Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Store Gets the Flu and Other News

My NaNoWriMo word count goal for the day: 6,668. My Actual Current Word Count: 5,144

So, I'm sick. I have a headache, sore throat, runny nose and a cough. I have a serious chill (even with my snuggie) and my appetite is also on the fritz. According to Joe, I do not have N1H1 (or is it H1N1?) because a sore throat is not a symptom of swine flu. But whatever it is, it sucks.

I can't sing. And I love to sing. Every time Dr. Horrible comes on the iPod, I have to ignore it and resist the urge to sing along because I can't currently sing. There's no power there and besides, it hurts too much.

But I still had to go to work today because Ruthie had the day off so there was no one to cover my shift. So I went. I sat in the parking lot and waited for Assistant Manager Heidi. She pulled in at 7:55 and proceeded to park next to a truck down at one end of the parking lot. Then she sat in her car and talked to the guy in the truck for a while. Meanwhile, I sat in my car and watched the time tick past. I didn't punch in until about 8:10, ten minutes late. Which didn't really make me happy. If she's going to have an affair, the least she can do is have it on her own time. Or, at the very least, stop making me lose time. Assistant Manager Heidi fixed my time for me though so then I was less angry.

I then took my dosage of cough/cold medicine. Had to wait until I got to work because sometimes, cough/cold medicines make me loopy and I figured I shouldn't be loopy behind the wheel of a car. I have to take the non-drowsy kids' medicines because the adult stuff (drowsy or not) will knock me out.

Here's what I learned about taking children's cold medicine at work:

1. Make sure you have eaten breakfast first. An empty stomach does not help the loopiness.

2. When one is loopy on cold medicine, one should probably avoid both ladders and scaling stockroom shelves. Falling is inevitable.

3. One tends to mind one's manager's blatant incompetence a lot less when one is loopy on cold medicine.

So yeah. Sales Associate Marge came in and told me that Ruthie had to go home early yesterday because she was sick. Lazy Susan called out completely because she was sick. No loss there, really. Super Scott also had to call out sick.

None of us are immune. I'm supposed to work again tomorrow. Ruthie's also supposed to be working tomorrow. I'm fully expecting a call from her either tonight or tomorrow morning saying she's still too sick to work. We'll see what happens...

In other news, Maine voters (or at least 53% of them) repealed the gay marriage law. Well, thank god your children are safe from gay marriage (sarcasm.). Congratulations on making the small minded, judgmental choice, 53% of Maine voters.

I stumbled across a new band that I'm really getting into. Their name is Bat For Lashes and I first heard them on a recent episode of The Vampire Diaries so I went out to Amazon to download that one song. I ended up downloading an entire album and am resisting the urge to download the rest of their albums.

Thought I'd close today's blog with my horoscope. It's a pretty cool one, and relevant too.

Your stars align to create powerful momentum. Now that you've got the ball rolling, make sure it keeps going the right way. Keep your eye on the goal. A coach (ideally a Taurus) will help you stay on track.

It's nice to have momentum.

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