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Television Week In Review (Week Ending 4/17/10)


The Amazing Race: Love, love, love the cowboys. If they get booted, my desire to watch this show will disappear almost entirely. That said, that was quite a feud between Brent and Caite and Carol and Brandy (don't know which is which, sadly, but Joe thinks one of them looks like Gollum so he calls her that). The ugly American lesbians are angry. Joe and Heidi were much more zen about being u-turned. Yikes. And the undercover cops were behind it all. Speaking of the undercover cops, it annoys me to no end how they're forever calling each other 'baby'. But at least they're polite to the locals. Oh, and who knew there was such a thing as the Asian Amazing Race. Do they get to go to America all the time? Do they wander around saying things like "Why doesn't anyone here speak Mandarin?" Now I really want to see that show.

Legend of the Seeker: When will the characters on these shows learn not to celebrate anyone's birthday? It never goes well. Tonight's episode featured a birthday party thrown in Richard's honor which turns into a life threatening affair, of course. The creature of the week was a magical mummy and Kahlan and Cara had a chick fight while trapped in a tomb. A high school pal of mine is irritated with this show for changing so many facts (facts in a series of fantasy genre books, mind you). I don't mind it so much. I just want to be entertained. And this show never disappoints. It's always as bad as you think it's gonna be.


How I Met Your Mother: I forget how much I love this show and then they do something like tonight's episode where Marshall claims to have been mugged by a monkey in the central park zoo in order to keep Lily from buying a gun. Too freaking funny, really. And of course Barney was hysterical as well.

Dancing With The Stars: The judges were cranky and gave away two sets of crappy scores (one for technique and one for performance) to each couple. I missed the first half hour of the show as I was watching How I Met Your Mother but I did tune in in time to see Kate Gosselin's so called performance. I agree with the judges that it was her best yet but it still...sucked. As in big time. Did anyone see Jimmy Fallon's spoof of Kate's last dance? So. Damn. Funny. In fact, here it is (if you can't see it because you're at work, go to and search for it there):

House: Cameron's back! I've seriously been bothered for weeks about Jennifer Morrison's name remaining in the opening credits of the show because I had been under the impression that she was gone for good. After tonight's episode, it certainly feels like she's gone for good but I guess we'll wait and see. Anyway, it was an interesting episode. There was no patient of the week, which was a nice change of pace, and was packed full of a lot of funny moments. I think Taub and Foreman in the records room stoned on vicadin was probably my favorite, although Thirteen daring Wilson to steal a dollar from the cafeteria cashier was pretty funny too. Of course, Thirteen flashing Taub at the very end of the episode was classic. There was some serious stuff too, what with House being trapped with the introspective dying man and Cuddy searching high and low for the missing baby (totally thought the older brother had done it). Hugh Laurie directed this episode. Job well done, Hugh.

The Big Bang Theory: Wil Wheaton's back! And unfortunately, he used his evil genius to break up Leonard and Penny. Of course, I think Leonard and Penny might have already been on their way to that same place but still, Wil gave them the shove into it and all just so he could win a bowling bet. As always, Sheldon is my favorite.

Castle: Tom Bergeron guest starred as a murdered late night talk show host. I wish he had been given more to do because I love Tom Bergeron. I also think Fred Willard was wasted. Still, the episode was pretty good.


American Idol: Oh goody. It's Elvis night. Adam Lambert is tonight's mentor which is kind of cool. I also did like Adam Lambert. I was a little sad that Crystal Bowersox had to go first tonight because she's really the only contestant I'm excited to see every week. I can never remember Casey James's name at all. Sorry, Casey. Tim Urban (Joe calls him Zac Efron) didn't suck tonight. I groaned when I heard what song he was going to perform. I thought it would be an absolute train wreck but he really did sing it well. Aaron Kelly should go home. Ryan (who I think had a Red Bull too many tonight) made an uncharitable joke about Brian Dunkleman during a plug for the Idol episode which is all about giving to charity. Here's my rankings for the remaining contestants from worst to best: Aaron Kelly, Katie Stevens, Tim Urban (just barely squeaking ahead of Katie), Andrew Garcia, Michael Lynch, Casey James, Siobhan Magnus, Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox.

Glee: Yea!!! Glee is back!!! Sue Sylvester was snarky and the cheerleaders were both stupid and slutty and all is right in the world...except Teri Shuester is still on the show. I'm hoping Idina Menzel gets to sing in a future episode because I was disappointed that she didn't get to do any singing tonight. My favorite number of the night was the "Hello Goodbye" song at the end and the Sue Sylvester "Vogue" video. My favorite line of the night not coming from Sue Sylvester's mouth was courtesy of Brittany the Blond Cheerleader when she said, "Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?" Oh god, I love this show.


The Middle: I don't know if you're watching this show but I really think you should. It's really quite funny. The kid who plays the eldest son, Axl, is beyond hysterical and I think his character is probably what Joe was like as a teenager.

Modern Family: Another very funny episode. If you're not watching this show, you have no idea what you're missing. I think my favorite part was when Mitchell confessed his secret desire to kill Dora the Explorer (put bricks in her backpack and throw her in the river). That or when the blond mom (I can never remember her character's name in this show. I always think of her as Carol Vessy from that show Ed a while back...the one with the lawyer who owned a bowling alley?) yelled out the mini van window to his middle daughter, Alex (in front of her friends), to remember to get her training bra while she was out shopping.

American Idol Results: I heart Adam Lambert. He's never dull. And boy, can he sing. Also of note (and possible concern): I don't know what's going on with Ryan Seacrest lately but he's either off his meds or over self medicating with something he shouldn't because he's been weird. I mean, really, really weird this entire season. Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens are out. I was a little sad that it wasn't Katie and Aaron. Maybe Aaron will be gone next week but I doubt it because it's Idol Gives Back or whatever and I think everyone has to sing inspirational power ballads or whatever and Aaron could easily sing an inspirational power ballad.

In Plain Sight: I recorded it but I haven't watched it yet. I really enjoyed last week's episode. I think it might be my favorite episode yet. I run hot and cold on this show. I like Mary's character and I like Marshall but I don't much care for the rest of the cast. Anyway, I'll probably watch this one eventually, especially since Allison Janney is a guest star again and I've loved Allison Janney since The West Wing.


Bones: Bones and Booth attend her high school reunion. Talk about the creepiest thing ever. See, this is why I didn't bother going to any of mine.

Supernatural: So, the 100th episode. Gotta say, I was slightly disappointed. I thought the build up was great and then it just kind of...ended. The pay off wasn't what I thought it would be and I am left underwhelmed. Apart from the scene where Dean tells Sam that he thinks Lucifer will end up wearing Sam to the prom, I thought it was lackluster. This is a series that has done some exceptional heavy, deep serious episodes and this should have been one of them but it just wasn't. I'll probably irritate some people by saying this (well, if any of those people happen to stumble across this blog) but it's the way I feel. And I do not think I like the preview for next week's episode at all. Motel Hell? Really? Whatever. Let me know when Sam becomes Lucifer's prom dress.

Project Runway: I can't believe the judges picked Milla over Jay. That decision totally sucked. Maybe they figured it wouldn't matter because neither of them stand a chance against Seth Aaron or Emilio and so it would maybe be better to have a woman amongst the final three, but I thought Jay's mini collection was vastly superior and waaaaaaaaay more interesting than Milla's. This coming from a girl whose closet is full of jeans and sweatshirts, sure, but I would have been much happier being able to see Jay's entire collection rather than the 60's retro black and white stylings of Milla Hermanovski. But that's just my opinion.


Merlin: The show's second season. The first season showed last summer on NBC and now is on the SyFy channel. They changed a lot of things from the King Arthur legend. Notable changed include Arthur and Morgana no longer being siblings and Mordred no longer being their child. Guinevere is Morgana's servant and magic is forbidden in the kingdom of Camelot because it's feared and misunderstood by King Uther (played by BtVS's Anthony Stewart Head). Last week, Guinevere and Arthur kissed and this week, Morgana started to come into her powers. It involved another appearance by the uber creepy Mordred and some even creepier giant scorpions. Next week, Guinevere has another run-in with Lancelot. Woo Hoo!

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