Wednesday, August 19, 2009

There's Good News and Then There's More Good News...

So, a while back I was blogging about my cat, Lily, who was diagnosed with a possible case of Cat Herpes. Today was our follow up appointment and I am pleased to report that Lily is not a herpes cat after all. If she had been, the prednisone they had given her would have made her herpes worse, not better. Plus, cat herpes is a virus so it wouldn't have been defeated by a round of antibiotics. It was a little experiment, the vet told me today. Since it worked out in my favor, I don't much care. The vet claimed not to be a miracle worker but since I no longer have to have "scrap cat snot off the walls" on my daily to do list, I'm not so sure about that. If she starts sneezing again, we're to call him immediately. And we will.

Also of note, Max the Wonder Schnauzer has been here six days now and there has only been one marking in the house incident. Since it didn't involve the entire flight of stairs, I count it as a win. He and Mischa have also gotten along reasonably well. They actually played nicely with each other today for a little while. Max and I had one brief argument over which one of us was actually in charge. I won. Max then decided to give Joe a hard time at one point over the weekend which ended with Joe making Max squeal and Mischa the hall monitor jumping in, thinking her dad was in need of disciplinary support.

Don't know if I've ever mentioned that about Mischa but she does have a tendency to be an enforcer around here. I have to be careful in what tone of voice I address Sebastian (or Max) if he happens to be misbehaving because if Mischa's in earshot, she takes it upon herself to keep the boys in line. She knows when dogs are misbehaving and calls them on it. She's like Peter Brady in that one episode of The Brady Bunch where Peter became the safety monitor and let the title and that nifty sash of his go straight to his head. Of course, this does not prevent Mischa was breaking into the cookie cupboard or jumping up on the counters to see if we've left any tasty morsels behind.

What else...what else was there...

Oh yeah. I finished my synopsis (click there to read the synopsis if you'd like...just know that it contains some serious spoilers.).

The synopsis, in case you're new to my blog, is generally a 3-10 paged summary of your novel. It's supposed to be written in the style of the story and contain all the major plot points and/or character development in your story. It should read like a short story and not a book report.

It's hard to do. And it's not just me saying that. I have heard from other writers who have also struggled with the writing of their own synopses (writing that makes me think of the Buffy villains in season six...Bonus points to whoever can tell me why...). So I tried. I tried a lot of different approaches. I seriously have ten versions of my synopsis. Most of them didn't make it past the first page. But version #7, lucky number seven, took.

I treated it like a lost scene from the book. It's written in the point of view of my main character, Haleine, and details how she ends up where she ends up. I think it works. The first line is an attention grabber, if I do say so myself, and I think the very last line is a pretty good one too.

I just have to hope that the publishing people who read it will feel the same.

It's funny because last week, I was feeling a little discouraged that I couldn't find the right words for the synopsis and then, BAM, yesterday it just kind of clicked. The bonus is, I'm still feeling that way today. For twenty four hours now, I've felt secure in saying that my synopsis is finished. I have a couple of minor punctuation questions I want to resolve but the content is there and I am pleased with it. At least I am so far which means that I can now move forth in my Quest for Representation and Publication.

Next up: the cover/query letter. Fortunately, that only has to be a page long which means that my latest goal of submitting come the first of September is still alive. Woo Hoo!!

Plus, as soon as I can get a submission packet sent out, that means I can once again, guilt free, turn my attention to writing Second Nature. My fans are clamoring for it. All four of them.

Hope things are going as well, if not better, for all of you, my faithful readers.

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