Saturday, March 14, 2009

Television Week In Review (Week Ending 3/13/09)


The Amazing Race: The teams all head to Siberia!! Woo Hoo! Wendy and I would like it noted that we would've gotten Chekov a lot sooner than some of those other teams. A should out to Amanda and Kris who were U-turned and had to do both the shutter challenge and the wood stacking challenge. Sucks to be them.

Legend of the Seeker: Dick and Kahlan meet up with Chase who has escaped from a D'Haran work camp. The trio then goes back to Hartland to liberate the town there. Slutty Anna makes a return appearance, this time as herself, and not as a figment of Dick's imagination. They fight, they romp, they win. Dick's adoptive brother, Michael, bites the dust and not in the same way as he does in the books. Doesn't matter to me though. I'm just freakin' in love with this show. Cheese and all.


Dancing With The Stars: Joe was looking forward to this. I kid you not. Of course, he was mostly interested in seeing Karina Smirnoff and Edtya Whatsherface's skimpy costumes but to each their own. David Allen Grier is a riot and I hope he sticks around for a while. Gilles the Naked Guy was really very good and I'm glad Cheryl has a good partner again. Samantha Harris was lame as usual but since she's married to some ABC bigwig, I guess we're stuck with her. I'm picking Steve Apple Computer Guy to be the first one out.

Castle: Nathan Fillion is freaking awesome. This is a fun show and I look forward to seeing more of it. Nathan Fillion, AKA Captain Tightpants and/or Captain Hammer, is so much fun to watch. If you didn't see this show, you're totally missing out.

The Big Bang Theory: Well now, this show spoke to me on many levels tonight. The first, the opener being the discussion about deleting recorded shows from the TiVo, which is something I am currently faced with. I don't want to delete any Battlestar Galactica either. Then, Sheldon is obsessed with trains which is funny because all I could think about was how much he'd enjoy my never ending subscription to Classic Trains Magazine. Then Leonard was reading a book called A Wrinkle in Time just as I am also reading a book called A Wrinkle In Time (not the same book, of course) and then Summer Glau of Firefly and Terminator fame makes a guest appearance. Awesome!!!

How I Met Your Mother: So this was the episode with Ted's pompous ex and the pants story. I can't imagine that the pompous ex is the mother because then, you know, the show would've been over know? Them having met in college and all. Besides, the mother is the random girl Ted ran into last year in the St. Paddy's Day episode. Rumor has it we're meeting the mother before the year is out. Can't wait to find out that I'm right.

Chuck: So Chuck and Sarah are supposed to move in together just as Chuck and Morgan are supposed to move in together. Then Anna sees the lease Morgan has and assumes that she and Morgan are supposed to move in together. Chaos ensues. Agent Barker (hot James Bond wanna be) gets shot...a lot and we finally get some confirmation that maybe Sarah has real feelings for Chuck. Just as he tells her that he won't move in with her after all. Awwwww.

House: This was a fun episode. Loved the truth telling guy, especially in the scene where he met Cuddy. That was hysterical. It really was. I like that Thirteen was not the focus on this episode. Nothing against Olivia Wilde or her character, I just have grown weary of Thirteen centric episodes. There are other interesting characters here.


American Idol: The Top Thirteen perform the songs of Michael Jackson. No one touches Billie Jean, which is good because after my man, David Cook, sang it last year and (as Randy would say) blew it out da box, to attempt it again would be suicide. Anyway, Lil Rounds has a great voice and a really big ass. It's kind of distracting. I keep calling it a shelf on which she can store necessities like a bottle of water or a spare microphone. Mean, I know, but remember...I still think she's a great singer and if I voted on this show, then I would definitely vote to keep her in it. Scott MacIntyre sings an inspiration song and pretty much guarantees that he'll be around another week. Danny Gokey sings PYT and I worried for him but he was pretty good. Fun. Then some of the others sing but they don't inspire me to remember their names or their performances. Megan Corkery sings "Rockin' Robin" and all I have to say is... "What?" Nice song choice. That, by the way, was sarcasm. Adam Lambert was good...again, weird at times, but good overall. His singing inspired Joe to start looking up the 80's hair bands like Steelheart and Bang Tango and whoever else because he thinks Adam's style of singing is very much like that. Allison Iraheta was great as was Alexis Grey. There's apparently some big twist in the results show tomorrow night that America may not love. My feeling is that the judges are taking back some of the control to keep their favorites in the competition a little longer...can anyone say "sing off"?


Lie To Me: This was the first episode where I didn't hate Kelli Williams's character so that must count for something, right? It was also the first episode where I didn't feel as though they were making smart people look stupid. Good job, writers!

American Idol Results: The new twist in the competition is that the judges get one save they can use this season. Meaning that should one of their absolute favorites (read: Adam or Danny or Lil) should find theirselves eliminated too soon, then the judges will swoop in to save them from being sent home that week. Of course, the following week, two people will find themselves sent home. Anyway, can I just say how much longer it is to watch these result shows live and not on your DVR? When you watch them on the DVR, you can skip past the group number and the stupid banter and the Ford music video and the Kayne performance and just watch the good stuff like Kelly Clarkson's return ( name is Melissa and I'm a Kelly Clarkson fan.) and the final two minutes of show where they actually announce that Jasmine and Jorge are going home. The judges did not save them. Good.


Bones: This episode was directed by David Boreanez which perhaps explain why Booth got to have so much fun in this test driving the $100,000 Audi sports car or getting a lapdance (too freaking hysterical of a scene, by the way). The corpse was particularly disgusting this week and I loved how it kept making the Jeffersonian's alarms go off and how tense that made cam. Mr. Nigel Murray was back as the lab assistant and while I love him and his random facts, I thought Lowell (I think that's his name, the guy who played hockey will Booth) was a better fit. Plus, he's the only assistant who's actually gotten to do something outside of the lab with Booth. Something recreational even. We'll see who pops up next week.

Grey's Anatomy: Derek's quitting surgery because his pregnant patient died and he got sued. Didn't they cover in Brain Surgery 101 that people will die? I mean they call them "inoperable brain tumors" for a reason, right? Anyway, he's all drunk and sulky and mean and hit Meredith's engagement ring out into the middle of nowhere with his stupid golf club. She says she's not going anywhere and we'll see. Meanwhile, Izzy's interns figure out she has a type of brain cancer that only has a five percent survival rate. She decides to tell Cristina because Cristina is a robot who doesn't like Izzy. Owen is trying to protect Cristina from himself and Lexi is trying to protect Sloan from herself. The Chief and Bailey were fighting but they got over it by the end. And George didn't have much to do again. Oh, and Callie is now hooking up with the peds surgeon.

The Office: Okay, now this episode made me laugh. Particularly Dwight and his comments "I keep a diary to keep secrets from my computer" and "I fell on my sword once. I was running with it in my belt. Won't happen again." Too damn funny. Kevin asking his girlfriend out was sweet...even the "Nice...boobs" comment he threw in at the end. And the very end where Dwight was trying to do the knock knock KGB joke on Jim but Jim wasn't cooperating was funny too. This is the show I know and love.

30 Rock: This was also quite funny. I love it when Dr. Spaceman makes an appearance. Tracy also learns he can say whatever he wants on television as long as he pays the FCC fines afterwards (FCC...must stand for 'federal bunch of sticklers'). And then Liz becomes a firebug and nearly kills everyone on staff. Overall, well done.

Supernatural: The boys become ghosts so they can take on the demons who want to kill the reapers to open another of the sixty six seals. Sam's been working out his supernatural power, for better or worse (I'm guessing worse because even Cool Blind Pam said so and besides, the show's track record pretty much guarantees it.). No sign of Ruby but Castiel made a cameo. Rumor has it that multiple important deaths are coming by season's end...if they kill Bobby, I will not be happy.

ER: Had to watch this epsiode because all the rumors said that Doug Ross and Carol Hathaway would be making a return appearance and I always did like Doug and Carol. Also popping in was Peter Benton, Carter's long time mentor, who just happens to be working at the hospital where Carter is awaiting his kidney transplant. It was nice to see their reconnection too. Some other stuff happened in the episode too but let's face it, no one really cared about that.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Well, the gang found out that Riley's dead and everyone thinks Cameron did it. Jessie spends a lot of time recalling a submarine mission of hers and gets into a bar fight with a bunch of pilots. And that about covers it...

Dollhouse: Echo undergoes surgery to render herself a human camera and blind to boot in order to infiltrate a sect of religious freaks. Vincent has in the shower which causes problems in the dollhouse. Agent Whatshisface doesn't like Echo and set out to rid the dollhouse of her. He failed and she knows what he did. That can't be good. Agent Helo (have no idea what his name in this show is...Ballard?) continued to track down the phantom Caroline and failed again.

Battlestar Galactica: So for a pentultimate episode, I kind of expected more....well, anything, I guess. I'm withholding all judgment until I see the two part finale next week because they're obviously building something and I think it's like a Monet painting where if you look too closely at one corner of it, you don't necessarily understand what the artist was trying to do so you have to stand back and look at the whole entire picture to get the meaning of it all.

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