Monday, October 3, 2011

Music Monday: Character Playlist

Before I get into my actual intended post, I just have to share this really, really awesome thing:

I have a new ringtone for notifications on my not-so smart phone. It’s the (six second long) Mockingjay call from The Hunger Games soundtrack. SO EXCITED. I mean, like insanely excited.

The Man is less excited as every time I receive a text message or email or anything like that, my phone now whistles. This, of course, makes me giggle and clap my hands together in delight.

Want to make my day today? Send me a text. Or an email. Or just comment on this blog to tell me how damn crazy I am (The Man picks option three. He’s been having to text me all weekend just so I can hear my new notification tone).


And the best part is that it’s currently available FREE from Amazon’s mp3 Downloads. All you have to do is go to their MP3 page and search for “mockingjay call.”

All right. Back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Today, on Music Monday, I thought I’d share with you the playlist that I’ve developed for a particular character. I love to create playlists for whatever I’m writing. I find sometimes it helps me to focus, or capture the right mood or frame a certain scene the right way. I have a CD of Celtic instrumental music that I like to listen to in the car called “Mood Music” because it puts me in the mood to write. On our last trip to Montreal, I’m fairly certain my sister (without listening to it) thought that CD was for something else.

It isn’t.

But this particular (and very short) playlist that I’m sharing with you today is all about one particular character. He’s the male lead in Effigy and more of a secondary character in Second Nature. His name is Dana and I’ve spoken at length about him before in this blog. This is because he has become the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE (yes, it was necessary to shout) whereas writing is concerned.

But I am not giving up on him yet. Although I will admit I am still very tempted to write elevators into my medieval-esque fantasy world just so I could write a scene where he falls down an elevator shaft and dies. Sure, I could just drop him off a cliff or kill him off in a battle scene but the elevator thing seems so much more satisfying.

Oh hey, look at that. I’m digressing. This is a post about music. More specifically, the music that has come to define this character. The one thing you’ll notice is that he’s not exactly in a good emotional place. He’s made a lot of mistakes and is definitely feeling the weight of those mistakes. I keep trying to put him on the path of redemption but he keeps getting lost along the way. If only he’d stop and ask for directions…

So without any further delay, here it is:

1. This Night by Black Lab

2. Down In A Hole by Alice in Chains

3. The Noose by A Perfect Circle

4. Hurt by Johnny Cash


  1. I'm reading Mockingjay now. The series is great. Wonder if the movie will be as good?
    Chris Verstraete
    In Miniature Style II

  2. thank you so much for the mj call! now i can annoy my boys!

  3. Down in a Hole! Excellent choice.
    Did this comment make you giggle?

  4. Great song selection - and that is so cool about the ringtone! :)

  5. @Chris V- I remain hopeful that the movie will be good. I like how involved Suzanne Collins was with the casting. If she says they're the right people to be bringing her project to the big screen, I'll believe it.

    @Tara- Thank Amazon! But it's great, isn't it?

    @Alex- The comment would've made me giggle if I hadn't been stuck at work when it was received. But I thank you for making the effort!

    @Amy- Thank you!!

  6. Ack. I teach Dana (or several people very like him). An elevator shaft is too good for him, trust me.

  7. Ah, Alice in Chains; it's been so long! And now I see that I regrettably had so far left Alice in Chains off my song list for the WIP, and that song was perfect. Adding. Enjoy the MJ whistle.

  8. I just have to say I love how everyone's calling it the MJ whistle. It feels like it was made for me and me alone!

  9. Some damn good tracks you've picked there; I like your character already :D

  10. I've been thinking about organizing a play list for my characters. Especially since, in my current WIP, I'm writing from the point of view of both of the main characters and a soundtrack might help me get into the right frame of mind for each one.