Saturday, March 13, 2010

So, About That...

Okay, so you remember when, last month, I was doing that whole getting back in the saddle thing as far as submissions go?

Well, I didn't. Get back in the saddle, that is. I'm more just walking the horse around the corral. I look at the stirrups every now and then and think about how much I really want to be back in the saddle and then I just keep on walking.

I'm working on it. I really am. The problem is I think my muse has gone on an unexpected untimely extended vacation. I'm hoping she'll return soon and bring with her more than just a lousy tee shirt because I could really use something here. I need my muse because I have convinced myself that my query letter is no good. I have also convinced myself that my synopsis perhaps gives the illusion that the heroine dies at the end (spoiler alert: she doesn't.) which I have heard can sometimes be a turn off so I should probably do something about that too.

But, for now, my focus is on that damn letter. I have pages of notes, little snippets of phrases written down. I feel like I'm circling the right hook the way a hawk can circle its lunch but I haven't been able to piece them together correctly yet.

My current plan is to try and reverse engineer a letter. I know how it should end. Thank you for your time (I deleted the part where I begged, begged, begged them to please, please, please read my book. Seemed the thing to do.).

I've also written the paragraph that explains who I am, lists all of my no writing credits (except for my Guidepost Magazine honorable mention in their 1994 young writer's contest...we were supposed to write a story about the role of God in our lives. I wrote a story about an ill fated attempt to ask a boy to the prom.) and my qualifications (I'm a former English teacher with a love of the written word...pathetic, I know, but that's what I've got. If only I'd found a portal to another world in the back of my closet. That would've really been convenient.).

And I've written the paragraph that connects the sales pitch with the resume portion. So now all I need is my sales pitch. The back of the book blurb. The voice over on a movie trailer.

And this is where my muse comes in. So, honey, if you're reading this, you've probably noticed how desperately I require your aid. If you could just drop in for a few minutes, ten max, so we could pound out eight to ten sentences (or thereabouts), that would be great because I really do need to be back in the saddle again.

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