Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time Off Top Ten

Psst! Over here! Today I'm blogging from underneath the bed in an effort to hide from The Store because I have a couple of days off. In a row. And I'd like to keep them.

So for today's Top Ten, I'm going to offer two lists. The first list is comprised of the ten things I should be doing on my days off. The second list is the top ten things I'll likely end up doing. I think you'll notice a recurring theme in the second list. In my defense, working at The Store this time of year is not unlike have a life sucking leech stuck on a spot on your back that you can't quite reach. It's draining and, honestly, I'm frakking spent.

The Top Ten Things I Should Be Doing

10. Taking the big pile of donations to the thrift store. There's so many of them now, I think I could open my own thrift shop.

9. Raking the yard. There's grass underneath those leaves and pine needles. Or so I'm told.

8. Getting my car fixed. It would be nice to be able to travel outside of a two mile radius again.

7. Paying bills. Oh...that could explain that no-electricity problem we've been having...

6. Cleaning the house.

5. Laundry. The only clean clothes I have left are workout clothes. And not even the stylish kind. More the kind you wouldn't want to be seen wearing at the gym.

4. Taking both myself and the Gator Girl for a jog. We both could use the exercise.

3. Catching up on my reading. I so woefully behind.

2. Editing and Revising. Even though I hate it with the fiery passion of 1,000 burning suns, it still needs to be done.

1. Writing. I have a WIP around here somewhere. Maybe underneath that big pile of dust.

The Top Ten Things I'll Likely End Up Doing

10. Going to work. Sad, but true. I just know how much needs to get done there and how much of it won't get done unless I'm the one doing it. Why did my parents have to instill in me a good work ethic?

9. Watching TV. I still need to get caught up on Supernatural.

8. Lazing about.

7. Lounging.

6. Dozing.

5. Snoozing.

4. Drowsing.

3. Catching some Z's.

2. Sleeping.

1. Oversleeping.

What are some of the things you're hoping to do today?


  1. Wow, that's a ton of sleeping. Today is icky and rainy here in the sunshine state, but if I could have the day off, I probably would spend it cooking, or maybe reading a good book.

  2. Well I was supposed to go to the gym and work out, but I canceled and started blogging instead. =/

    And after blogging I will continue outlining for NaNo

    I have been super lazy lately with working out and really need to get my but in gear when I get back from vacation this weekend.

    Have fun sleeping!!

  3. Do people ever actually do the things listed on their "should be doing" list? I have a very similar list and know that they don't get done. And I don't do many items on the "want to be doing" list either. What do I do all day?

  4. So... basically you're just gonna be watching TV and sleeping?! I want to do that!

  5. I'm under the weather, so I'm trying to tell myself it's okay to snooze and watch TV. But alas, if I'm not at the day job I feel like I should be productive!

  6. I made it out to the yarn store, so I did what I wanted to do. Now I should go and make dinner. Eventually...

  7. Turns out I needed a third list. The "What I Actually Did" list. It didn't include sleeping or watching TV. Or any of the other 20 things I said I wanted/needed to do.

  8. Oh man, I wish I had more time to sleep.

  9. Every day I have off say I'm going to get everything off of the floor in my room, I'm going to sweep the whole apartment and I'm going to write notes for my NaNoWriMo novel. And what I end up doing? Playing facebook games. religiously following my twitter feed and watching old episodes of Charmed/Buffy/Firefly/IT Crowd. That is when I don't get called back into work.

  10. Sleeping, eating something delicious, avoiding meetings I'm supposed to attend...

    I hope you enjoy your time off!