Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stream of Randomness

It snowed today in the Mount Washington Valley, some places heavier than others. In my own driveway, it was just big wet flakes that disappeared upon contact with the pavement so no harm, no foul except that it's only the middle of October so that can't bode well for the rest of the winter.

We turned the heat on last night. I figured if it was cold enough to snow then turning the heat on was not the most outlandish thing to do. Joe wanted to crank it up to 75. I said 60. We compromised and set the thermostats to 65. I put an extra quilt on the bed and called it good. And it was good. Too good, even, for my personal tastes.

I had really weird dream in the wee hours of the morning. It featured the characters from The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon and Raj, specifically, and probably because of their featured roles in last night's episode. Anyway, I don't remember what we were doing but, at some point, Dream Me developed the hiccups. When the hiccups persisted, Dream Me realized that the hiccups were real, that they weren't a part of the dream, and so Dream Me insisted that Sleeping Me wake up and stop hiccuping. So that's what I did. It was 4am and I couldn't stop hiccuping. It was funny and made me laugh and then I hiccuped some more. It took a while but, eventually, I got them to stop by holding my breath. When I told Joe about it this morning (later in the morning), he thought the strangest part was Dream Me realizing the hiccups weren't part of the dream.

I do that a lot, Dream Me realizing I'm dreaming and telling Sleeping Me to wake the hell up for one reason or another. Has anyone else ever done that? It can't be that unusual. I googled Sleep Hiccups and that doesn't appear to be unusual so I'm guessing the whole dream thing isn't a rarity either. Is it some form of Lucid Dreaming maybe? That could be kind of cool.

Does anyone remember that NBC show, Ed, from a while back? It starred Tom Cavanagh and Julie Bowen. It was a small town show about a lawyer whose wife cheated on him so he moved back home and bought the bowling alley and hung out with quirky colorful characters. I remember they had one episode where Ed was experimenting with lucid dreams. 'Experimenting' might be the wrong word, but I remember the lucid dreaming bit. I remember it was funny too.

You know what isn't funny? Those "Save Traditional Marriage" commercials all over the television. There's an election coming up in Maine and Question 1 (I think it's Question 1 anyway...I don't live in Maine and so I cannot vote in this election and yet I still get to watch the commercials every single evening.) concerns the issue of gay marriage and there's a group that is vehemently opposed to it, saying that then gay marriage will be taught in schools and, I don't know, turn children gay or whatever and it's stupid. Those commercials make me angry. They're being dumb. Who cares who marries who? Seriously, shouldn't we be teaching our children tolerance and compassion not small minded prejudice? The world is changing, people, and you either change with it or get left behind. Teaching kids that a man can marry a man doesn't mean a man has to marry a man (or woman and a woman), it just means he has that option if he so desires it. It's not a recruitment speech; it's truth. Seriously, Traditional Marriage people, get a grip. Allowing same sex marriages doesn't threaten traditional marriages so stop with your scare tactics already.

So speaking of scare tactics...all right, I don't actually have a segue here. Just a choppy transition to something new: Ticks and the diseases they carry.

I mentioned Lyme Disease in my freak out yesterday but I'd like to make clear that I know I don't get Lyme Disease because I know it wasn't a deer tick Joe removed from my back. My best guess is that is was an American Dog Tick or a Brown Dog Tick and they don't carry Lyme Disease. No, they'll carry Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (even in New England), Tularemia (Rabbit Fever) and other diseases though. My tick bite spot is still red and sore and looks ugly. Have I mentioned recently that I hate nature?

That said, I'm planning on going hiking/leaf peeping tomorrow after work. Some people never learn.

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