Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Will Anyone Like It? (An IWSG Post)

Hello, all! It's the first Wednesday of the month, which means it's time for another action-packed installment of the Insecure Writer's Support Group.

(I'm assuming that by now you're all well versed in the way of the IWSG, but for anyone looking for more information, or a complete list of participants, click on the above link!)

This month's awesome co-hosts are: Julie Flanders, Shannon Lawrence, Fundy Blue, and Heather Gardner.

So, I'm totally stuck in the editing doldrums (from which I fear I shall never escape), and the depths of my insecurities are reaching fun new lows each and every day. Yay! Fortunately, amazing author Tara Tyler has agreed to take over My Pet Blog today to talk about some post-publication worries instead.

Take it away, Tara!

IWSG - Will anyone like it?

I love the Insecure Writers Support Group. Where we get to whine and complain about our writing woes - or help others get through theirs.

Getting published is hard. Once you get there, it's an awesome feeling. But then the real hardships and worries begin. When you've put your baby out there, you are judged, and reviews and sales are your jury. Even after five books, I still worry if anyone will like it and more importantly, like it enough to buy it.

So here are some bits of advice to help you get through the low times, when feedback is scarce and you're feeling insecure...

  • Keep writing - readers love to read and you will find your niche of fans
  • Keep writing - more books mean more sales
  • Keep writing - the more you write, the better you get
  • Keep writing - it keeps you from checking sales!
  • and lastly, Go to book events - (bet you thought I was going to say... ha!) 
    • My best sales are at book events.
    • Readers love to interact with authors.
    • Other authors can give you more tips on how to be more successful.
    • You are your best salesperson! (whether to an agent or to an audience)

I wish you luck in your writing journey. We're all in this together!

Thank you, MJ for hosting me today. It's so great to visit your Pet Blog! Still waiting on the next novel! And looking forward to hosting your next book release at my place.

DISPOSAL by Tara Tyler
Pop Travel, Book Three

Cooper and Geri are finally in a good place, but their bliss is short-lived when Cooper's rebellious nephew Jimmy moves in with them for a summer internship. He hits the town hard and thinks he's found the girl of his dreams in an fiery, exotic beauty. Against all words of warning, he pursues her and ends up getting kidnapped by her powerful Drug Lord father. Geri tracks him down, but gets herself kidnapped as well.

Now it's up to Cooper to use all his resources to save them, including the hot homicide detective Geri secretly despises, and the latest sketchy gadgets his genius friend Hasan offers him to field-test. Sure, why not? Cooper will do anything to get his family back.
About the Author:
Tara Tyler is a math teacher who writes to share her passion for reading with others. She loves dogs, coffee, and is the lazy housewife, living in a world of boys with three sons and a coach husband. Join her for an adventure!

Book One           Book Two

To join in the celebration, take Tara Tyler's

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  1. Now I know what I need to do - keep writing!

  2. Good luck with the editing, MJ!

    I think I'll stick with "Keep writing." I'm a terrible sales person. More often than not, I try to talk the person out of buying something. LOL! Congrats, Tara!

  3. Yay for Tara! We must always keep writing, and like Cherie, I'm horrible at being a salesperson. =P

    Keep on pushing through, MJ!

  4. You're the queen of book events!
    Good luck with the editing, MJ!

  5. Great list, Tara! So true about how important it is to just keep writing, no matter how low we feel. (My anxiety would probably make me a total mess for a book event, though...LOL.)

    And good luck surviving those editing doldrums, MJ!

  6. Writing is the best remedy. And book events are great ways to get out there. As MJ knows, I’m doing more of that and figuring out how to sell at them. It takes a little strategic thinking but it is a good way to get print sales...when I never have print sales. LOL

  7. Yes, book events! I miss the days where I'd do a book event or store appearance every weekend. Although now I just don't have the time.

  8. I was in those doldrum all of November. I couldn't make the story take off, and the MC was more of a blowup doll than a character anyone could care about. So glad that's over.

  9. Kinda like Dory--just keep writing, just keep writing...

  10. Good luck with editing MJ. If you ever need a laugh, just remember the dream I told you about. LOL

    So, Tara, are you saying I should keep writing? ;)

  11. I've definitely had the doldrums this year off and on, but yes, let's just keep on writing! And despite all my nervousness talking with people about my book, my tiny trips into vendor fair land in November definitely boosted my sales and my spirits. *people actually want to read my books? gasp* (three new readers are three new awesome readers!)

  12. Great advice... and a great reminder. I know these things, I just need to follow them more often! I'm less productive than I should be! Thanks, Christy

  13. Great feedback, you guys! Thanks for taking the time away from your writing to comment! (ha!)

    And thanks again, MJ, for letting me spill my guts over here. Had a great time =)

  14. Well, the plan of action is pretty straight forward. I’m going to keep writing!

  15. Keep writing - yes! And I agree about the book events - I love to go to them. So when the great day comes that I'm actually published, I can see that I need to have them. Thanks for the great advice.

  16. I think I'm the lone one with regard to book events. I did several this fall. The most I sold at a couple of venues was 2 books. That's right, 2. One event, I didn't sell anything. Talk about disappointing. Anyway, great advice about keep writing. That's the key. Best wishes to both you ladies and happy holidays.

  17. I've had revision duldrums far too long. Perhaps I should take Tara's subtle advice and "keep writing" until those duldrums just go away :)

  18. That's good advice. It echoes something I heard from another successful artist: there's no such thing as writer's block. What people use to describe "writer's block" is just an unwillingness to write because you'd rather be doing something else. So powering through that to finding a way to write anything (even if it's bad) is the way you create a habit of writing. Once it's a habit, then you won't have writer's block problems anymore.

  19. Just keep writing is really the only way through. And I totally agree about author events. They energize me and put me in contact with so many great people! @mirymom1 from
    Balancing Act

  20. I have at least one book event lined up for next year. Thinking about two more. Sometimes sales are great, sometimes not so much.

  21. Great advice, Tara! I get the feeling I should probably go back to writing. :D

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