Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Melissa Goes To The Library, Part One

10:25am: I arrive at the library, on a quest to write my synopsis. I'm hoping the lack of readily available internet access (mostly meaning Facebook) will help.

10:25:01am: What the frak do you mean there's no open parking space? What the hell? Don't these people know how badly I need to go to the library today?

10:25:02: I sit in a no parking zone and wait for someone to come out.

10:33: Someone comes out. I put my car in gear and nearly cause an accident in my haste to claim the spot as my very own. Don't let it be said that I don't suffer (or cause suffering) for my art.

10:34: There's a sign on the library door apologizing that all the computers are down today. Good. Even less temptation, right?

10:35am I find a perfect free-from-distractions desk, surrounded by fake oak paneling to make sure I don't cheat off my neighbor. Not that I have a neighbor because no one is in this room besides me and the librarian walking past. I smile at her. She frowns at me. Since I haven't actually done anything yet, I assume she saw my mad parking space dash.

10:40am: All my notebooks and notes are out and arranged. My iPod is playing and I am officially ready to start work.

10:41am: Dammit. My chair is broken.

11:00am: I've actually accomplished something. It's not exactly the best thing I've ever written, but it's a start, right? I celebrate my success by gazing longingly out the window at the newly emerging sun. Frowny Face Librarian Lady walks by and glares at me. I go back to work.

11:05am: They announce the computers are back online. I pretend I didn't hear that. I don't need Facebook. I don't.

11:14am: Must. Resist. Facebook. Must.

11:20am: Holy crap! I've written almost a page. And more notes! I'm on fire!

11:40am: I've taken a ton of notes (weird, I always find, to take notes on your own novel.) and written an entire page of synopsis. Must be time for a break.

11:50am: I return from my break with the intention of throwing out everything I've already written (synopsis-wise) and starting all over again.

12:00pm: No luck talking myself out of it.

12:01pm: Here goes.

12:03pm: God, I am tired. Too many late nights up watching the Red Sox.

12:05pm: Oh good. Kids. I mean, I love kids. Especially loud ones in the library where I'm trying to accomplish something.

12:10pm: I stare at the ceiling, trying to put my new plan in motion. The ceiling has a nice stained glass panel in it but my desk is directly under the air vent.

12:11pm: Frowny Face Librarian Lady walks by. I stop slouching.

12:15pm: I contemplate crown molding while Thing 1 and Thing 2- I mean, the adorable little moppets stomp around. Where's Frowny Face Librarian Lady now?

12:21pm: I suspect I may spend the rest of my life looking at the fake oak paneled barrier in front of me.

12:23pm: The moppets leave. There is much rejoicing. But not too much because I still love my new idea but still can't figure out how best to approach it.

12:24pm: I write my first sentence: "Such a small, unassuming thing is a letter."

12:25pm: I contemplate the stupidity of my first sentence. Is a letter indeed small and unassuming? Can a letter be unassuming? Can a letter be assuming?

12:26pm: My Freeze Ray from Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog comes on the iPod. I stop contemplating and dance as much as I can in my broken chair. Frowny Face Librarian Lady comes by. But of course she does.

12:28pm: I find myself in need of a dictionary. Good thing I'm in a library.

12:33pm: Metallica's The God That Failed comes on. Good thing I don't subscribe to that writer as god mentality. Otherwise I'd be tempted to be discouraged by this.

12:41pm: I take a bunch more notes and write the start to a second sentence: "Ink scratched into parchment to form words meant to inform."

12:42pm: I contemplate the stupidity of the second sentence and cross out everything after "parchment."

12:45pm: I'm staring at the ceiling, looking for inspiration, when Frowny Face Librarian Lady reappears. I feel as though I should show her my notes. Not my blog notes, though. Just my synopsis notes. They are plentiful, I swear.

12:50pm: Contemplate aborting the mission for the day. Live to fight (write) another day. Or something.

1:00pm: I bid farewell to the library to go home and play with the dogs while I contemplate the unassuming nature of parchment and ink.

WILL Melissa write her synopsis (smart money says no.)? WILL she decide if a letter is an unassuming thing (smart money's still trying to figure out what the hell that even means.)? WILL the Frowny Faced Librarian be in residence again (the odds are pretty even on this one.)? TUNE in tomorrow to find out when Melissa goes back to the library!

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