Friday, July 31, 2015


Hey all. I'm still in the writing cave (only 8 scenes left to go!), so today the reins to My Pet Blog are in the hands of author Tara Tyler.

Take it away, Tara...

To go with the cover reveal, here's a bit of writerly advice from Tara Tyler...

I'm not a great tweeter like MJ, but I try. One thing I like to do is post a tasty teasing line from my editing and see if I get any bites. It's a quick break and immediate feedback and usually leads to follows. Try it!

It's finally here!! I give you the taunting cover of SIMULATION!

SIMULATION by Tara Tyler
Release Date: September 14, 2015

In 2082, androids are an essential part of daily life. Some are helpful, some would make better toasters, and some are so human-like they're creepy. Back in Atlanta, Detective Cooper's latest client has him searching for her boyfriend who she thinks was replaced by a simulation, an illegal clone android. The guy also happens to be a popular new congressman.

To make matters more frustrating, Cooper keeps crossing paths with his ex, FBI Agent Geri Harper who is looking for the same guy. As Cooper closes in, Geri is kidnapped. But when she resurfaces in Washington and goes on a killing spree, he knows it isn't her. Now under suspicion himself, Cooper must find the real Geri to prove her innocence, not to mention hunt down the powerful villain behind it all. Never a dull moment.

Re-released July 1, 2015

In 2080, Detective J.L. Cooper thought he could avoid pop, until he stumbles onto a video of a traveler who turns to dust. With help from the neurotic, genius “Creator” and a beautiful Southern charmer, Cooper has to expose the deadly glitch and shut it down or die trying. No problem.

Available now!
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Tara Tyler has a loud voice, loves to help others, and is ever forgetful. That's why she always writes things down, sings, and teaches. She has no idea how she became a writer, but as long as the characters and stories are flowing, she'll never stop! Tara is also the Lazy Housewife, one of the Really Real Housewives of America - a new blog dedicated to doling out tips and advice on how to economize time and money for a happier life.

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Also by Tara Tyler, MG/YA Fantasy series, Beast World,

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  1. You can do this M.J.!

    Love your cover, Tara. Congrats! :-)

  2. Androids and robots are set to rule. Congrats on Simulation!

  3. Best of luck writing, M.J.!

    Hey Tara! I just saw you on Elizabeth's blog!

  4. Good luck writing, MJ. You can do it.
    Tara's on my blog today. Simulations cover is awesome.

  5. Good luck MJ! Kick those scenes in the butt.

  6. thanks, you guys! And thanks MJ for helping me out
    ps - you got this!

  7. Simulation sounds like an intriguing read.

  8. Sounds like another great one.

  9. Congrats to Tara! That cover is amazing, and it sounds like the book itself will be, too. I also really like her writerly advice. (I try to tweet teasers, too, except for art. It wreaks havoc on my anxiety, though. LOL.)

  10. thanks again MJ!
    and thanks to you all for the boost! yipee!