Sunday, October 4, 2009

Television Week In Review (Week Ending 10/3/09)


NFL Football: Falcons at Pats: Well, that was much better. Tom even managed to throw a touchdown pass. Woo Hoo.

MLB: Red Sox at Yankees: I enjoy sweeps much more when it's my team doing the sweeping, not being swept. But, like, congrats to the Yankees or whatever, for winning the division. We'll see you in the playoffs.

Amazing Race: It's back!!! Love, love, love this show. Feel bad for the yoga instructors who didn't even get to leave the country. Now that sucks. Really too early to pick a team I like, but I can't help but like the Globetrotters. Flight Time and the other one (Flash?) whose name I can't remember. Sorry, guy. Joe and I think we've seen Marie the professional poker player somewhere before...maybe on a nationally televised poker game? Not that we spend a lot of time watching professional poker. Maybe we saw her in Vegas.

Desperate Housewives: Didn't really intend to watch this but saw the beginning where Mike married Susan (again). Stuck around for the rest of the episode mostly because I was too lazy to get off the couch. There's a new family on Wisteria Lane and, surprise, surprise, they have a deep dark that looks to have gotten Julie Meyers strangled. I don't think she's dead but still, WHAAAAAAT??


How I Met Your Mother: So much better than the premiere. Watching Lily at the strip club totally made up for last week's clunky episode.

Accidentally On Purpose: Well, it was on and so I guess I watched it. I even laughed a couple of times but I still want The Big Bang Theory back in the 8 o'clock hour.

Two and a Half Men: Not funny. Well, okay, I did laugh a couple of times but Alan and his creepy doll were just so not funny. The line that made me laugh the hardest was Alan talking about the cabin he and Charlie shared on an ocean cruise: "It took us three days to realize mom was on another ship." Now that's the way to take a vacation.

The Big Bang Theory: Funny. And then there was some more funny. Sheldon is absolutely priceless. Every damn scene that guy is in is a frakking riot. Also, I am a huge Lewis Black fan so I was delighted to see him guesting as a bug expert.

Dancing With The Stars: It was "count the Moulin Rouge! references" night as the guest judge was Baz Lurhman. The couples danced either the quickstep or the tango or the jive. Most of the couples danced them poorly. I think Debi Mazur was given entirely too much credit for her tango. Tom Delay almost dropped Cheryl and Mya danced a very cool jive.

Castle: Loved Castle's fascination with the grammar. Your versus you're, irony and all. Also loved the bet between the cases. Nathan Fillion is amazingly fun. He only gets better if he's portraying Captain Hammer or Malcom Reynolds. The bet was fun even if the mystery was not all that original. We've seen the Strangers On A Train ploy before. Many, many times before. But, it's cool because I'm watching this show for the chemistry between the characters.

House: Haven't had a chance to watch this episode yet because the stupid Fox network doesn't post the new episode until eight days after the original air date. Stupid Fox.

Lie To Me: Haven't had a chance to watch this episode yet. I enjoyed the show last season so I'd like to watch some more to see where it goes but it's not really appointment television for me, so who know what will happen.


Dancing With The Stars Results: This show is much more interesting to watch recorded than live because then you can skip the crappy boring parts. And there are a lot in this results show. Anyway, Samantha Harris's hair looks like she stuck her finger in a light socket just before airtime. Actually, her expression seems to be suggesting that too. Kathy Ireland was kicked off. I actually called that last night during the performance show, but I don't expect you to take my word on it.

So You Think You Can Dance: Don't know why it's on Tuesday but whatever, it's cool. They're in Atlanta in this episode and, as always, there are some great dancers and some not as great dancers. Joe and I discuss how or why it is that the poor dancers who do not get sent through seem to take it much better than the bad singers on American Idol. Is it that the dancers are just better adjusted or that the producers don't show the truly heinous meltdowns? Maybe it's a little of both.


So You Think You Can Dance: The gang's in New Orleans tonight. The kid who does the New Orleans bounce or whatever he called it was cool. The kid's got some serious leg strength. The couple that did the theatrical whatever it was called was also impressive. They're the ones who were like the pairs figure skating but no ice skates or ice...I really, really enjoyed that performance. There were a couple of guys who also stood out too. Can't wait for Vegas week and beyond.

Glee: Kristen Chenowith was tonight's guest star. I adore her. She's absolutely fantastic. I loved her in Pushing Daisies (especially when she sang) and I loved her tonight. My one criticism was that there wasn't enough singing. Seriously, the part where she and Lea Michele sang "Maybe This Time" was beyond brilliant. Then, she and the guy who plays Will sang "Alone" which was so, so good. Then the glee kids sang a country song, the title of which I do not know, and followed it up with "Somebody to Love" by Queen. I hear they (whoever they are) are putting out a soundtrack for the show. Can't freaking wait.

Modern Family: How funny is this show? Seriously, it's a blast. Love the "Cool Dad" (whose name I cannot remember). Last week he said WTF mean "Why the face" and this week he was priceless with the whole bike stealing incident. Totally saw the twist that he stole some stranger kid's bike and not his own son's bike as he though, but it was still funny. Ed O'Neill was also very good.


The Vampire Diaries: Crap. I think I may be a fan of this show now. How did that happen? Tonight's highlight was Damon checking out a copy of one of the Twilight books and saying how Stephenie Meyer got it all wrong. Hehehehe. They confirmed my theory that the rings the brothers wore kept the boys from bursting into flame in the sunlight. Stefan escorted Elena to a founder's day party, Bonnie (not Bianca as I called her last week) is apparently a firestarter...are her powers advancing because the vamps have returned to town? Don't know but the town adults are also circling the wagons and Jeremy's pocket watch is apparently vital to their cause.

Supernatural: Damn, damn, damn. What a fraktastic show this has become. I remember when it first started. I was a little ho hum on the whole thing but the second, the very second, they started to build a real mythology, I was hooked. They haven't looked back since and bless them for it. This episode was great. Loved Dean's confession to well, himself. Loved Castiel as the love guru (2009 Dean's face when Castiel said "Why don't you wash up for the orgy" was beyond priceless.). Misha Collins is really a good actor. Didn't get to see a whole lot of range up until this point, but I really have enjoyed his work this season. And oh yeah...Sam as Lucifer's vessel...Yiiiiiiiikes!!

Bones: It was nice how the murderer of the week was a random gomer guy and not someone who was actually connected to the victim. Made for a nice change of pace. Loved Booth's talk with Michelle's boyfriend...that was so beyond funny.

Fringe: I spent a lot of time in the train station scene looking for the Observer and didn't see him. Don't know if that was because I missed him or because he wasn't there. But I'm generally pretty good at finding that guy...of course, he showed up at the end of the show, eating a pepper sandwich and looking at pictures of the Bishops. Freaky. Anyway, people were freezing and then blowing up in this episode. Pretty nasty but, then again, that's par for the course on this series. Olivia's headaches started up, just as the bowling alley guy said they would. I like Olivia a lot more this season than I did last season. She's vulnerable, she's human, she's more relateable now than she was in the first season. And she's starting to remember...looks like Evil Charlie is going to have to get a move on.

The Mentalist: So yeah, I like the show, I guess but I don't love the show like Psych. It's not as fun. I like the partnership between Cho and Rigsby. I like when Jane (the man they call Jane...) is at his smartass best but the rest is kind of...I don't know. I figured the dead congressional aide or whoever was having an affair with the government official and not her husband long before Jane announced it to the audience. Don't know if that makes me smart or the writing just really dumb.

Project Runway: Another team challenge. I don't particularly care for those although the melodrama of watching these people try to work together can, at times, be rather amusing. Tonight everyone had to design in blues for Macy's. I was worried that Christopher or Epperson would be going home. Thought Carol Hannah and Shirrin were the best, judging from what I know of Macy's clothing styles, but Irina and Gordana were the winning team and Irina the overall winner. I don't really like Irina but that never seems to matter to the judges. Speaking of judges, Michael Kors was back. Still no Nina Garcia though. Sad. Hearing Heidi pronounce Nina's name every week has long been a highlight for me. Which is probably sad in its own right. I recognize that.

The Office: Haven't gotten around to watching it.

Community: Haven't gotten around to watching it.

Grey's Anatomy: Haven't gotten around to watching it.


Fast Forward: I know this show airs on Thursdays but my Thursday schedule is so crowded, I watch the repeat airing on Fridays. At least that's what I did last week. Liked the premiere a lot. Mostly watching it for Joseph Fiennes because I've been in love with him ever since I saw Shakespeare in Love. But I am also a John Cho fan. Joe and I are kind of intrigued by this show because we have no idea what's going on but it's fun to theorize about it. Joe had one about parallel universes or something. I think D.Gibbons is forcing the Mark started his mosaic board because he saw a vision of himself doing that in the future but if he didn't start the board, he wouldn't have been looking for D.Gibbons and the baby doll factory and so on and so forth. But I gotta tell you, having little Charlie say "D.Gibbons is a bad man" at the end was really kind of freaky.

Dollhouse: This week, Echo is apparently turned into the perfect mother. I say 'apparently' because that's what they said in the promo and that's all I've seen of this week's show.


Robin Hood: Rufus the tax collector comes to Nottingham and picks up with Gisborne (absent for another episode?) left off. Kate officially moves into the forest with the outlaws after she mouths off to Rufus and he destroys the family's home. It's only supposed to be for a night but, at the end, she's says she'll stay...if that's what the gang wants. Oh honey, they want you to stay. Me, not so much, but the gang? Yeah. They want a girl around.

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