Saturday, October 3, 2009

Melissa Goes to the Ren Faire

So, it's six thirty in the morning and I'm getting ready to head out for the Ren Faire. The very rainy Ren Faire since the current forecast predicts rain, rain and then some more rain. And that's before the thunderstorms roll in. Fun! What a perfect day to be walking around outdoors!

Anyway, Thought I'd write a little mini blog before I left in case I get back to late to blog when I get back. Wouldn't want to default on that whole National Blog Writing challenge of which I am unofficially a part.

The dogs are sleeping, Joe is sleeping and the cats, both Fat Cat and Scaredy Cat, are winding themselves around my legs. I've updated my Facebook status to say "is going to the Ren Faire" and saw that my travel partner for the day, Heather, is bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to go. And was a whole half hour before me. But that's not unusual.

She said she'd bring me some hot chocolate and a Boston creme donut when she got here. Which will be in fifteen minutes but, again, knowing her, she'll be here sooner.

Which means I should finish getting ready.

Hope you all have a fantastic (and dry) day.

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