Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day Dream

My Horoscope Today:

A terrific daydream helps you glimpse your future. You envision yourself having a great time achieving one of your life's ambitions. See it over and over. You were meant for this.

And it just so happens that I was having a terrific daydream at work today (which was supposed to have been my day off but whatever...) and it in no way involved me working in retail.

I have various levels of daydreams. Right now, my daydreams tend to involve me having an actual day off and actually sitting down to do some writing. Not very awesome, maybe, but still something I'm looking forward to.

There are the fantasies where I'm quitting my job (That's my retail dream come true.) and there are the ones where I manage to publish a book (notice I didn't say sell a book. Just publish it). Then there are the daydreams where I kick ass like River Tam. Those are a lot of fun.

But today, right before I read this particular horoscope, I was in a much higher class of daydream. The kind where I'm a best selling author who has a fabulous oceanfront summer house on Mount Desert Island and takes leisurely walks on the shore while her dogs (the two I have now, plus two Irish Wolfhounds and one papillion) frolic at her side.

It was a great way to spend my morning while I worked my way through the latest shipment. So glad I wasn't daydreaming about something lame. Even more glad to know that I am totally meant for that.

It's a relief, really. I was starting to think I was meant to unpack cardboard boxes for the rest of my life.

Anyone have any interesting daydreams they care to share with the rest of the class?


  1. I have daydreams where students do all their homework and work together in class and are generally nice and pleasant to be around. One can dream...

  2. I have daydreams where I'm somewhere other than trapped in lame meetings all morning...

  3. Daydreams are just creative visualization. You've got to dream it before you can be it, right?


  4. That's pretty funny :D

    I daydream ALL THE TIME. It's normally a happy place.

  5. Nope. Sorry. No interesting daydreams today. But I had a great class that actually did the work assigned, so it was a very good day.

  6. haha, my day dreams are lavish and way too embarrassing to share - but I am always a published author in them. Always. :)

  7. I daydream about what if I would've done this or that....I also daydream about the day I quit my job and am a published author maiking a nice and honest living from what I write.

  8. @Brent- I used to teach. I know exactly what you mean.

    @Alex- The only meetings I have to attend are the occasional staff meeting. They're always at night and usually scheduled during a Patriots game. I'm never very happy to be there.

    @Dan and @Jolene- Thanks.

    @Liz- Again, as a former teacher I know how amazing a classroom of students actually working on what they're supposed to be doing in.

    @Alexis- My daydreams involve an fabulous oceanfront house whose property taxes are approximately three times what I earn in a year. That's lavish and embarrassing. Glad to hear you're always a published author though. May we all get there some day!

    @Shelly- That is the real dream, isn't it? To support ourselves from our writing.

    @Tara- Thanks!

  9. My daydreams lately have been so mundane. But yesterday I had one that was similar to yours. Stepping out of the gate of my beach house onto the sand to go for a jog along the shore. It was perfect.