Saturday, February 21, 2009

Television Week In Review (week Ending 2/21/09)


The Amazing Race: I am so excited that this show is back. I miss it when it's gone. I think I am going to write a drinking game for this show because one could really get sloshed. You could take a shot when one half of a young dating couple calls the other half "babe". You could take a shot when one half of the team of blondes makes a comment on how being cute and blonde will get them far in this game. You could take a shot when someone utters the line, "This was the one thing I didn't want to go!" or "That was the hardest thing I've ever done!" You can do a shot every time the locals laugh at the Americans as they flair around trying to complete whatever task has been set to them. Or when one team try to outwit another team. Or when a team has an Ugly American moment (i.e. saying something like "Why doesn't anyone here speak English?!?"). Anyway, one of the dating couples arrived on the mat last. Too bad, so sad. Joe was sorry to see them go sadly because the woman had nice breasts (I'm so proud.). I hear this season they're going to Siberia. I'm very much looking forward to that leg of the race. Hell, I'm just looking forward to the whole damn thing.

Legend of the Seeker: Still no magical talking sock puppets! What the hell? This week, Stupid Richard goes deer hunting with some locals and takes a detour to Brennington, the village where he was born. He manages to cause trouble, gets chased through the streets and eventaully betrayed and arrested. Since the series would be short lived if Dick dies, he is, of course, saved by his trusty sidekicks, Kahlan and Zedd. I was thrown for a moment because Richard met a woman claiming to be his mother which was odd because I've read the books (well, the first three of them anyway) and had no recollection of that. I know they're not following the books word for word, but that would be a pretty major thing to veer away from. Turns out she wasn't his actual mother. Just the midwife. Next week's preview promises new episodes in which Dick will continue to get himself in trouble. But no word on the magical talking sock puppets. I will, however, keep my fingers crossed.


The Big Bang Theory: Repeat. Why are they showing repeats now? Doesn't CBS understand that it's February sweeps?How I Met Your Mother: Ditto.Chuck: I haven't seen this show for a while. I think, however, I have only missed one episode this season and that was the 3D episode that aired the Monday after the Superbowl (I didn't have any 3D glasses so I skipped it). At any rate, I felt like I must have missed something in that 3D episode that happened between Chuck and Sarah because they seemed stranger than usual. Of course, this happens a lot in this show, where Chuck has to learn and re-learn the lesson that he and Sarah are a dead end. In this episode, they go undercover in the suburbs to find a potential terrorist. I figured out very early on that the entire neighborhood was terrorists because I saw that in an episode of Alias once. Anyway, still fun. And an interesting side story, of course, with Big Mike dating Morgan's mother.

House: Everyone's trying to play everyone else and it's another Thirteen centric episode. Hey, what else is new? The medical mystery was kind of interesting though. There should really be some fallout for Taub's decision to track down the kid at the restaurant and tell him the priest had AIDs but I can't imagine there will be because there never are on these types of shows (Grey's Anatomy...I especially mean you.) I didn't get Cuddy's mind game at all. Usually she's much better at that sort of thing, isn't she?

The Closer: This episode was a lot of fun. Amy Sedaris guest starred as Fritz's sister, Clair the psychic. Hijinks ensue and a good time was had by all. One question do you make a vegan chicken pot pie? Tofu chicken? It just sounded odd.


American Idol: Well the first twelve in the top 36 performed tonight. I liked Jackie Tohn (or however one spells her last name) and Ricky Braddy. He had a great vocal performance but, I agree with Simon, that I don't see star quality in him. Alexis Grace was fantastic. It was funny to hear an Aretha Franklin song come out of that little teeny tiny woman. Good for her. And Danny Whatshisface was very good too. And once again, I agree with Simon. The other three judges were ready to hand him the winner's trophy right then and there but Simon was all like, "Well, you were good but you weren't fantastic." Which was both fair and true. Everyone else who performed sucked ass. I mean, they really did. There were quite a few singers about who even Paula couldn't find something nice to say. They showed Danny's friend Jamar (the cheek piercing guy) in the audience. I bet he was pissed he got passed over for some of the assclowns who performed. Also performing tonight (for hopefully the LAST time...) was Tatiana. I think the producers must have slipped her some valium or something because she was SO much more subdued than she'd EVER been. She sang a Mariah Carey song and, at times, sang it well. Her low range isn't her strong point though. Anyway, guess we'll find out what America thinks tomorrow. I'm betting they don't agree with me. They seldom do.


American Idol Results: Alexis Grace, Danny Whatshisface and Matt the Roughneck all made it to the top twelve. Ryan Seacrest was untolerably cruel to all the contestants. I know the producers make him give the results in certain ways but it is still unbelieveably cruel. Especially when they brought Danny and Tatiana down at the end and were like "One of you is is out" when obviously it was Danny who would be moving ahead. Carly Smithson and Michael Johns popped by to promote an album and reminded us why they didn't win in the first place. Next week, Norman Gentle will be performing and I'm, sadly, a little bit excited to see what the hell he'll do. Because it'll be wild.

Lie To Me: The problem with this show is that they haven't figured out how to give the information that the audience needs without making people who shouldn't sound dumb dumb. In this episode, the team spends a lot of time explaining stuff to the secret service that one would damn well hope the secret service would already be aware of. All these sort of procedural shows have those moments but the good ones are the ones that make the dumb audience talk a seamless part of the scene. This show hasn't quite figured that out yet. I still like Tim Roth's character and I still don't like Kelli Williams's character.


Survivor: Brazil: Well, I was texting family and friends during most of this epsiode so I missed pretty much everything but I did get to see the second total blindsiding of a contestant in two weeks of a season that's shaping up to be pretty damn interesting. Gotta love it when a contestant has absolutely no idea everyone's plotting against her...especially when she tells the cameramen she's sure she's not going home.

Bones: My DVR cut off right at the end so I missed some of it but this was a very funny episode. Nice promo, by the way, FOX for your newest show Fringe.

Grey's Anatomy: This episode wasn't that bad until Derek and Mark started punching each other.

Burn Notice: I want to go to Miami and be a super cool ex-spy type person.


Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles: The gang goes to a town funeral. When is Cameron going to get to do something useful???

Dollhouse: I will kill FOX if they cancel this show before Joss gets a chance to tell us this story. Amy Acker was back. Badger also made an appearance. Just made me love the show more.

Monk: This was the season finale. The episode coming back in the summer are the start of the last season in which we are going to find out what happened to Trudy, I mean, as far as who killed her and all. I thought this episode would've nudged us in that direction but no such lcuk. Kali Rocha appeared as the key to the case. Kali Rocha, for those of you not in the know, played Halfrek and Cicely in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Psych: Kind of intense for an episode of this show. Glad they didn't forgo the humor entirely. I would've missed it. Liked the serial killer expert thing...the whole "My father's name was Mary and his father's name was Mary and his father's name was Craig" was just so random, it was hysterical. As was his later "Talk about your civil war buff..." It did feel a little unresolved with the whole serial killer thing so I'm thinking maybe she was right when she said it wasn't over. And, last but not least, I was glad Shawn went back out to Abigail and had his date with her instead of taking off with Juliet.

Battlestar Galactica: YOU SHOULD KNOW THE DRILL BY NOW, BUT THIS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS SO IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW, THEN DON'T READ ANY FURTHER. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Anyway, I feel like since this is the sixth episode out of ten that maybe they would be wrapping up more storylines but it seems like they're only adding more. Ellen showed up on Galactica, as did Boomer and all hell broke loose. Boomer was promptly taken to the Brig. Tyrrol looked at her longingly. Ellen screwed Tigh on a table and then was mean to Caprica Six who must be vulnerable in her pregnant state because I don't know why she let Ellen get to her. Not the same woman/cylon from before. Anyway, Gaius reappeared and scared Adama into giving him guns for some reason that escapes me. I think it has something to do with human/cylon mingling...which might be a little too late since half the cast are cylons. Adama and Tight get drunk and Ellen claims that Tigh loves Adama more than either herself or Caprica Six. Tigh and Six's baby boy named Liam died and Ander's EEG suddenly started showing life. Some of the message boards are talking about how Liam's lifeforce was downloaded into Anders. Next week it looks like we get some clarification on Starbuck's situation. The message boards had a lot to say about that too...their money's on Romo Lamkin (Badger from Firefly) being Daniel, the cylon model Cavill poisoned out of jealously. There are only four episodes the frak are you going to manage to tie up all the loose ends?

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