Monday, July 12, 2010

Congratulations, It's An It!

Bonus points to anyone who can Name That Reference! (the hottest sensation sweeping the nation!)...By the way, congrats to Jake and Alison at Welcome Sunshine Home for correcting identifying the last Name That Reference challenge. It's especially impressive when you consider that you didn't even watch the show to which I was referring. Kudos, kids!

So, a few blogs ago, I told you about the robins who had made a nest in my Swedish Ivy plant (as seen in the photo left or above or wherever it ends up on this particular blog). They've been very nice house guests, very seldom scolding us whenever we go near the nest (Sorry, kids but your nest just happens to be near the outdoor spigot to which the 100 foot hose is now attached. I have to water the lawn. Unless you've already eaten all the grass seed that is. Then I have to water the loam and hay) and never once (much to Joe's relief) attacking us.

If you don't know why Joe's so relieved about this (besides the obvious), you haven't heard the story of last summer's swallow incident. I can't believe I didn't blog about it because it was damn hysterical. Frankly, it's still damn hysterical. See, what happened was that, in the summer, Joe often walks to work because it's less than a mile from the house and Mount Washington Valley traffic in the summer being what it is, walking can be much quicker. Well, along the less than a mile way to work was a tree and in that tree lived a Swallow who had built a nest and laid some eggs and had the somewhat irksome habit of attacking everyone and everything that had the misfortune of going by her tree. And since her tree was set right next to the sidewalk in front of an outlet center, there were a lot of somethings going by her tree. Joe was one of these somethings and endured quite a few dive bombings during that season.

The last straw for Joe came the night that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was released. I was spending the night with my sister, B, and Joe called me in a hysterical outrage. I'm not kidding, I'm not exaggerating. B can attest to the truth of that statement because she could hear the hysterics from across the room even before I put the call on speaker phone. I think our favorite line of the entire rant was Hysterical Joe screaming "What am I going to do? That bird's a menace!" My suggestion was to walk on the other side of the street. Joe's suggestion was to call Animal Control.

"You're not calling Animal Control," I said once I had both brought my laughter under control and regained my ability to breathe.

"But that bird's a nuisance!"

"Even so," I said. And then proceeded to laugh my head off for the next hour to offer unconditional love and absolute support.

So, you can understand how Joe was a little less than thrilled about the appearance of the robins and their nest. He's a little more nervous about it now because, as the title of this entry suggests, the nest is a little more crowded now.

They're here!

And babies make four...

There are at least two babies in the nest. You can see one of them in the above picture. I haven't been able to get a clear shot of the other. Joe and I have spent a little time watching the parents feed the babies which is equal parts adorable and really, really disgusting.

I feel a song coming on.


  1. Gilmore Girls. In case you were curious, your blog pops up first if you search that phrase. Its not nearly as fun as some of the others though.

  2. Definitely not nearly as fun as some of the others...Belgian Malinois Bites Taylor Launter? What?

    I think I'm going to have to start making my Name That Reference games harder. I'm starting to give away too many meaningless bonus points.