Monday, October 29, 2018

Four Scenes and Three Days

Before I get to the actual post part of this post, please allow me one small indulgence...


Okay. I'm done.

(Narrator: MJ was not done.) the beginning of the month, one of my goals was to finish the first draft of the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Bad Romance novel.

Now it's the end of the month, and I am four scenes away from accomplishing this goal.

(This sounds, perhaps, less impressive (provided it sounds impressive at all) if you know that at the beginning of the month, I was eight scenes away from the end. It's possible I didn't have a ton of time for writing this month...and not just because I was watching baseball.)

Of those four scenes, two are partially written. They just need to be finished. The other two have yet to be started. Of those two, one may be cut entirely because I'm not convinced it actually needs to be there. (And the more desperate I am to finish this book, the more convinced of this I become...)

But the thing is, I only have three more days to write those four scenes.

I mean, sure. If I don't get it done, it's not like the manuscript will self-destruct or anything, but it will put a serious cramp in my writing plans not only for the rest of this year, but the start of next year as well. I'd really like to avoid that if I can. I get so far behind so easily that I'd really like to not get behind in 2019 until 2019.

Dare to dream, right?

So, the bottom line is I really want to finish writing this book in the next three days. For a couple of reasons.

First, I'm planning to do NaNoWriMo this year, and that starts on Thursday. If you've ever done NaNoWriMo, you know what a time suck it can be. It's supposed to be my reward for finishing other projects (*coughcough* Second Nature *coughcough*), but I feel weird about doing it when one of those other projects isn't actually finished.

The other reason is I just really want to be done with this book. I honestly never thought I would finish this project in my lifetime, so to be so close to doing so now is making me anxious. More anxious, I should say. I'm pretty anxious about everything every day anyway.

But that's another blog post for another day.

Which brings me back to the main focus of the post—THE RED SOX WINNING THE WORLD SERIES!!

No, wait. Sorry.

(Narrator: MJ was not sorry. She was super freaking excited.)

I mean, writing four scenes in three days.

Which maybe wouldn't be such a big deal except that two of those scenes pose my greatest writing challenges: the dreaded sex scene (I seriously hate writing sex scenes) and the happy ending.

I mean, in my other stories, the characters have done well if, by the end of the book, they're not dead, dying, or bleeding from the head, so it's not like I've set the happy bar super high. Still, in a romance novel (even a terrible, horrible, no-good, bad one) it's probably best if I aim a little higher.

But that's totally do-able, right? I can just treat it like a little mini NaNoWriMo or something.

Just as soon as I come down from my World Series high. Which I'm sure will be happening any minute now.

(Narrator: It would not be happening any minute now.)

Tune in Wednesday to see if I can score a mini NaNoWriMo win before I take on the main event...

(Also, congrats on a terrific season, Boston!)


  1. They earned it after that eighteen inning game.
    Get it as close to done as possible and then just launch into your NaNo project on Thursday and don't worry.

    1. Oh, that eighteen-inning game. Yeah, that one will live in World Series infamy, I'm sure. Well done by the Dodgers.

  2. You can do it, MJ - you're so close! And good luck with NaNo!

  3. Hiss. Hiss. Hiss.

    (Okay, normally I don't give a rat's ass about the Dodgers. But, come on!)

    Four scenes is not bad. Keep going. You can do it.

    1. At least the Dodgers won the game everyone will talk about for years on end? And hey—the Rams are undefeated. The same cannot be said for the Patriots.

  4. Four scenes is nothing. Do two today, then one each of the other days, and you're done.

    Happy NaNo! I'm not even attempting it this year, I'm afraid. Waiting on edits from my publisher and I know they'll come in just when I'm getting into the NaNo flow. Plus, November is a crazy month at work, so there's no point setting myself up for failure.

    1. When I was still in retail, November was a terrible month for NaNoWriMo, but I managed to do all right. Ironically, the first year I wasn't working retail in November and attempted NaNoWriMo, I lost. I reached the 35k mark and just...stopped. Apparently, I work way better when I'm under massive time restraints. So, we'll see how it goes this year.

  5. Replies
    1. Given how often my schedules don't work out, I probably should do that, too.

  6. Just don't psych yourself out of it! Deep breath and keep typing!

    1. I'm totally psyching myself out. If I get anything done, it'll be a miracle.

  7. Good luck with getting those last scenes done.

  8. Good luck with those last four scenes! Hope you're able to wrap them all up before NaNoWriMo is here. And, oh scenes. I always hate writing (and drawing) those, too. Sometimes I think my characters throw those in just to embarrass me to death, LOL. And...happy endings? What are those?! Haha. Best of luck writing something outside your comfort zone!

    1. I can't imaging having to draw a sex scene—and not just because I can't draw so much as a stick figure. Writing them is tough enough!

  9. Yep, pretty cool the Sox won another one :) Good luck with the sex scene ;)