Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June 2009 Book Report

This month was slightly less pathetic than last month because I broke with my Jane Austen punishment (My synopsis is thisclose to being done, so I decided to grant myself parole for good behavior.). Of course, I didn't break with the punishment until the very last week of June, thus the whole "slightly less pathetic" thing.

Finger Lickin' Fifteen- Janet Evanovich- Made me laugh more than some of her previous outings have. Maybe it was all the cars catching on fire. There was still a lot of eye rolling stuff. It sometimes feels like Evanovich is just throwing whatever in and ends up putting in too much stuff. The earlier Stephanie Plum books are the best. This one had moments that made me laugh out loud but they were few and far between. Still, it was a much easier read than anything Jane Austen wrote.

Sense And Sensibility- Jane Austen- Well, there’s six weeks of my life I’ll never get back. Life is too short for Jane Austen. Major props though to Emma Thompson who transformed this dreary novel into a tolerable film. Your changes were much welcomed and appreciated, Emma!

Wake- Lisa McMann- This is a very cool young adult book which again makes me wonder when the switch went on for this genre because the books weren’t like this when I was a teen. At least I don’t remember them being this way. Maybe they were and I just totally missed it. Figures. Anyway, I can’t wait to check out the sequel.

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