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Television Week In Review (Week Ending 3/20/09)


The Amazing Race: Siberia, Part Two. I was excited for this episode because I always love when they're in Russia. Joe was excited for this episode because the previews showed the female contestants running in their underwear. That's my boy. Interesting that Jen had to put on underwear because she doesn't wear any. That's really the sort of thing you want to tell America. Loved her comment "I look great in my underwear!" Marge and Luke are back in first place. Good for them. The blonds are in last and, fortunately for them, it's a non elimination leg. Next week they have to complete a speed bump. And oh, by the way, Vincent/Victor, whatever his name is, is an asshole. He really is. We feel bad for Tammy. That is all.

Legend of the Seeker: So this was a pretty cool episode. Dick, Kahlan and Chase are in pursuit of Chase's family who was brought to some keep so they could be experimented upon by the evil wziard Giller. Unbeknownst to our intrepid trio, evil wizard Darken Rahl is also going to the keep so he can keep watch over Giller's experiments. Giller's trying to make a confessor out of what looks like evil accupuncture. Anyway, Kahlan confesses a D'haran soldier and he helps them break all the prisoners out of the keep. Chase's wife, Emma, kisses Chase and he falls ill because of the ancient evil magic Giller infected Emma with. So, it's back to the keep where Kahlan goes undercover as one of the recaptured prisoners, thinking to confess Giller. Well, Giller used the evil accupuncture to create a potion that makes one immue to a Confessor's powers and so she can't confess him. She's taken prisoner. Dick and the others, meanwhile, are planning to blow the keep to smithereens when Dick finds out that Kahlan has been captured and ruins the whole explosion plan. He meets Darken Rahl. They fight. Ding, ding, ding...Rahl wins. But of course he wins because otherwise, the show's over. They all go back to the torture room where Giller starts sticking Kahlan with the evil accupuncture skewers. She scream a lot. Dick screams her name a lot. It's looking pretty bleak when all of a sudden, Kahlan's eyes go red and everyone's all like, "Oooooh! Blood rage!" which means that she can suddenly confess a whole bunch of people at once, including a couple of Mord Siths. She also shoots the evil accupuncture skewers out of her body and into Giller's body, killing the poor bastard. Darken Rahl makes a break for it and just manages to get away, but not before Dick manages to leave a gash on his cheek. There's one potion left in all the devistation and even though Dick and Kahlan realize that if Dick drinks the potion, they can have lots and lots of sex, they give the potion to Chase so he can drink it and have lots and lots of sex with his wife. Chase joins the resistance and Dick and Kahlan start off on a long journey to the morrow woods where, supposedly, Zedd is waiting for them. I love this frakking show. Probably a little too much.


Dancing With The Stars: Joe, I suspect is jealous of Chuck. Joe also wants to be able to put his hands on Julianne's ass. Lil Lim's ass, by the way, is not lil. But the girl can dance. Tom Bergeron is the best damn host out there. I stand by my belief that he was absolutely robbed by the Emmy people. That is all. Oh wait, no, that's not all. I also want to give a shout out to the new pro dancer this year, Chelsie. Chelsie was one of the final four dancers on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance last summer. She was great on that show so I'm excited to see her doing well.

The Big Bang Theory: Penny starts a business and asks Sheldon to help. The other three nerds get involved. I remember laughing quite a bit, probably mostly when Sheldon was introduced to caffiene. Hi-larious.

How I Met Your Mother: This epsiode made me laugh too. Marshall and Barney bonding over their love of nightshirts and Robin's show playing in the background was really too funny.

House: A cat sleeps with people who are about to die. House spends the entire episode trying to disprove it and is horrible to Taub and Kutner in the process. At least it didn't focus on Thirteen.

Castle: Someone kills a nanny and stuffs her into a dryer. There's a lot of humor in this show and Nathan Fillion is great. There are some parts when you wonder just how stupid the NYPD can be, but that's to be expected, I guess, since the star of the show is Captain Hammer.


American Idol: Woo hoo. It's country music night. I really kind of hate country music night. Adam Lambert was just weird. I found it absolutely hysterical that Randy Travis had no idea what to make of him. Everyone else all right, I guess. I loved Paula's comment that Scott the blind guy McIntrye should leave the piano and show America what a showman he can be. You know, because Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder were always noted for their brilliant stage antics and dancing. I think Scott's just fine at a piano and I totally agree with Simon. Stay where you are, Scott. Danny Gokey looked like he was going on some kind of polar expedition and did seem a little off tonight. The chorus was great, the rest was rough. Matt Giruad was pretty good. Megan Joy sounded fantastic tonight. Her weird hip thing was still weird but I'd totally buy her CD. I love her voice.

Dancing With The Stars Results: Recorded it and watched it later. That is really the only way to watch results shows. It really is. Anyway, this year, they have introduced a dance-off where the bottom two teams battle it out to try and raise their judges' scores to try and save their asses. Tonight it was The Computer Nerd and Belinda Carlisle. Neither are very good, but it's Belinda who gets the boot. Which is fine by me. If I have to watch any of them over again, I'd prefer it to be Steve the Nerd. He's just a nice guy. Loved David Allen Grier's "I want a new Mac...for Free!"'s probably not as funny here in my blog. Loses something without the actual context. But trust me, it was funny.


Scrubs: Not their funniest epsiode ever. Just before this one aired, Joe and I were watching the reruns on Comedy Central and watched the two epsiodes where Turk and Carla get those are hysterical. I laugh my ass off every damn time I watch them. Every damn time.

Better Off Ted: A new comedy....and it made me laugh. It' beat, to say the least. I'm curious to see what's going to happen because I think it'll be fun. Joe and I are pretty sure we've seen the woman who plays Linda somewhere before but we're having trouble placing her. I know I could just look it up on IMDB but that's cheating.

American Idol Results: Unfortunately watched this live so, you know, it kind of sucked. Alexis Grace, Allison Iraheta and Michael Sarver are in the bottom three. Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis sing a sweet little duet. I think Randy is absolutely smitten with Miss Underwood. That, or he's afraid of that thing she's wearing in her hair. I'm afraid of the thing in her hair and I'm sitting safely in my living room. Anyway, it comes down to Alexis and Michael and it's Alexis who received the fewest number of votes. WHAT???? America, I am deeply disappointed in you. Hmmm. All's right in the world, once again.

Lie To Me: I don't know what to make of this show. Can't say that I like it but yet, I continue to watch it. At least for now.


Bones: Here's a catch...Cam won't de-flesh the corpse so Bones doesn't really have much to do. There's a new lab assistant and he prays five times a day which sees the team making an awful lot of...I don't even know what. Meaningful glances at each other or something. Roxy breaks up with Angela so she sleeps with Hodgins. And one boy in a high school impregnated four girls onthe volleyball team. Booth sets him straight by the end. It was an interesting episode but probably not my favorite.

Grey's Anatomy: Some guy's getting a face transplant and it stands as a massive hit you over the head metaphor for Izzy's own dire situation. Mrs. Kim shows up as a hernia patient who is Cristina's first solo surgery. Bailey keeps sending people into the woods to find and bring back Shepherd, except Derek keeps bringing everyone down so they just sit on the porch with him, drinking beer. I loved the part where the Chief went out there and read Derek the riot act. I loved the part where Cristina, before she began her surgery, looked right at Alex and Bailey and told them what was happening with Izzy. I loved the montage after that of everyone rallying around her. So, Meredith went out to the woods to bring Derek Izzy's scans and whatnot. Next week shows the big operation...will she live? Or is Katherine Heigel really leaving the show? I kind of hope she's leaving. I think it'll make for better television.

The Office: Poor Jim!! I hate episodes where things don't go well for him and just about everything that could go wrong did go wrong. The tux, the two way petting zoo, the fake job title...too, too funny. Oh, and Michael quit. WHAAAAAT!?!?!?!?!? Awesome.

30 Rock: In this episode, Liz gets to see how the other half lives...that is, the truly beautiful people who get whatever they want because they're beautiful. It made for a very funny outing. Tracy's contract also expires so Jack spends his time trying to negotiate that. Loved it when the kids were in the office telling Jack they had to get their dad back to work. The kids' names are Tracy Jr. and George Foreman...hysterical!

Supernatural: So Alastair tortured Big Daddy Winchester...probably not the sort of thing one would want to admit to when your torturer is Dean Winchester. The angels are back and Castiel is looking all brooding tax accountant guy. Hot brooding tax accountant guy but still he gets his ass handed to him by the mysteriously freed Alastair. Don't worry though because Samn Winchester's in town and he's ready to bust some demon heads. Loved, loved, loved the look on Castiel's face when Dean said he had the power to kill...and kill he did, thanks to the demon blood he scored from Ruby. Anyway, for a show about the Winchesters, they didn't seem to figure much into this episode. Apart from the demon killing, of course. Uriel the angel turned out to be the bad guy and Dean started the apocalypse. Betcha that'll keep him up at night. Next week's episode looks to be a complete turn around from this week's...which is good. We need a funny episode.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Right. So John knows Cameron didn't kill Riley. He asks Derek to tell him about the future and then goes to confront Jessie about the whole murder thing. In Jessie's flashback, we see the T-1000 and learn that Jessie had a miscarriage. John tells Derek to let her go but Derek doesn't want to. She gets away anyway. Because that won't come back and bite anyone in the ass.

Dollhouse: Joss Whedon said this was an episode not to miss and so, I did not miss it. He wrote it, which I think helped immensely. Fred was back as was Badger. Helo got it on with his neighbor Melly, who is actually a sleeper dollhouse agent. Echo and Helo came face to face so Echo could kick his ass and deliver to Helo a message...not sure if that's what was actually intended to happen or not. Anyway, the scene Helo had with Patton Oswald was classic Whedon as was the Helo/Echo fight. After watching this show, Joe concluded that it's weird. Which it is, but it's also cool.

Battlestar Galactica: Well, those of you expecting to see a recap of the series finale here are going to have to wait because I'm feeling like it deserves its own blog entry. Don't know exactly when I'll get around to posting it, but I'll make sure I do.

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