Saturday, October 17, 2009

Television Week In Review (Week Ending 10/17/09)


NFL: Pats at Broncos: Been happier. Taunting is a stupid penalty.

The Amazing Race: Zev and Zev's friend whose name I cannot remember were eliminated. Lance and Lance's fiancee whose name I cannot remember are still in the race. Seriously??


How I Met Your Mother: Poetry, musical montages and a new website. Best. Episode. Ever. Well, maybe not ever but certainly one of the best of this still young season. Can one download an mp3 of "Cat Funeral"??? Because I want it. Joe would like me to mention that Marshall's Best Night Ever video (as seen on the website) is particularly hysterically because it's just like Extreme's More Than Words video and Nuno (not 'Nano' as I keep calling him) Bettencourt (from Extreme) is in both. Bonus song: "All By Ourselves"

Dancing With The Stars: Watched the middle hour again. Don't know why they bothered with the country two step. The Charleston was fun. Don't much care for Donnie Osmond but he did dance well. The only Bolero we saw was boring (sorry, Michael and Anna, but I predict you're going home). Even the Lambadas were boring...too safe and whatever though I did think Mya and Alec were the best. Part of the fun of watching the show is trying to figure out which Bruno clip they'll show on Friday on The Soup. Joe and I are usually pretty good about picking the winners.

The Big Bang Theory: This show made me laugh so hard tonight that I couldn't catch my breath. Then I had to rewind the episode and watch the parts I missed when I was laughing too hard. Sheldon, of course, was the star but props to Raj. I can't, by the way, do that hand thingy Raj was doing. Joe can but I can't.

Castle: The woman who played the fiancee, and really her whole family, seemed to be really terrible actors. I also didn't like the daughter and the grandmother as much as I usually do but the chemistry between Castle and Beckett and the other two detectives was still good. Interesting mystery, really. Favorite line was when a suspect asked Castle if he'd ever been duped and he replied, "I was married twice."

House: Finally caught up! Woo Hoo! It's been a interesting season so far, hasn't it? Taub has left the building, Cameron is supposed to be leaving and Chase killed a guy...on purpose. Anyone notice that whenever Foreman is running the department, more things than usual go wrong? Anyway, tonight, someone's tampering with Thirteen's travel plans and a little boy is dying from something no one can diagnose. Except House, of course. Not one of my favorite episodes (I think most of this season might pale in comparison to the beyond brilliant premiere.) but it's serving its purpose to further the main characters' arcs.


Dancing With The Stars Results: 58 minutes of filler. I'd pegged Michael and Anna as the two going home tonight and I was half right...Chuck and Anna left.


So You Think You Can Dance: Vegas Week wraps up with a couple of injuries and a teary eyed Adam Shankman. Next week they'll get around to announcing the top twenty. Just for how long are they going to run this season out?

Modern Family: Shelley Long appears as the estranged mother/ex-wife who ruined Jay and Gloria's wedding. Haley's boyfriend showed up and sang a song called "In the Moonlight" which featured the refrain "I want to do you" front of her parents. Saw it coming, but laughed my ass off anyway.

Glee: Haven't watched it yet but I'm looking forward to it.


Bones: Bones goes on a date with Booth's boss. Booth doesn't really like this idea but Bones doesn't understand why. There's also a mummy related murder which did lead to some very funny scenes like the one where Bones recited the mummy movie and the part where Bones and Daisy were getting all excited about the discovery of the mummy.

The Vampire Diaries: Haven't watched this episode yet but I have it on good authority that it's the best one yet. Can't wait.

The Office: Haven't watched this one yet either. I am so far behind.

Community: See above.

Fringe: Ditto.

Grey's Anatomy: I think I'm a couple of weeks behind on this one now. My (sort of) mother-in-law loves Izzy Stevens...I personally hate Izzy Stevens. I wish her character had bit the dust instead of George in last season's finale.

Supernatural: Super fun, that's what this episode was. The hand buzzer (and Dean cooking the ham with it), the tooth fairy, Dean using the whoopie cushion on Castiel, Dean and the hairy palms, the kid turning Castiel into an action figure. Very cool.

Project Runway: Nicholas: "Irina's really a good designer. The only problem with her is that she's a bitch." Best. Line. Ever. Carol Hannah won the Bob Mackie challenge and Shirrin is out.

The Mentalist: Haven't watched this yet either. Man, it's going to take me a month to get caught up. I suppose I could always just watch less television, but what fun would that be?


Monk: Oooh! I watched the beginning of this episode. Then I had to go and get ready for obedience class.

Psych: I recorded it and if we'd gotten home from obedience class at a normal time, then I would've watch it. But when you read my blog about the very long day that was Saturday, you'll understand.


Robin Hood: See above.

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