    I hope you get some rest soon. Man, I'd be a zombie.

  13. Aww that sucks! Especially the waking up every two hours part. And y'know, the $600 part.
    One time I had to take medication after a surgery and wake up every four hours for it (basically just once a night, twice if I was exceptionally lazy) and I thought THAT was bad.
    Hope you get it all fixed soon! :)

  14. I'm not a fan of stuff breaking down, especially when the problem lies in a tiny part that you might as well replace the appliance, etc. But at least you got some writing in. Way to be positive! :)

  15. Sorry about the leak! Yeah, best you stay home and play games. I mean write!

  16. Oh man that sucks! I hope it gets all fixed up today and you can finally get a good nights sleep!

  17. You should switch to freecell. :P

    Maybe you should look into that alternate sleep thing. That thing that I can't remember what it's called. It involves sleeping for shorter periods more often, though, rather than trying to sleep 6-8 hours all at once. A lot of people swear by it, and, apparently, you get more rested in less time.
    I want to do it, but I just haven't been able to make it work.

  18. Oh, no! I'm so sorry. :-/ We had the same thing happen to our furnace and it needed a coil replaced, but it took FOREVER to get everything fixed and replaced and non-leaky. I hope you get some good sleep once that thing is put in!

  19. Smiles to you! I've got Freezer Spiders.

  20. The basement situation reminds me of an episode of The Simpsons., Say you're a member of the Stonecutters and they'll fix it there and then for free (you need to know the secret handshake, though).