Friday, May 1, 2009

April 2009 Book Review

Breaking Dawn- Stephenie Meyer- Yep. Still gross. Though some of Jacob’s narrative did make me laugh.

The Love Knot- Elizabeth Chadwick- A scene I was rewriting in Effigy made me think of this book, so I picked it up and started reading it again.

All Emergencies Ring Super- Ellen Emerson White- Look, I read a book I haven’t read before! Pretty good book. I simply adore Ellen Emerson White’s writing style. Funny, smart, did I mention funny? I read on her webpage a while back that she’s working on a sequel…and now I can’t wait!

Shield of Three Lions- Pamela Kaufman- This could very well be the last book I read for a while that isn’t written by one Jane Austen and it sucked. I mean, it was written fine and all but the story did not appeal to me at all. Not even the slightest bit. It's about an eleven year old girl, Alix, whose home is destroyed and goes on crusade to find King Richard to get justice. Well, since she's an eleven year old girl, she goes disguised as a boy and ends up acting as the king's page. I took issue with the scenes where King Richard wants an eleven year old boy in his bed. Actually, younger since Alix tells everyone she's a nine year old boy. I don't care if Richard likes men, but a nine year old boy was gross, no matter the time period. I also didn't like how Kaufman portrayed Robin Hood...I'm a big Robin Hood fan. I like him more as a hero, less as a cheating whoring horn dog.

Banners of Gold- Pamela Kaufman- Oh hey look. It's the sequel to Shield of Three Lions. It's a sickness, I tell you, a sickness. This book picks up three years after the first one left off. It's marginally better than the first but it's still nowhere near one of my favorite books. Kaufman's planning to write a third book to this series. Oh joy.

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