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May 22. 2005

Mallrats...still sunny but much MUCH cooler

Finally a day where jeans and long sleeves aren't a wacky idea. We almost don't know what to do with ourselves. We spend the morning in the apartment. Jupiter amuses herself by taking everything out of my suitcase. I put it back in and she takes it out again. What fun! I give her my Annie's Book Stop bookmark to play with instead. She uses it as a tissue and gives it back. What fun!

We have the television on, hoping to catch the Rugrats again. We do see what is likely the Russian version of Sesame Street so Wendy and Jupiter watch that. I take pictures and read....I'm almost done with The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. It's really a big deal. If you're me.

After lunch and naptime, we go out for our afternoon walk. Today we go down to the mall area. We cruise the souvenir row once again and see some things we'd probably buy if we knew how to ask for them. Next we start wandering in and out of the multiple ГYM store entrances. We're looking for the internet cafe (again, yes, I know) but end up finding the mall instead.

Jupiter with her favorite toy...the Hip Hammock user guide

The mall is not like a mall around here. Like the other mall we visited in Ekaterinburg, most of the stores are booth or kiosk like. There's an escalator available so we jump on and see where it takes us. Five floors later, we reach the top. It's the Russian Best Buy and we look at the rows and rows of DVDs and the security men standing watch. Since we have no need for Russian DVDs, we take the escalator back down. There's a floor devoted entirely to men's clothing, another to women's clothing, and one that looks like it contains nothing but accessories: hats and scarves and wallets and bags, oh my! We get off here to investigate further. Don't know why. Guess we like hats.

Or maybe it was fate...we turn the corner and find the children's wing of the mall. Now we actually go into stores and look at things. In the second store, Wendy finds a hat for Jupiter. It's a beautiful blue scarf hat, like all the Russian children wear. It's exactly what she's been looking for so she buys one. I stop at the stuffed animal kiosk and purchase some presents for my godchildren (a Siberian tiger and a Siberian husky, likely made in China but purchased in Siberia!). I contemplate buying a German Shepherd stuffed animal because I miss my dog (and you too, Joe, I swear!) and the German Shepherd show just isn't enough. But I decide I'll never live it down so I take my tiger and my husky and we go.

Me showing Jupiter how to use a Gamboy

It's snack time so Jupiter and I park on a bench and Wendy runs into the grocery store to buy some milk. She also gets ice cream and coke while she's there. We're so healthy. Jupiter takes her cookie and dips it into Wendy's ice cream. She decides it's a good thing.

But what she doesn't enjoy is riding in her hip hammock for extended amounts of time. We have to abandon it (not on the side of the road or anything) on our way back to the apartment. We take turns carrying her in whatever inventive ways we can think of. Wendy gives Jupiter her first piggyback ride. I walk one step back and a little to the right, just in case. When we get to the big intersection, Jupiter decides she wants to walk. We, of course, have to veto that idea which makes everyone within ear shot very happy. But once we get to the other side, we let her walk. Our pace then slows to a crawl.

We get back to the apartment in time for dinner. Jupiter has meat and potatoes. Wendy and I have chicken pancakes and easy mac. Good thing I brought a lot. After dinner, Jupiter and Wendy play and I finish reading The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. I jump and down triumphantly. Just kidding. I don't really. I consider going to celebrate with the people partying in the park outside our apartment but decide instead to watch tonight's movie. It's Dragnet, the Tom Hanks/Dan Ackroyd version. It's not funny. Hard to say if it's because it's dubbed in Russian or it's just not that funny a movie. My money's on the latter.

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