Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Epiphanies And Blogfests

So a funny thing happened this morning. I woke up in a good mood.

I'm not much of a morning person. And by 'not much', I mean 'not at all.' The only time I ever really wake up well is...well, never, come to think of it. Even when I'm getting up to go the Ren Faire (opening September 3rd!) or to go wait in line for the latest Harry Potter novel, it takes me a while to work into my day. I'm zombie like in my movements. Actually, I'm zombie like in my speech too, offering nothing other than a variety of moans and groans. That is at least until I get into the kitchen and Fat Cat starts assaulting my ears with a never ending ear splitting series of meows that leads me to snap, "Meow at me all you want, Fat Cat. It won't make me get your breakfast any faster!"

Please don't tell the Fat Cat this but that statement is actually a lie. Her incessant meowing does make me get her breakfast faster because I want her to shut the hell up.

So yeah, a morning person I am not. I'm sure you're all shocked to hear that.

But today was pretty much the opposite. I woke up well. I woke up happy. I may have even done a little dance but you can't prove it. And the reason behind this sudden change in personality is not drugs nor alcohol. It's the very tiny, quite miniscule breakthough I had with the Problem Character and the Problem Scene.

Cue choirs of cherubim and seraphim.

Who knows if and how it'll play out. That almost doesn't really matter because what does matter is that I had a breakthrough. Even if it was only a teeny tiny crack in the very solid wall that has been my imagination for longer than I care to admit, I still had a breakthrough and there is still a crack in the wall. I'm preparing the jackhammer as I type (I'm very good at multi-tasking). And doing a happy dance.

But you can't prove it.

Also on the agenda today is my preparation for the latest blogfest that managed to snag my attention. Amy over at The Ramblings of Amy is hosting the Retro Summer Blogfest. The idea is to find an old mix CD or, if you're old like me, an old mix tape. Listen to it and write down the tracks (title and artist). Then write what the songs mean to you or why you like it or a little of both.

I went though my tapes this morning and found one labeled "Really Cool Mix Of Music" which can only mean one thing. 90 minutes of some truly spectacularly awful awesome music. Of course, in order to listen to this tape, I had to commandeer The Man's car since it's the only working tape player anywhere near my house.

I take my blogfests very seriously.

Want to play along? It's not too late to sign up. Head on over to Amy's blog to do just that! I'll even make it easier for you. Click HERE. Did I mention there are also prizes? So go sign up! Do it now!

One Thing More:

Check out Chuck Wendig's blog post today. It's called "25 Ways To Defeat The Dreaded Writer's Block." This man cracks me up. And if you haven't read his post called "No, Seriously, I'm Not Fucking Around, You Really Don't Want To Be A Writer", you should because it's a frakking riot.

Have a Happy Day, everyone.

(Did I really just write that? Quick— someone check to see if hell's frozen over.)


  1. Congratulations on your epiphany. It is always nice to start the day off right. I'm a little envious...all I wanted to do this morning was go back to bed.

  2. Glad you had a breakthrough! And I'm all ready for Amy's blogfest. The music is awesome. And guaranteed to scare a few people...

  3. I am also not a morning person. At all. But those glorious happy wake-up mornings make it bearable.

    I don't have any mixed tapes anymore! Sounds like fun, though. I only ever had one mixed tape (shocking, I know), and one of my younger siblings destroyed it when I was in high school. Sad. Have fun with the blog fest!

  4. Story epiphanies are the best. They always make me feel good too.

  5. Loved this post! I am so not a morning person, either. I need about 20 gallons of caffeine to make me open my eyes properly.

    Congrats on the breakthrough! Now if I could just get my characters to cooperate without some bloodshed...

  6. Yeah, I'm not a morning person either. Don't bother to say "good morning" to me. I won't reply. I'm not speaking yet.

    Glad you got your epiphany.

    My old mix tapes are of the cassette variety, and the only cassette player I have eats cassettes. I think they're all Duran Duran B-sides anyway. Then again, I might have written out what's on them (I'm crazy that way--was as a teen, too).

  7. I'm not much of a morning person either; which is odd since I have a toddler who LOVES getting up with the sun. :)

    Thank you for the Blogfest shout out - looking forward to seeing your selection!

  8. I'm dying to know what's on your mix tape!

  9. CONGRATS on the breakthrough! That would be enough to make any non-morning person bounce around! (I speak from experience. I am an extreme not-morning person. O_O)

  10. Epiphanies are the best things ever! I hope you had a pen and notebook handy nearby. :) have a great weekend!