Saturday, February 14, 2009

Television Week In Review (week Ending 2/14/09)


Legend of the Seeker: Still no sign of the magical talking sock puppets but this week, Ted Raimi played a magical map maker who creates magical maps that show the Seeker's whereabouts so bounty hunters can track him down, turn him over to the bad guys and collect the extravagant bounty the bad guys are offering for him. There was also a monster in a cave that reminded me of the monster in the cave in Monty Python and the Holy remember, the cartoon monster, not the rabbit. The sword fighting in tonight's episode seemed to rather Matrix inspired (lots of sudden slow mo and the like.) but still awesome.

The Grammy Awards: Oh wait. I don't watch the Grammy Awards...does any one watch the Grammy Awards?


The Closer: This was one of the better episode that I've seen in quite a while. Really, really good. Got pissed when the lawyer was defending how he defends sex offenders, that they're branded like animals, well, they're fucking sex offenders. They SHOULD be brnaded like animals. Anyway, a really good episode, very well done. It's not often when Brenda misses closing a case but it usually makes for a good episode when she doesn't. Not that she should miss more often but this episode was so well written and acted that you didn't mind. It also made me think. The bad guy walked on this one and I was mad that he did and yet I watch Dexter, which is a show about a serial killer, and I never want him to get caught. Weird.

The Big Bang Theory: This epsiode was moved because of President Obama's press conference. I'm very glad they decided to show it because it was fantastically hysterical. Leonard's mother (played by the brilliant Christine Branski...or however you spell her last name because that sure as hell isn't it...) comes for a visit and leaves the entire group in turmoil. So damn funny. Will save this episode forever and watch repeatedly every time I need a good laugh. By the way, I think Sheldon stole his guitar hero moves from Famous Joe. Watch the playback. You'll think so too.

The Westminster AKC Dog Show: Watched this for the herding group, which was, of course, the last group of the night. There was a very nice looking Belgian Malinois and an all right looking German Shepherd (I will never, ever find a German Shepherd I think is prettier than mine.). The stupid judge picked the Mop Dog (the should go a google image search for Puli and check out some of the pics of this breed doing agility. They're insane.) over either of my breeds. Whatever.


American Idol: God, isn't Hollywood Week over? It's been like two weeks long already. Anyway, tonight's the final solo night and I hate, by the way, the way this episode is cut and presented. But I pretty much hate all result shows and very seldom watch them. I watched this one because there were supposed to be solos. And there were. A couple. Best friends Jamar and Danny got through. I like them both but Jamar's cheek piercing is rather distracting for me. Danny's cool. I worry about him though because I think Paula has a thing for him and no one, I suspect, should be subjected to that (Remember last year when she told David Archuleta that she wanted to rip his head off and dangle it from her rear view mirror???). Scott McIntyre is through, singing a version of a Daughtry song. A lot of the ladies sang Carrie Underwood's Before He Cheats, which is a cool song but one I find should not be attempted by these contestants. Crazy Tatiana somehow got through. Don't know why or how but BOY, are they milking her appearance on the show because they cannot be seriously considering putting her through much further. Norman Gentle is the man. He really is. He won't make it much further which will be a shame because at least he'd definitely be entertaining. Jason Castro's little brother Michael was cut tonight. Didn't matter to me because, honestly, I forgot he was even in this competition. And Kaylan I suspect was chewing gum. Choir directors, I have it on good authority, hate that kind of thing. Anyway, tomorrow night they decide the top 36 performers. I think it's entirely results and no actual singing so I'll probably be skipping that episode.

Fringe: Mr. Jones is back, fresh from his stay in a hyperbaric chamber following his transportation trip from a German prison to Boston. He wants to speak to Olivia because she's some drug study kid and has the power to turn light bulbs off with her mind. Dunno. There's also this mysterious manifesto circulating that was typed on a typewriter Walter has in his lab. Walter spent much of the episode obsessed with the cow and pound/coffee cake. Nina Sharpe and her robot hand were back too. I still can't decide if I like this show or not. Olivia is a little hard to like, I think. I like Peter and Walter though so I think that's what keeps me coming back week after week.

Scrubs: This week didn't make me laugh as much as last week did. There were some all right moments, but, overall it was kind of disappointing.

Westminster AKC Dog Show: The standard poodle looks ridiculous. I'm sorry, but it does. I don't understand the reasoning behind the big ass pompoms. Standard poodles are great looking dogs when not groomed to look the way show dogs look. Anyway, the main prize went to the Sussex Spaniel so like, congratulations or whatever. I may still be a little miffed that my own beloved breeds were snubbed by a mop with legs.


American Idol: I know I said I'd probably be skipping this episode but then it turned out there was absolutely nothing else on so I ended up watching it anyway because I couldn't possibly be expected to actually turn off the television, now could I? Anyway, the judges picked the top 36 performers tonight and I don't know what they were smoking when they picked the top 36 but apparently it is a rather strong hallucinogen because they did NOT put Jamar through (guess they too were distracted by the cheek piercing) but they DID put both Norman Gentle AND Tatiana through. What the HELL is up with that? Normally, I don't get this riled up in the AI process but I cannot help it now.


Survivor: Brazil: Since Bones isn't on tonight, Joe and I watched this instead. I read online somewhere that Jeff Probst thought this would be a great season because of the cast, the location and the twists. Well, the twists started right when the tribes got off the bus that was dropping them off in the middle of nowhere. They had to vote out a member of their tribe based solely on first impressions. Sandy, the older lady was booted from the red tribe and Sierra the model was voted out of the black tribe. They were both pissed. They became less pissed when Jeff told them they weren't out of the game and were, instead, getting a helicopter ride to their camp. Sandy jumped for jou. Sierra did not. She, instead, went on and on about her strep throat and how she's got a fever and antibiotics and made me wish she was out of the game already because SHUT THE HELL UP!!! But in the end, Sandy's tribe had to go to tribal council and they totally blindsided the overly annoying bartender Carolina and voted her out over Sandy. Awesome.

Grey's Anatomy: Addison shows up her with asshole of a brother who needs Derek to remove brain worms from his brain. Addison says she needs Derek to be a God to make the impossible possible. Meanwhile, Owen's ex fiance and her father show up and Cristina, in addition to discovering that Owen has an ex-fiance (with whom he broke up with in a two lined email, by the way...classy.) also discovers that no one, including Owen's mother knows Owen has returned from Iraq. Owen has a good reason though and I'm glad he's on the show because I maybe actually sort of care about his storyline. Izzy seems to be developing some major issues (more than her usual set of issues, I mean.) and Alex knows something's coming and wants to run but, for now anyway, seems to be staying put.

Private Practice: The parts in Seattle were at least watchable. The rest? Not so much. How is this show still on the air? You cancel Pushing Daises, ABC, but you keep this? Who do you think you are? The Fox Network?

The Office: This show used to be funny once, right? I mean, it wasn't just my imagination, was it? I did like Kelly getting an hour of sleep at work. That would be cool. And, I admit, it was funny when Dwight came and woke her up with the trash can covers and then said, "Now you have to work twice as hard to make up for the time you missed."

30 Rock: Now this show is funny. This wasn't one of the funniest episodes they've had but it was still pretty good. Liz goes on a date and, of course, it was the worst date in the history of dates. Jack goes to church and tortures the priest in that was funny. And then he and his girlfriend get back together over McFlurries. McFlurries, for the record, are pretty damn good. Ask for Hot Fudge to be added. Makes them even better.

Burn Notice: I haven't watched this show for a while. I really liked the first season, ended up missing most of the second, but saw a preview for this week's outing and thought it looked cook. Michael gets caught in a bank heist and does what he can to stop it. Loved it when he called Sam for help and Sam had to tell his date, "My buddy's caught in a bank heist and I have to go break him's true!" Great delivery. I've missed this show and I hereby resolve to stop missing it. You know, because that's what I need...more shows to watch.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: This week's episode picked the fall finale (which, if I recall properly, I found to be rather lackluster) left off. John's girlfriend Riley had slit her wrists and Sarah had been shot in the leg while following up on a potential lead. So Sarah kidnaps a doctor to help save her and Cameron doesn't do much except tell John they don't have to give a damn about Riley. "Future You has more important things to worry about," she tells John. Wondering when Derek's going to figure out that his girlfriend is not on the up and up. I'm also wondering when Cameron is going to get to do something interesting.

Dollhouse: Oh look. A new Joss Whedon show. Buried on Friday night by the idiotic Fox Network. It's hard to judge this show in the one hour we've seen so far. I love Joss, you know that, and I love Eliza Dushku and I will watch this show religiously. The supporting cast I don't know about yet because they're a supporting cast and we didn't get to see much of them. Loved seeing Amy Acker again and hope she continues to make appearances. I've read a rumor that Alan Tyduk (Wash) will also be popping in so I'm looking forward to that. Anyway, it's an interesting show with a very original premise and so I'm much looking forward to diving into another Whedon universe. Don't frak it up, Fox.

Monk: This was one of the better episodes I've seen recently. Sorry that poor Kevin had to die though. He was a nice recurring character. Loved the part where Monk was checking out the collaspable knives and used the one real blade on Natalie. Next week is the season finale and the rumor is the next batch of episodes will be the series' last. We're supposed to find out who killed Trudy and it seems as though we'll get a clue to that next week.

Psych: Not one of my favorite shows ever. Maybe it would've been funnier had I actually seen Friday the 13th, I don't know. There were some good lines, for example, Gus stating he's not going anywhere because he knows what happens when brother goes into the woods. Or Shawn's, "What does the parrot from Aladdin have to do with this?". Next week's the season finale and looks kind of intense. It'll be interesting.

Battlestar Galactica: AS ALWAYS, THIS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS, SO IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCH THE EPISODE YET, AND DON'T WANT ANYTHING RUINED FOR YOU, TURN BACK NOW........So, last week's preview promised answers. And we got some. Kind of. I always kind of hate the plot device where a character suddenly remembers vital information. Like what the final five were like on earth and how they got from there to here and resurrection and whatever else. I mean, it can be done well or it can be cheesy. Still not sure where the jury is on this use of that particular device. But like Ellen and the other four cylons gave the centurians the ability to create the other skin jobs or whatever and gave them the resurrection technology. Cavill, whose name is John and who was named after Ellen's father (and also created in his image), grew jealous nad whatever and so boxed an unknown cylon model, the seven, named Daniel. Then he wiped Ellen, Tigh, Tory, Anders and Tyrol of their memories and threw them in amongst the humans so that when they died and resurrected themselves, they would have a proper hated of humans? Then he planned to operate on Ellen to get back the resurrection knowledge but Boomer intervened and took Ellen away before Cavill could operate. It looks as though Boomer and Ellen show up on Galactica next week which will be interesting because Tigh's living with the pregnant Six (and was that scene between them weird or what?). Boomer and Tyrol are finally free to be together so I wonder if they'll end up doing just that. And, oh, by the way, Tyrol's slowly going to be turning Galactica into a cylon ship and Anders, who had all the word salad answers before his surgery, is now apparently a vegetable. Eek.

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