Saturday, November 7, 2009

Television Week In Review (Week Ending 11/7/09)


The Amazing Race: The teams fly off to the Netherlands which looks very windy and cold. The poker player girls got hung up on the detour. They weren't strong enough to hit the bell on the strongman game and weren't able to play golf. But at least they didn't quit...Oh wait. That's exactly what they did. Of course, they were last anyway and would've been eliminated regardless. All things considered, they did try really hard to hit the strongman bell. Brian and Brian's wife (don't know her name) are extremely lucky. Can't wait for next week when the teams have to do the dreaded haybale challenge.


How I Met Your Mother: Still don't like the Barney/Robin pairing but this was, overall, a pretty funny episode. There were a lot of funny moments. Barney's resolution to the dish washing problem, Marshall then thinking Barney was right and then his subsequent slap bet with Ted over it. Then Marshall botching the whole thing. Ah, good times. Made me wonder though when we might see Marshall dole out another slap. How many are we up to now? I count three (Slapsgiving, Robot show and the Robin Sparkles episode)...have I missed any?

Big Bang Theory: Sheldon teaches Leonard about football so Leonard can fit in with Penny's football loving friends. Loved it when Leonard said the thing about wanting to blend in and not look like an idiot and Sheldon replied "to fit in with Penny's friends I would think that's exactly what you wanted to look like." Also, big shout out to the BSG toaster. Woo Hoo!

Dancing With the Stars: Mya and Dmitri keep getting bitch slapped by Len for the choreography which is done by Dmitri, not Mya. So my question is, why doesn't Dmitri change the damn way he choreographs? She's the most technically talented dancer out there, get the girl some tens! Also, Tom Bergeron is the best damn reality show host out there. His show is live, actually live, and he never misses a beat. Give this man that sham of an emmy next time around, people.

Castle: Another fine outing. This episode was written by Jose Molina who used to work with Joss's a small world, isn't it?


So You Think You Can Dance: Thee tappers made it to the top twenty this season and two of them are out. That kind of sucks. Still don't like Ashley.

Dancing With the Stars Results: The Ballas Hough band is a joke. Michael and Anna and Mark and Lacey are out. Figured they wouldn't boot Aaron and Karina over one of those two.


The Middle: This show makes me laugh. Still strange seeing Neil Flynn as someone other than the Janitor but, it's funny.

Modern Family: Hysterical. Seriously, you should check this show out.


Bones: I didn't much like this episode. Everyone was very weird. I said that Angela needed to get laid before Dr. Sweets said it. And then I said that she could get it on with Wendell just before she did just that. Did like Cam's comment "Maybe Angela would twirl him..."

Fringe: Maybe it was the cough syrup, but I was kind of bored with this episode. The effects were cool but the whole thing was just too slow or something for me. Made me seriously think about changing the channel.

The Mentalist: The problem with these cop shows is that the cops always seem to look stupid. They can't close their case without Jane (the man they call...Jane...) and don't know what to do without him. It's a problem in this episode because Jane gets arrested. He still manages to solve the case from jail (and even manages to stage a jail break) and everything's all right by the end of the episode...mostly because Lisbon went and blackmailed Bosco. Ooooh...intrigue.

The Office: Jim and Pam go on a double date with Michael and Helene, Pam's mother. Everything's going fine until Michael realizes just how old Helene really is. Then chaos ensues. Loved the part where, after Pam decides she wants to hit Michael, when Toby comes over to make sure the incident will happen off company property and then gives Pam pointers on how to hit him. The Dwight/Andy storyline was a little tiring.

30 Rock: Brian Williams has such a great sense of humor. I always love it when he goes on The Daily Show and I loved seeing his appearance here. Too damn funny. Then Kathy sang "I Dreamed a Dream" like Susan Boyle and the robot is the new TGS cast member. Also love the product placement bits.

Vampire Diaries: Didn't get to watch it because I have to record Flash Forward since that's a show both Joe and I watch. I intended to watch it online but apparently, the CW is like Fox and doesn't post the new episodes right away. Jerks.

Flash Forward: Weird thing. Just before the young black guy does a header off the top of the building, I was telling Joe how I fully expected someone who had a flash forward to do something that would change the future and viola. Leoben (as in Cylon Leoben) guests as a mastermind of an underground club for people who didn't have flash forwards.

Project Runway: The final five. Irina, Carol Hannah and Althea are going to fashion week. I fully expect Irina to win because out of the three, I think she has the most ability. I'd love to see her and Kenley in a room together. Two women enter...whose ego leaves?

Supernatural: Need any more proof that this is the best damn show on television? Just watch this episode. The boys get stuck in TV land by the trickster and chaos ensues. Hysterical chaos. Loved the opening credits, the genital herpes commercial, the total Grey's Anatomy spoof, the David Caruso spoof, the Knight Rider bit, everything. A massive amount of hysterics with just a little dash of hellfire and seriousness right there at the end. Plus, next week's preview show Chuck the Prophet at the Supernatural convention complete with Fan boys! Woo Hoo!


Monk: Haven't gotten to this episode yet. Spend Friday night trying to meet my NaNoWriMo goal. Made it too. Go me!

White Collar: See above.


Legend of the Seeker: It's baaaaaaaaaack. I am so freaking excited about this premiere. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to watch it yet. But I'm sure it's bloody brilliant.

Robin Hood: Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to watch it yet. Stupid day job. But I'm sure it's bloody brilliant.

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