Monday, May 31, 2010

May 2010 Book Review

Three To Get Deadly
- Janet Evanovich- I reread this book. It was on my nightstand and within reach one evening when I wasn’t quite ready to sleep. This isn’t me saying that Janet Evanovich puts me to sleep. No. That would be Jane Austen. Maybe I should keep her books on my nightstand. Hmmm…that might lead to a pretty severe dust problem though. Maybe not.

The Graveyard Book- Neil Gaiman- There were parts of this book that I really liked but more parts that I felt were just tedious. It took me entirely too long to get through this book and I am sad about that.

Grub- Elise Blackwell- A book about writers and the publishing world. I probably shouldn’t have read this book when I am so up in the air about my own writing future. It’s not a bad book by any means but kind of makes me want to run screaming from traditional publishing. I also don’t like that the two biggest jerk characters in the novel end up doing really well. But, sometimes, that’s life, right?

Kiss of Midnight- Lara Adrian- A vampire romance novel written by a local author and recommended to me by my boss. Not the worst book I’ve read but not the best either. It’s a perfectly fine Popsicle book. If you're not opposed to vampire on human action, then go for it. I took issue with the slang the vampire warriors used. They’re hundreds of years old so it was strange to read them calling each other “Dude” or saying things like “let’s stop jerking each other off and blow up this mutha” And, in classic romance novel style, the heroine is kind of an idiot. But, what are you gonna do? That said, I’ll be reading the next one in the series. It sounds like it’ll be crazy similar to this one, just a different warrior guy screwing a different unsuspecting human girl.

Kiss of Crimson- Lara Adrian- The second in the vampire romance series. Did I mention before that the vampires aren’t the undead but rather descendants from blood craving aliens who crash landed on earth centuries ago?

Midnight Awakening- Lara Adrian- The third vampire romance novel. I do hope that the vampire warrior Sterling Chase finds a nice girl soon because he's had a rough couple of books. Anyway, must read some classic literature now.

The Awakening- Kate Chopin- I really do adore this woman's work. I think I might start re-reading all the classic novels I was supposed to have read in high school and college because I know I'll get much more out of them now than I did then.


May Books: 7
Year To Date Total: 45
Books Remaining: 55

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