Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'd Like To Thank...

I'd like to thank Verizon Wireless for being thoughtful enough to send me a text message informing me that I'd gone over my limit on text messages. You're the best. Really.

I'd like to thank my neighbor, Marie, for taking so long in the construction of her garage (it's been more than a year, people. Seriously.), that my dogs now seem rather desensitized to all the bloody noise. Even when it's 6am. And, Marie, I don't know what you're doing on the other side of your house now, but please tell me you're not putting in a second garage, okay? Enough's enough.

I'd also like to thank my cats. Lily, for leaving a big pile of cat vomit outside the bedroom door this morning (note to self: look down before leaving bedroom in the future.) and Jenny for staging a jail break that resulted in me being dragged across the driveway by a 130 pound German Shepherd intent on having cat for breakfast. But seriously, Jenny, thanks for then running back toward the door.

And, last but not least, I'd like to thank my truly amazing brother and sister-in-law for giving me a Snuggie for my birthday this year. Those things frakking rock. Seriously, they do. I mean, I mocked and mocked and mocked the commercials and then mocked them some more but, damn, that's a great invention. Educational, too. Yesterday, I learned that one should not wear one's snuggie on the stairs, or, if one must wear one's snuggie on the stairs, one should remember to pick up the hem of one's snuggie so one does not trip and fall down the stairs while wearing one's snuggle. A valuable life lesson. Also of note: I am writing this blog while wearing my snuggie. Can't do that with some stupid blanket.

So thank you, thank you all.

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