Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Good, The Bad and The Funny

What's this? A new blog entry? But it's only been a day since I last posted. How could this be? Shouldn't there be weeks in between posts? Well, let's just be grateful for small favors, shall we?

Today's post, as you may have already gathered from my über clever title, is a bit of a hodgepodge blog as I explore some of the good, bad and funny things I've come across in the last day or so.

The Good:

Remember the Problem Scene I've been bitching and moaning about for the last millennium or so? You do? Great. Well, guess what. I kind of finished it. I mean, it's not the world's greatest prose or anything but it's a good solid draft that I feel comfortable leaving to marinate for a time while I move on to the next Problem Scene. It's not much in the way of progress but it still progress. Woo. Hoo.

David Powers King is hosting a book giveaway on his blog. You should head over there and check it out because who among us doesn't like books? And if, for some reason, you don't really like books, you could still check out his blog because it's really quite nice.

Alex J. Cavanaugh, he of the brilliant blogfests, has done it again with his invention of the Insecure Writers Support Group. With a name like that, I'm not sure further explanation is really required. But I am sure that this is a fantastic idea because all of us writers need love and support. You can hop on over to his site (click HERE) for all the details.

The Bad:

Remember those five hundred shirts I said I had to fold yesterday? Well, during today's shift I was told that the Corporate offices had changed their minds and decided to make some other shirts the special deal of the week so I had to undo what I did yesterday and then fold five hundred different shirts. The silver lining is that the new special shirts were taking up too much space in my stockroom. Now they're taking up less.

Yesterday, the Gator Girl (AKA, the Deadest Dog In Deadonia) cemented her status as the Most Evil Malinois In All The Land when she, for no reason apparent to the human eye, decided she hated Big's left ear and tried to rip it off. I stopped the fun before it got that far but Big did come away from the attack with an actual physical hole in his ear. It took me an hour to get the bleeding to stop and then another three hours to scrub all the blood off all the walls, floors, cabinet doors and everything else (including myself) that managed to get hit by the splatter. My house once again looked like a crime scene. Dogs' ears bleed like a sonofabitch. On the bright side, the bleeding did eventually stop, I didn't have to make yet another emergency vet visit and now Big can finally get those lovely hoop earrings he's long coveted.

The Funny:

The sight of me, alone on the sales floor yesterday morning (and obviously forgetting I wasn't alone in the store), wearing earbuds and singing Florence + The Machine's Heavy In Your Arms at the top of my lungs. Later, the Floor Supervisor tried to get my attention and ended up scaring me half to death. Fortunately, I sing pretty well. The Floor Supervisor is one of my fans.

I had a lady come into the fitting rooms yesterday who wanted to try on a shirt featured on a mannequin. The size she needed happened to be on the mannequin so I told her I'd take it off for her. The woman said, "Great. I can just steal that one and— Oh. No, not steal it. I would never steal it. I don't steal things. I just want to try it on. I promise."

And last, but not least...This video:


  1. Glad to see you back around the blog world more! So sorry about Big's ear =(

    BRAVO for the Harry Potter movie! I <3 Snape. "Magic...Duh."

  2. I love the part when he says "I'm a potions master and a double agent. Obviously I had a back up plan."


    "I am pointing my wand at you as hard as I can!"

  3. Thanks for mentioning the support group! Glad you finished that scene, but bummer about the shirts.

  4. Got sucked right in to watching the HISHE videos. and 30 minutes later, here I am posting a comment. Thanks, MJ.

  5. It's so cool that you sing at work. I think it's funny that the woman said she would steal it. Also, I'm glad you got your scene worked out. Congrats.

  6. OMG. Funny HP video. Yay for getting your scene all fixed up. Onward!