Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Love Dark YA Blogfest, Day Two

Oh hey, before we get to the blogfest portion of this post, I want to say that today just happens to be my favorite brother's birthday. Sure, some of you out there may be saying to yourself, "but isn't he your only brother?" And yes, while that is technically accurate, the fact remains that I am wildly fond of my brother and I'd like to wish him the hap-hap happiest birthday a boy could have.


(We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging...)

The I Love Dark Ya Blogfest is sponsored by the some of the lovely ladies at YAtopia. Last week, participants blogged about some of their favorite dark YA novels.

Today happens to be Flash Fiction day and, I'll be honest with you, I completely forgot about it until this morning when I was getting ready for another action packed day at The Store (the action, in case you were curious, was me beating my head against the wall and crying "why are we listening to Christmas music?"). But I didn't want to not participate so I took my paltry fifteen minute break and scribbled something down. It's not much. It's not anywhere near the five hundred words it's supposed to be. It runs about 150 words but that's all. If I had had a longer break today, maybe I could've hit the five hundred mark. Well, maybe not.


Here is the source of our inspiration:

Here's what I wrote:

The sun is swaddled in clouds but still her light is blinding bright. I think her determined to burn away my flesh. She would tear down the girl to reveal the truth hidden beneath a visage of innocence. She would show all that I am one of the creatures of darkness the priests spent years of my childhood warning me against. How ironic that I am what I am and more ironic still that they do not know. They see only the girl on the outside but not the devil within. For certain I must be a demon gone undetected these sixteen years. How else to explain the workings of my mind? Thoughts so wicked they twist and writhe inside me like eels caught in a barrel. And the spark where my soul should be is nothing more than a pit of ash.

But the sun knows me for who I am. What I am.

I lower my hands from my eyes and gaze at her. Let her do her worse. We shall see who lasts the day.


  1. Wow, you're a heck of a writer. Historical YA---Mandy Hubbard at D4eo is looking for it. Just saying.

  2. Great writing MJ and Happy Birthday to your brother! :)

  3. Happy Birthday to your brother!

    Great flash fiction--she's an intriguing character!

  4. Awesome :D

    I LOVE this picture. LOVE.

  5. Great tension! I'm rooting for her to win.

  6. I love the imagery of writhing eels in a barrel. Very nice!

  7. This is awesome for just something jotted down on a break. Your writing is wonderful. I loved this part, "And the spark where my soul should be is nothing more than a pit of ash."

  8. Thanks everyone for both the compliments and the birthday wishes for my brother. They're much appreciated.

  9. What an intense piece. And you captured so much in such a short space.

  10. Wow. I admit I skimmed through the first time (lots of blogs to read, y'know the drill) but went back to soak it in, word for word. Love the eels in a barrel and the pit of ash. Very vivid!

  11. I am not sure if I understood it all. Yet I read it 3 times already. There s a demon within the girl and only the sun knows what the demon is. So who or what is "i" in the story? and who will do its worst? Although I must say i liked the image of the writhing eels caught in a barrel. And the spark where my soul should be is nothing more than a pit of ash. That s nice.

  12. The I is the girl in the picture and she at least suspects she is demonic. The girl refers to the sun as "her" and dares the sun to do its worst to reveal the girl for what she really is. Which could be a demon. Or just someone who thinks bad things. I don't really know.

  13. Visiting from Dave's Noughties Blogfest

  14. Great post! Mine was posted a few days late too.


    Read it on my blog here!

  15. Hmm; I thought I posted a comment on this. Must have been at another site . .

    This is evocative and chilling. Loved the introspection.