Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To Buy Or Not To Buy

I usually work on my WIP from three to five in the afternoon but today I am not making much progress because instead I am shopping for a new digital camera.

There's nothing wrong with my current digital camera except that it's a little older and slower than the newer ones. The zoom isn't very good and as I've said before in this blog, I'd really like to have a camera that has more zoom to it. I'd also like a camera that's speedy enough to allow me to take a picture of the Gator Girl (currently passed out on the office rug...I really do think she might have some sort of doggy flu because this is just so weird) that isn't just a tan blur. Plus, there are cell phones whose cameras have more mega pixels than my camera.

So you put all these facts together and what do you get? A pretty good reason, I think, to upgrade my camera.

I found a model I like. It looks like a point and shoot camera so it'll be easily transported. It has twelve mega pixels (my current set up has five) and 10x optical zoom (versus the 3x I have now) and has the ability to take challenging action shots without delay with fast click-to-capture speed. My current camera really doesn't have anything like that. In order to take an action shot now, I have to be in position with my finger holding the capture button down half way and still, half the time I miss the shot.

I first saw the camera in the Staples flyer. They didn't have it in the store but I found the same model at Wal Mart. Then, one day, it went missing from Wal Mart. So I looked online for it and found it at Amazon (where it received excellent customer reviews). It's listed at about twenty dollars less than at either Wal Mart or Staples. Now it's currently sitting in my shopping cart waiting for me to decide how badly I want to order it.

Because I want to order it really, really badly.

Joe is less enthusiastic about it though. He doesn't seem to think there's a problem with the camera we have now. And, as I have already said, there isn't anything wrong with it. Maybe I could arrange for the Gator Girl (once she wakes the hell up) to eighty six the old camera.

--->This entry is being interrupted by a desperate cry for help on my end. You see, there was this spider crawling up the wall in my office, right in front of me, and when I went to screw my courage to the sticking place (anyone know what movie that's from? Hint: it's a Disney animated classic!) and squash the little frakker with a pad of post-it notes (easily replaceable), the little frakker vanished and where he has gone now, I cannot say. I suspect he fell off the wall and is now crawling somewhere undetected underneath my desk. Needless to say, I am currently unable to leave the desk chair in which I am currently curled so if somebody could maybe stop by and at least bring me my slippers (the Gator Girl has never managed to learn to fetch my slippers. Only play with them.) so I wouldn't have to worry about stepping on a spider in my bare feet, I would greatly appreciate it. Here ends the big girly screaming fit. <---

Anyway, where was I? Oh right. I want to buy a camera and Joe doesn't seem to think it's necessary. If only I was working more hours at the Store (wait...did I really just say that?). Then I wouldn't worry about it. Right now, my current plan is to order the camera and just deal with it when Joe sees the credit card bill. Then I could tell him it was either a camera or a new puppy. He'll be totally thrilled with the camera then.

But I'd really like to get the camera soon. We're going out to Las Vegas in June and I'd like to have the camera then (and know how to use it) because we're planning to rent a car and drive out to the Grand Canyon. It's a five hour drive but still, Vegas is a hell of a lot closer to the Grand Canyon than I currently am. Besides, after driving from Ekaterinburg to Serov multiple times, I can handle a five hour drive. At least on the Grand Canyon drive, there'll be something more than birch trees (and the random cow or goats) to look at.

I think I'm going to do it. Well, maybe. I don't know. Right now I'm having a hard time focusing on anything that is not the whereabouts of that stupid frakking spider. I wonder if Amazon sells bubbles.

So, what do you think? Should I click the "buy" button or just lie down quietly until the urge dissipates?

Hope you're enjoying a quandary (and spider) free day...

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