Monday, April 26, 2010

A Little Of This, A Little Of That...

It's a lovely Monday afternoon in the Mount Washington Valley and I am surrounded by peaceful, sleeping puppies who have, thankfully, gotten their gastronomical issues straightened out. The girls were gearing up to play a little while ago so I built a preemptive barricade around and on the couch to protect it (singing certain selections from Les Miserables while doing so) which apparently made the girls lose interest in playing. Nothing fun about playing if you can't destroy the furniture in the process, I guess.

Oh well.

So yeah, they're all sleeping. I'm looking down at Bru right now and thinking about how badly she could use a bath. When she arrived, she was a reddish brown and white dog. Now she's just kind of a brown dog. All that romping through the woods. Makes 'em dirty. Also makes 'em tired.

I am taking advantage of the sleeping to work. A little housework (man, did we need laundry. We also need clean dishes. I had some but then I was stupid enough to try and empty the dishwasher while Bru was drinking water. She ended up dumping a good amount of water and saliva on my nice clean dishes. The bright side? Didn't take me very long to empty the dishwasher.) and a little actual work. I had been hoping to hit the 100,000 word mark in my WIP by the end of this week but that's just not going to happen. It's not all the dogs' fault either, although they are a rather convenient scapegoat, aren't they? It's much more my fault. I'm just not feeling the story right now. Not like how I was before. My Incredible Shrinking Word Count is dwindling even further now. I'm still ahead but the margin is very, very small now. It's good that there's an another dog in the household because otherwise I'd have more time to sit around, looking at my dwindling word count and feeling frustrated I haven't figured out how to reverse this alarming trend.

I'll figure it out.

In other news, after a discussion about smart phones, I made a comment about getting an iPhone to which Joe responded, "If you had an iPhone, I'd have to divorce you." Joe is not an Apple fan. His response made me laugh and say in return, "You'd have to marry me first and good luck with that."

Joe's hemming and hawing on the smart phone decision. He really, really wants a smart phone. He just doesn't want to have to pay for the data plan. I could go either way. I can get through a day without a smart phone so I don't need it but it could be kind of cool.

What is not cool is something I've been meaning to mention for a while now. My friend, Heather, has been working toward her accounting degree. This semester, she has a corporate tax class that's been giving her a hard time so, at one point, she emailed her professor to ask for help. His response? Google it. Yep, that's right. Thousands and thousands of dollars and that's what she gets for help. Google it.

Great teaching, dude. Really.

So, now it's Monday night and Bru and I have just returned from our nightly jaunt to the river. Bru didn't do any cliff diving or swimming. She ran off the trail and back on the trail, always coming when I called her. Except for once. This is always a sign that a dog has found something they're not supposed to have. When I broke out my super stern You'd Better Get Your Ass Over Here Now voice, she came, bringing her contraband with her.

It was a pair of men's underwear. Soiled men's underwear.

I then had to wrestle the untidy whities out of Bru's mouth.

Remember yesterday when I said at the end of my blog that nobody owed me any baked goods? That I was just trying to be to be funny? Well, I take it back. I want giant cake like brownies and I want them now.

But first, if you'll excuse me, I have to go wash my hands. For about the twentieth time.

There is not enough soap in the world.

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