Saturday, October 10, 2009

Television Week In Review (Week Ending 10/10/09)


NFL: Ravens at Pats: What a freaking crazy game that was. Shall we call it the Penalty Bowl? Tom Brady scored a rushing touchdown, his first since like 2007 or something. Good for him. But the important part is that we won. And isn't that all that matters?

The Amazing Race: Flight Time and Big Easy won. Loud Mouth Lance and his fiancee (Note to Lance's fiancee: Honey, get out. Get out now.) were last. They really need to go home. Can't you find a couple from New England who isn't boorish? Next week, someone loses their passports. Yikes.

Desperate Housewives: Oh right. I didn't watch most of this show. I was busy reading.


How I Met Your Mother: Six words: "Robin, I'm proud of you, eh?" Canadian jokes never get old, eh?

The Big Bang Theory: I thought this episode was particularly funny tonight. Sheldon trying to train Penny? Too damn funny. Sheldon's revelation that sex can work as a motivator...priceless. There was that whole B story where Holowitz and Raj go to the goth club which was cute but not hysterical...Sheldon, however, was beyond hysterical.

Dancing With the Stars: Watched the middle portion of the show because I was tried of watching lame comedies I wasn't all that interested in. Caught Donny Osmond trying to make out with Bruno (Yikes) and Samantha's clever retort "Should've given him tongue." Discussed the possibility that Samantha actually came up with that line on her own (Joe and I say no.) and then changed the channel. Would just like to say that Tom Bergeron deserves more than one Emmy for outstanding reality show host. That man never misses a beat.

Castle: So, I watched the episode and I enjoyed it and all, laughed quite a bit, but I don't know that I have a whole lot to say about it. Loved it when Beckett called Castle Big Rick and then when he thanked her for calling him Big Rick. Curious about Alexis watching High School Musical with her babysitter. It just seems like Alexis is too old to have been young enough to watch High School Musical.


So You Think You Can Dance: The last auditions before Vegas week. The gang's all in Utah. That's really all I have to say about that.


So You Think You Can Dance: Vegas Week, Baby. Cannot believe the judges cut Ryan Kaspersak and didn't offer him a chance to dance for his life. They let Legacy dance for his life. They let blond guy dance for his life but not Ryan. C'mon. They knew Legacy's solo would be's in his own freaking style, for crying out loud. Anyone's solo would be strong. Cannot believe these judges some times. If Legacy can't do a decent Cha Cha how the hell will he survive in this competition? I demand a recount. I demand something. Ryan Kaspersak was robbed, I tell you, robbed!!

Glee: Jane Lynch is a freaking comedic goddess. I can't wait until next week when she starts to co-captain the glee club. Still do not like Will's wife.

Modern Family: This show is so freaking funny. I don't know if you're watching it, but if you have even the smallest sense of humor, you should be because it's hysterical. Mitchell and Cam at Cosco. Ed O'Neill's character and his son-in-law flying the plane. This show kills me. Seriously, check it out.


Bones: Murder in the suburbs. Liked Parker saying his dad needed a girlfriend to sex up.

The Vampire Diaries: Elena finally gets a clue just as Damon manages to escape from his basement dungeon, break Zack's neck and go bite Vicki again. See kids, it does not pay to be a whore. Vampires will bite you. Still don't know what's up with the pocket watch.

The Mentalist: This was a very interesting episode. I suspected the shrink early on. Me so smart!

The Office: The first part had the most disgusting opening ever. Yuck. The second part was the best television wedding ever. Brought a tear to my eye. When Pam was so upset over her veil tearing so Jim cut his tie and then they ran off to the Maiden of the Mist and got married on the boat...and then Jim saying he bought the boat tickets the day that youtube video came out...everyone dancing down the aisle, sweet, really, sweet. Yea, Jim and Pam!!

Supernatural: Missed this episode because we were at the fair overindulging on sunflower pizza and fried dough. I recorded it though and Heather and I are planning on watching this episode and the new episode next Thursday. Seems very far away.

Fringe: Recorded it but haven't yet watched it. But I hear Leonard Nimoy is back as William Bell! Let the Star Trek references begin!

Project Runway: I think Irina was upset that she didn't win but Gordana deserved to win. I loved that dress. Was upset to see Epperson go. Would've rather Logan had gone.

Fast Forward: Still thinking that Mark is making everything important and that that is going to lead to catastrophe. Assuming the kid with the scar from the end of the episode will figure to be important later on. Wondering if the murder the now free Nazi bastard was referring to was not a murder of crows but Demeti's murder...and speaking of, who is his current fiancee marrying a month later in Hawaii?? Big shout out to Gina Torres (of Firefly fame)...happy to see you again.


Dollhouse: Still haven't watched last week's episode but I did get to watch tonight's. Very good episode...nice twist I really didn't seem coming with that whole serial killer being accidentally thrown into Echo's body. Michael Hogan (Saul Tigh to you BSG fankids) makes a guest appearance so I think we're now tied between BSG guest stars and guest stars from the Whedon Verse. Well, I think the WhedonVerse has a slight edge...especially since Summer Glau is supposed to be joining the cast in the upcoming weeks. Yipee!!

Monk: Not really much of a mystery tonight, was there? Did this show forget that it is, in actuality, a mystery series? Still, I enjoyed Tony Shaloub's performance tonight but I think the best line was Stottlemeyer's comment that if there really was an opposite killer, then Randy would've been killed by a falling Rocket Scientist years ago.

Psych: Love, love, love this show. Unlike Monk, I can't call the murderer before the opening credits begin. Plus, it has the bonus of making me laugh really, really hard. Also, I adore Joshua Malina. I think he should guest star in everything. Actually, I think he should get his own show. Written by Aaron Sorkin or Joss Whedon. Or both. That might be interesting.


Robin Hood: I really got a kick out of this episode. I think it was the best one so far this season. Gisborne's back as is his sister, Isabella. Isabella is intrigued by Robin and he with her. I think I saw a preview of them kissing. Yikes! This episode also featured adorable moppets, fixed gladiator fighting and a hungry lion...just when you thought this show couldn't get any more awesome.

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