Friday, February 26, 2010

Television Week In Review (Week Ending 2/26/10)


The Amazing Race: Another season starts! Of course, it started last week but I wasn't writing the recaps last week. I am this week. Beauty Queen Caite continues to show why she's a beauty queen and not a brain surgeon. Big Brother Duo continue to show what's wrong with this country. The not undercover cops anymore pair just made it in by the skin of their teeth. The brothers claim one of them is gay and one is straight but it is Joe and my opinion that both of them are gay and maybe don't realize it yet. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm just saying, it seems as though they exhibit more of the stereotypical gay characteristics than say the gay brothers from the previous season. The cowboys finished first and for that I am glad because I think I might like those two.

Legend of the Seeker: Oh. My. God. This season has been on freaking fire. It's head and shoulders above the first season. Deeper and darker and definitely more tense than the first season. Loving. It. The preview for next week looks like it'll be a lot of fun.


Life Unexpected: I can't decide if I like this show. I read a review of it somewhere that claimed it was a cross between Gilmore Girls and Everwood which I thought was great because I loved (and still do love) both those shows. But I don't think it's quite lived up to that. In this episode, Lux tries to get high school QB Jones to drop the grand theft auto charges against her boyfriend, Bug. Cate continues to lie to her fiance, Kerr Smith who played Jack the Token Gay Guy on Dawson's Creek. I like Baze's character and I like English teaching roommate. But the jury's out on the rest of them.

The Colbert Report: This show is freaking killing me, it's so damn funny. His "Vancourvage" is starting off so well. My favorite interviews are the ones where the guest can keep up with the absolute insanity that comes out of Stephen's mouth. Shaun White, I think, did a nice job with that. Can't wait to find out what's happening next. The tag line "Sponsored by Verizon Wireless...they paid for our trip!" made me laugh hysterically.


American Idol: Hey, remember when they used to get good singers on this show? I don't know what happened tonight but the top 12 women were just not very good. My current favorites are Lilly Scott and Charlotte Bowersox (At least I think that is your name...if I got it wrong, I apologize). Here's hoping the guys do better tonight.

The Colbert Report: Today's guests were Lindsay Vonn and Bob Costas. Neither did quite as good a job keeping up with Stephen as Shaun White. Lindsay spent the vast majority of her interview in gales of laughter (like when Stphen asked her how you could tell the boy skis from the girl skis) I loved Stephen for chiding a personality lacking Costas for not knowing how to pander to the greatest audience on earth (in response to Costas's lackluster response to a question about where Vancouver ranks in the list of host cities Costas has visited.). I also loved the part where he went to the different countries' "houses" and played fondu pong (think beer pong but with pots of fondu) with the Swiss director. Freaking hilarious. I always want to know what goes on before and after these segments are filmed. Tonight's tagline: "Sponsored by Verizon Wireless...may contain some wires"


American Idol: Hey, remember when they used to get good singers on this show? The top 12 men weren't very good either but I have a bone to pick with the judges more than anything else. Seriously, dawgs, stop being stupid pricks. You go on and on and on about how the contestants need to take a song and make it their own by changing it up so you don't easily recognize the original song and therefore avoid the comparisons between them and the original artist. Then, when a contestant takes Kelly Clarkson's song Since U Been Gone and changes it up so that you don't easily recognize the original song, you blast him for doing that you told him to do. You're all "Oh hey man, you changed it so much I didn't recognize it and that wasn't good." Whatever, jerks. The man did something different, he did something original and you tell him it sucked. Then the little white kid gets on and sings a karaoke version of a Rascal Flatts song and you're all ooohing and ahhing over him. I don't get you. Plus, you were a panel of major jerks when heartthrob (to some, not to me) Casey James takes the stage. He's performing on a live show in front of millions of voters who'll decide his fate and you're acting like your own four ring circus while he's performing? It was so bad that Ellen felt the need to apologize to poor Casey James (who did manage to get through the performance with a straight face despite the chicanery going on in front of him) for the monkey business. Uncool, judges. Seriously. You call yourselves professionals?

Psych: I adore this show. I adore it oh so much. It's so freaking funny and just seems to get funnier with each and every outing. In this episode, Shawn and Gus join a think tank which has got to be the funniest premise of this show ever. Anyway, it's a fake think tank and chaos ensues but our dynamic duo comes out on top at the end.

The Colbert Report: Jeret Peterson and Ryan St. Onge were on tonight. Colbert asked how their parents cope with watching their children hurtle themselves through the air the way they do. Peterson answered "tequila" which prompted Colbert to end with the interview with "Jeret Peterson's mom has a drinking problem"...I'm sure his mother was thrilled with that. A fun interview. Also got a kick out of the speed skating segment. Tonight's line: "Sponsored by Verizon available in wild raspberry" (it might now have been wild raspberry. I can't quite remember. Sorry.)


American Idol Results: I hate watching results shows. I really do. I'm only watching this one because there's nothing else on because NBC isn't showing the ladies' figure skating (yeah, that's right...I watch ladies' figure skating. And like it), or at least the medal contenders, until later. I can't even tell you the names of the singers who were booted except that I'm shocked as all get up that Lacey whatever her name is didn't get booted. She's the one who sang- well, is that really the right word for it? I don't think so. I think I'm going to go with "murdered"- she's the one who murdered Landslide. I don't know what the hell America was thinking there.

Olympic Games: Ladies' Free Skate: Well, I know less than nothing about figure skating. Most of the jumps look the same to me. But, in my own, completely uneducated, opinion, Rachel Flatt deserved higher scores than she got. I am thrilled that Kim Yu-Na received her gold medal though. She's amazing. Joanne Rochette has had an amazingly hard Olympic experience so I'm also thrilled that she won a medal. Mirai Nagasu, who finished fourth, is adorable. Can't wait to see her progress in this sport.

Burn Notice: I'm always a sucker for a good spy show and this is a great spy show. I especially love the episodes that end with a good cliffhanger. Except that I also hate the shows that end with a good cliffhanger because then I have to wait a full week to find out what the hell's going to happen next. Not cool, Burn Notice people, but still...awesome.

The Colbert Report: The last show from Vancouver. This guy kills me, seriously, kills me. I just find him to be so damn funny. The speed skating segment was so funny as was the opening part with Bob Costas. Shani Davis and Seth Wescott (from Maine!) were great guests.

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