Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy List, Part Two

I find myself in need of a Happy List today. Actually, I am currently operating on two hours of sleep, so I find myself in need of a nap or a massive amount of caffeine, but in the absence of those two things, I'll settle for a Happy List.

So here are ten more things which make me happy:

1. Double Stuff Oreos, especially when said oreos are accompanied by a tall glass of ice cold milk. Delish!

2. Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. The besest musical blog really almost ever...

3. Buying books. Hello, my name's Melissa and I have a problem. Just don't tell Joe I admitted that because he's been saying that same thing for years now. There are much worse things to which I could be addicted. Just saying.

4. Long Island Iced Teas. In addition to making me happy, they also tend to make me drunk. It's like an added bonus.

5. Getting Out Of Work Early. I don't really think I need to elaborate on this one.

6. Not Having To Go To Work At All. The only thing better than getting out of work early. It happened once before, the management (a woman named Judy at the time) called me about a half hour before my shift to tell me I didn't need to bother coming in because there was absolutely nothing going on. The only drawback to that happening is that once it happens that first time, you live the rest of your life waiting for it to happen again.

7. Double Chocolate Milano Cookies from Pepperidge Farms. Especially when accompanied by a tall ice cold glass of milk. The perfect all-nighter food.

8. New pens.

9. The support of good friends (I feel a Hallmark moment coming on...)

10. Winning a game of Minesweeper. Especially when I beat my own top time on the expert level. If there was a world championship for Minesweeper, I'd totally...well, I'd totally get my ass kicked, but I'd have a good time doing it.

All right...so that last one might be particularly lame but what do you want? I'm working off two hours of sleep here. I'll try to do better for next time.

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