Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Favorite Book Blogfest

This blogfest is the brainchild of Teralyn Rose Pilgrim over at A Writer's Journey. Participants are asked to pick their top five favorite books and write one sentence about what the book is about and one sentence about why they like it. Easy, right?


Of course, the hard part for me is the choosing of the books. Top five favorite books? That doesn't even cover the Harry Potter series, for crying out loud (FYI, only 19 hours to go until J.K. Rowling's big announcement).

(We interrupt this blogfest to report that there is a trio of shirtless men digging holes in my yard. I'm going to assume they work for the Fence Guy.)

So five books. Five books. I really don't know how to do this except to break it into an multi-day event divided by genre. Today's genre, I have decided, is YA. Mostly because I want to talk about Ellen Emerson White some more.

1. White House Autumn- Ellen Emerson White

What it's about: Life isn't easy when your mother is the President of the United States but 17 year old Meg Powers is making the best of it when an assassin's bullet threatens to ruin everything.

Why I like it: This book (the second in a series of four) is so smart, so funny, so moving with fantastic characters and brilliant command of language(Plus, Meg is a fan of the Boston Red Sox and Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

2. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix- J.K. Rowling

What it's about: Fifteen year old Harry Potter tries to balance out school, girls and battling the forces of darkness.

Why I like it: I love that Harry, at times, acts like a real jerk and that Dumbledore admits his fallibility because flawed characters are always the most interesting.

3. Speak- Laurie Halse Anderson

What it's about: Melinda called the cops at an end-of-summer party and is now starting off the school year a social outcast but no one knows the reason behind the call, a secret so devastating Melinda doesn't even want to admit to herself.

Why I like it: This book is frakking awesome and if you haven't read it, you're really missing out.

4. The Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins

What it's about: Twenty four kids enter and one kid leaves.

Why I like it: A more gripping, intense and intelligent novel you will not find.

5. Where She Went- Gayle Forman

What it's about: Adam spends one last night revisiting the past and contemplating the future with Mia, the love of his life, a girl who walked out on him three years earlier.

Why I like it: Gayle Forman manipulates the hell of language, creating a raw, emotional and über powerful story I couldn't read fast enough.

Thanks for Teralyn Rose Pilgrim for creating and hosting such a fun blogfest!


  1. Tell us more about the guys in the yard. Are they worth a picture?
    I only read a few of your picks but at least one of the others caught my interest.

  2. And if the shirtless guys look like most workers without a shirt, PLEASE don't post a photo!

  3. LOL^^

    Five? Only five favorites? Yikes. I've read a couple of these, but you've got me curious about the others. I'll have to check them out.

  4. Other than Harry these are all new to me. Which is great as I have some direction to go for a good read, thanks.

  5. I've only read Harry Potter from your list, but I just HAVE to read The Hunger Games - it's on so many peoples lists!

  6. Awesome. I've read two on this list. Gotta check out the others.

  7. Hahahaha... the shirtless guys didn't look bad without a shirt but I wouldn't say they were worthy of a picture. Hmmm...maybe I shouldn't share that sentiment until they've finished installing my fence.

  8. I read Speak last year and really enjoyed it. It was a bit predictable but got the point across.

    I've seen HP #5 in several blogfest entries! I chose HP #3 because we get to learn about the Marauders. :) I've been meaning to read The Hunger Games but haven't gotten around to it yet!


  9. Three shirtless guys on the lawn ... now there's a best seller. lol

    Great picks.

  10. You find the best books! I've read Hunger Games and Harry Potter (both awesome), but not the others. On my list now!

  11. I'm just now getting around to reading the HP series. I'm on book number three and enjoying it very much. Looking forward to renting the movies too.

  12. I am sorry I missed this blogfest. Speak is fantastic indeed! Great blog, by the way.