Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Resolutions

Here is a list of the things I will attempt to accomplish this year:

1. Finish Second Nature.

Specifically, my goal is to finish the book by the end of October. I've decided to work NaNoWriMo style, which means I've set myself a specific number of words to hit by the end of October. This goal is 200,000 words, based on the fact that Effigy is approximately 195,000 words and the first draft of Second Nature was longer than that story was (this goal can fluctuate as needed, of course). This gives me 304 days in which to work. The word count goal is 658 words a day. Of course, if there is any movement on Effigy, all bets are off.

2. Read 100 books.

Other people have done it and now I want to do it too. I finished up with about sixty five books last year. I would have done better but I had that whole Jane Austen thing going on in April and May. I will not have that Jane Austen millstone around my neck this year so I am optimistic. But, once again, should there be any movement on Effigy, all bets are off.

3. Participate in NaNoWriMo 2010.

My first experience with this project was a success and, ultimately, a lot of fun so I fully intend to sign up for a second go. This is a big reason why I intend to finish Second Nature by the end of October.

4. Try Yoga.

It seems like it'll be a good thing to try out. I was hoping to have a Nintendo Wii and a Wii Fit to help me with this goal but as that has not happened yet, I suspect I'll be going out to get myself a nice video because I do not want to go to an actual yoga class.

5. De-Clutter.

I don't really know what to write here. There's clutter in the house and I want to change that. I'll go through the closets and get rid of the clothing we haven't worn in years. I'll clean out the basement of the boxes we put in there almost ten years ago when we moved into this house. I'll track down the dining room table. I know I had one once. It was nice.

So I think that's about it. Five goals for the year seems like a decent amount. I know last year I had six but that sarcasm goal never stood a chance. Oh...and as soon as I find my Lingo drinking game, I'll make sure I post it here. I know you can't wait. Anyway, if you've set resolutions/goals of your own, I wish you all the best with them.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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