Saturday, February 28, 2009

Television Week In Review (week Ending 2/28/09)


The Amazing Race: I was getting worried for Mike White and his dad for a while there but glad to see they managed to move up a few spots while amusing Phil with their inability to open the iron gate that would lead them to the pit stop. The pie throwing challenge was damn funny. I am sorry to see the hillbilly couple go. They're the people who really appreciate being on the race.

The 81st Academy Awards: Hugh Jackman wasn't a bad host. He did a very nice opening number and boy, can Anne Hathaway sing. Good for her. Slumdog Millionaire won just about everything, Kate Winslet FINALLY got her long overdue oscar and some other stuff happened but I mostly fast forwarded through it. I love my DVR.

Legend of the Seeker: Well, there was good news and bad news. The bad news is that this episode was mostly a retrospective "This is what's happened so far" recap episode. The good news is that a retrospective "This is what's happened so far" recap episode included a cameo performance by the magical talking sock puppets. Woo Hoo!


Chuck: I really liked this epsiode. It was pretty funny. Jeffster is awesome. And boy, can Sarah take a punch or what?

House: I really liked this episode too. Liked House's snarky comments like how their patient (with both male and female cells) was Thirteen's dream date. Liked the idiot broken finger guy...I liked the whole damn thing.

The Closer: Well, Brenda and Fritz finally get married. This was a good episode too. I'm kind of tired right now so I'm not feeling very prolific but it was good. A nice way to end a somewhat uneven "season".


Is it possible I didn't watch anything tonight? Well, thanks to Obama's address to Congress, yes, it is. Miracles happen every day.


American Idol: Due to Obama's address to Congress, the second group of twelve performed tonight. The singer I was most interested in seeing was Nick Mitchell, aka Norman Gentle, just out of sheer curiosity as to what this guy would do next. I mean, there's no way he should realistically have made it thus far but he is never boring. And, in fact, he was the fourth singer to perform and was the best of the night, to that point. He even gave a shout out to Neil Patrick Harris who happened to be in the audience that night. "Doogie!" It didn't get much better so honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if he did make it into the Top Twelve. Allison Ireheta, who sang Heart's Alone, was amazing and was the best of the night by a good few hundred miles. Adam Lambert sang "Satisfaction" and parts were good and parts were....weird, but I think he will also make it through to the next round.


Survivor: Brazil: Jerry was voted out and I don't think Jerry was really all that upset over it. I missed most of the episode because I was busy running around doing other things.

American Idol Results Show: This was on at the same time as Survivor so I recorded it with my DVR. It's amazing how much shorter this show is when you record it and fast forward through all of the feeble banter. Anyway, Adam Lamert and Allison Ierheta and Kris Allen who sang Michael Jackson's "Man In The Mirror" and apparently has a lot of friends, are going through to the top twelve. Sadly, Norman Gentle/Nick Mitchell will not be. I'm betting he won't be making it into the Wild Card round either.

30 Rock: Tracy Jordan makes an appearance on the Larry King Show and sends NYC into a panic. Peter Frampton was referenced and other hijinks ensued. This was a very funny episode.

Burn Notice: Michael's ex-fiancee shows up, much to the delight of Fiona. Sam the ex-fiance needed Michael's help to steal a government chip back that she had originally stolen in order to save herself and the life of her son. My DVR cut off right before the end so I don't know how it all turned out. I'm guessing it turned out all right because I didn't hear anything about it being a series finale.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: I remember in the first season I was calling episodes explosion happy...well, I guess they didn't have much of a budget or something because the second season, with the exception of the outstanding premiere, has been explosion unhappy. You have an awesome kick ass female terminator, for crying out loud. Let her get all terminator on someone's ass!

Dollhouse: This was a good episode. It was also written by Marissa Trucheon and Jed Whedon, two of the brainchildren behind Dr. Horrible, so it should probably be said that I was bound to like this epsiode regardless. Why is Amy Acker only a guest star???

Battlestar Galactica: Now, this was a good episode. Still seem to be creating new questions instead of wrapping up loose ends but I have faith in the powers that be. Starbuck spent most of the episode talking to some piano playing guy. I said right off the bat that the piano player was her father (some message boards think her father is Daniel) and that the piano also is in her head. Well, I was half right. The piano was real but her father was just in her head. Apparently, her father taught her to play the cylon anthem "All Along The Watchtower" which was drawn out by the ever creepy Hera. Meanwhile, Boomer plays Tyrol like a banjo and gets him to spring her from the brig so she could then beat up Athena, frak Helo (who is gonna be in soooooo much trouble next week!) and kidnap Hera. Now, way back when Hera was a less creepy baby, she knew the difference between Boomer and Athena, so it would stand to reason that she would know the difference now between the two. So maybe she wanted to go with Boomer (presumably back to Cavill). Dunno. There's talk on the message boards that like how Liam was downloaded into Anders, Daniel was downloaded in Hera. There's also speculation that Daniel is Baltar...or Starbuck...or Galactica herself. No one knows. But what we do know is that there are only three frakking episodes left and it ain't looking like Galactica herself will make it to the very end. Eek.

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