Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fenced In, Part Two

So guess where I'm writing this. Go ahead— guess. No, you'll never guess (well, unless you read "Fenced In, Part One. Then you might guess). I'll just tell you.

I'm writing this on my laptop while lying in the hammock in my backyard. Not the most comfortable of setups, I'll grant you, but awesome nonetheless. Thank you, wireless network, for making this possible.

But that's not the part making me wildly giddy. No, that would be the fact that while I am living the good life here in my hammock, my dogs are not watching me from inside the house. Nope, they're outside. Big, staying true to his uncanny ability to find the most inconvenient spot to camp, is lying underneath the hammock. The Gator Girl, staying true to herself, is running in circles. How is this possible, you ask? Well, I'll tell you.

The fence is done.

(Insert Happy Dance Here.)

The guys wrapped the job yesterday after several delays, none of which involved Fence Guy's wife going into labor. Big was his charming, welcoming self throughout the experience but surprised me by only giving one of the trio a heart attack (and a possible need for clean shorts). This came on the last day when the guy who must have drawn the short straw came to the outdoor outlet (which just so happens to be right outside our door) to recharge a whoiswhatsit (I'm a writer, not a tool person) and was greeted by a 130 pound German Shepherd, using his very best big boy bark, who popped out of nowhere and attempted to launch himself through the screen door that separated the poor guy from the obnoxious (that's right, Mimi. I said obnoxious. I know you'll never believe it though) German Shepherd (Mimi maintains Big is incapable of wrongdoing and was only looking out for me.) . Fortunately, I had had the presence of mind to lock the screen door and the screen door managed to hold (it doesn't always). The guy jumped about twenty feet in the air and then beat a hasty retreat.

And he was never heard from again.

No, just kidding. He's fine.

Monday was marked by a three hour long nonstop barking marathon as the Dynamic Duo ran from window to window to window to bark. They will stop barking when given the appropriate command but after a while, I realized that I'd never get anything else done because of the incessant barking so I just put on my headphones, cranked up the volume and let them have at it. Though to be truthful, I still didn't accomplish much other than blowing out my eardrums.

Who needs eardrums anyway, right?

The fence will make it all worth while.

All hail the fence!


  1. It looks like your own little piece of paradise.

  2. Looks like an awesome backyard, very relaxing. Enjoy and your dogs look really happy.

  3. Your fence looks great! Glad it's finally done.

  4. And also a lovely view of your neighbors "garage". Couldn't resist.

  5. I'm a tiny bit jealous of your wireless setup. and your hammock!! and that AWESOME view you have. ;)

  6. Your yard area is beautiful.

  7. A little piece of heaven! Congratulations.

  8. Thank you everyone. I'm obviously very excited about this development. I've only been working toward this fence for about six years now. I'm so glad it's finally done. And I'm sure everyone else is maybe I can stop talking about it!

  9. Yay!! Here's to the fence. I will raise a margarita in celebration. Or maybe a pomegranate martini. I haven't looked in the cabinet yet.