Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hell Week Continues...

Yesterday was my day off but because of Hell Week and because my parents instilled in me a good solid work ethic, I went in that morning to help out for a few hours. We received another 91 boxes (on top of the 90 we received on Monday) and I managed to get it to all fit inside the stockroom (always a bonus...I've had to process shipments in parking lots before. Not a happy experience.). Ruthie looked at the wall of cartons and said something that pissed me off (something that has never happened before...not me being pissed off. That happens a lot. Rather Ruthie managing to piss me off. That does not happen. Until Tuesday anyway.)

"I'm not going to bust my ass today," she said.

I did an audio double take. "What?"

"I'm not going to bust my ass today," she said. "You're leaving at 11 and I can't do 90 boxes by myself."

"So you're going to leave the 90 boxes for us to do tomorrow morning before the next shipment arrives?" I asked.

"There will be two of us then," she said.

"And about a half hour in which to work," I said. "Not even we're that good."

"Still," she said.

I bit my tongue. I was a little mad. I didn't have to stay late on Monday but I did so I could help her out. I didn't have to go in at all on Tuesday but I did so I could help her out. And she wasn't going to bust her ass???

Anyway, that was yesterday. Today, I went in for my four hour shift and found out we were getting over 100 cartons delivered that day. Again, I managed to make them all fit and Ruthie and I set to work on them.

My shift was supposed to end at noon but, again, because of the sheer volume of work, I stayed. I kept telling myself I'll like the paycheck when it comes. I'll like the paycheck when it comes.

Ruthie has the day off tomorrow and she's not going to be coming in. I'll be leaving relatively early tomorrow so I can attend my niece's birthday party. I told Ruthie at one point, my main concern for tomorrow would be just getting all the shipment into the store.

"But you still have to get through as many boxes as you can," she said.

"I thought maybe I wouldn't bust my ass tomorrow."

"But you have to get through the boxes."

"I know," I said.

But it's not all bad...I had a great horoscope in the paper yesterday. It said "Some people peak early in life. Aren't you glad you're not one of them? It's taken a while, but your bloom is coming on. Get ready for some well-deserved success." Just hoping this is not referring to fitting more boxes in the stockroom...

There was something else I was going to write about but I can't remember what it is now so I might as well move on to the latest development in the I HATE MY NEIGHBOR saga.

As I've mentioned before, my neighbor, Marie, hates trees. She's been bugging and bugging and bugging us to cut some down and we've been putting her off and putting her off and putting her off. I wouldn't be opposed to cutting down some trees...I just don't want to do it because she wants me to do it.

Today she may have crossed a line. I missed it because I'd taken the dogs for a car ride while I did the afternoon errands but Marie stopped by the house again and talked to Joe about the trees. She said she had marked the ones she wanted taken down. Joe asked if the arborist knew she was paying the entire bill and she said yes. Joe asked if it included clean up and she said yes. She asked if we could decide and get back to her in the next couple of days. Joe said yes. Marie left and Joe went to look at the trees in the backyard and saw that Marie had, in fact, marked the trees she wanted taken down.

There were orange ribbons tied around the trunks of a bunch of our trees. Apparently she and her arborist had come over and walked our property and talked about which trees she should take down. And then marked them.

So when I came home, Joe showed me. I hit the roof. Then he told me the part about how she wants a decision in the next couple of days. I said, "How about I go and cut the ribbons of the trees and give them back to her. Do you think that'll be enough answer for her?"

Now we're locked in the eternal struggle of whether we give into Marie or spite her because, the crappy part is, with the exception of one tree, she's marked the ones I would've been willing to take down. But I find her marking them on her own and doing so when we weren't even home to be a crossed line and I hate that. I hate it so freaking much I almost didn't use the word "freaking" just then.

Joe thinks we should just do it and get it over with because then she'll leave us alone. I think she'll only leave us alone until she decides our two story house is blocking too much sun and asks that we convert it to a single story.

Then I thought about telling her that she can cut down as many trees as she wants...just as soon as she converts her four story garage into an actual normal garage because when one's garage has more living space than one's house...something's wrong.

So I'm not sure what we're going to do. Moving far far away to a place where my nearest neighbor is in the next town seems to be quite an appealing option.

But until then, I intend to self medicate with lots and lots of chocolate.

Until tomorrow.

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