Thursday, May 20, 2010


May 20. 2005

Progress....well, kind of...Sunny and Warm. Broken record much?

Jupiter, due to her lack of sleeping, is tired and fussy. We play to various levels of success all morning, each session often interrupted by someone (I won't name names) pitching a fit of some kind. But as we are kind and understanding patient people, we don't mind.

Jupiter's favorite toys are her stacking cups and the instruction manual for the baby carrier (the hip hammock...not named because it's cool, by the way, although it kind of is, so I guess it could go either way.) Wendy brought with her.

Checking out the city

Jupiter also enjoys playing dress-up. She's especially fond of our shoes. The problem stems from Jupiter not understanding why she can't walk around the apartment in my size nine clodhoppers or even her mother's more petite sandals. Eventually, when she's not looking, I take the shoes and stash them in the closet.

Wendy makes real mashed potatoes for Jupiter's lunch. Since there's no mixer, she mashes the potatoes by hand, much like the pilgrims must have done (A little BtVS reference for you die hard fans...). Jupiter screams, much like the pilgrim children must have done. Just kidding. I have no idea what the pilgrim children must have done. Turns out, Jupiter has some trouble understanding that sometimes you have to wait for food to cook before you can eat it. It's not her fault. She probably never hung out in the kitchen while her meals were being prepared. Wendy gives her a piece of bread to tide her over while she waits.

I sit on the couch and try to stay out of the way. I feel bad because I feel like I should be doing more but I don't want to disrupt the bonding process any more than I already have by being there in the first place, so I stay on the couch and wait to be asked to help. I’m not being lazy, I swear!

What do you want? I'm just getting to the good part!

After lunch, a reluctant Jupiter goes down for nap. Wendy crashes too. I listen to the iPod, watch muted cartoons (Rugrats and the Wild Thornberries! Cool!) and read. I'm about to start The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. I'm quite proud of my achievement. If I keep this up, I'll be able to cross off one of my life goals when I get home. Yipee! While I strive to achieve, I drink coke and feast on the crackers we bought during our last visit to the grocery store (the little one, not the big one). They look like the American Goldfish crackers and taste like Ritz crackers. It's an excellent combination.

Wendy and Jupiter get up from their nap and come out into the living room where I am still jamming with my iPod. Jupiter wonders what I'm doing, so I take out one of the earbuds and hold it up to her ear. It's Evanescence, a little too rock and roll for her taste, but she's fascinated that there's music coming out of that little speaker. I switch the tunes to the Russian children's songs I put on the playlist and Jupiter is suddenly in heaven. Wendy and I jump and down in our own excitement. Something that doesn't make her scream! Yipee!

Jamming out with the iPod

Around 4pm, we meet Katya and Sergei and go downtown to have Jupiter's passport pictures done. The baby's not big with the smiling. Wendy, Katya and I make faces. It doesn't seem to help. Eventually the photographer gets something passable, even without a smile. They process the photos there for us so we hang around and wait. It doesn't take long. Jupiter amuses herself by walking around and soliciting hugs from everyone.

After the photos are done, we head back to the apartment for dinner and bed. It's very warm and muggy tonight and the humidity eventually manifests itself into a nice thunderstorm. Brief, but still impressive. Even if the humidity stays behind.

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