Saturday, April 13, 2013

Loving The Language

Today I am leaving on a jet plane to go back to a freshly snow-covered reality, so today's A to Z post is going to be a rerun from a few years back when author extraordinaire Jolene Perry at Been Writing? hosted the Loving The Language blogfest.

It was the first one I came to that started with "L"...and it's a couple years old, so there's a chance that it's new to some of you!

Moving on...

The concept is simple: Participants post five lines/short excerpts from a WIP. The WIP I chose to feature was Second Nature, the sequel to my sure-to-never-be-finished-or-published novel, Effigy. Each excerpt focuses around the WIP's MC, Cate, a tough-talking, wildly sarcastic yet deeply depressed young woman from this time pulled into a parallel universe that just happens to be in the midst of a conflict not her own.

Important things to know: In the second excerpt, Cate is talking to Faolan, a tiny talking pegasus (yes, really). In the fourth excerpt, she's talking to James, the beleaguered leader of the people's rebellion.


1. He asked the question like they were friends or something. Like he'd known her all her life. He had, in fact, known her all her life but he wasn't her friend. If anything, he'd been her mother's friend. Laura had called him Richard. Cate generally called him nothing but, if asked, would have confessed to lately calling him Dick. She was nothing if not spectacularly immature when the opportunity presented itself.


2. "People did this?" she asked, looking over the destruction. "Men did this? I mean, it wasn't something else?"
"Something else?" Faolan asked.
"I don't know. Fire breathing dragon or something?"
"Dragons are myth," Faolan replied.
"Says the pegasus," Cate said.

3.  Nothing mattered. Because she was going to die here. Some people would say she was being pessimistic, but she preferred to think of it as realistic. They thought she was the queen. They thought she was a traitor, and the only people who knew otherwise were currently missing in action. So unless a traitor's death in these parts was death by chocolate, she really didn't have much to look forward to.


4. "We've got trouble," she said.
"Trouble?" James echoed.
"Right here in River City."
"Nothing. Look, something's coming," Cate said. "I don't know what the something is exactly, but my spidey sense is tingling in a big ole 'danger is heading right for us' kind of way."
"Your what is doing what?"


5.  "Yeah, see, here's the thing," Cate said. "I've been there, done that, and got the tee shirt. I used it to keep my internal organs from becoming external organs, so if it's all the same to you, I think maybe I'll sit this one out."


That's going to do it for me today. Sorry for the rerun, everyone, but I promise I'll be back with new episodes next week. Thanks for coming by, and have a great weekend, all.


  1. Death by chocolate! Funny. I'm sure that sounds good to you.

  2. Sure-to-never-be-finished! I know that isn't necessarily supposed to be funny, but it did make me giggle a little in that oh-how-I-know-what-you-mean way!

    1. I have to laugh at it. Because the other option involves crying.

  3. That was new to me, so thanks for the glimpse of what you've been working on!

    1. Well, thank you for taking the time to check it out. It's much appreciated.

  4. Very cool. Loved the one with Faolan!

  5. firefly & joss whedon are givens, but thx for the new movie flashes! i want to see much ado, too! didnt know about that!
    hp, also a given but always love your reminders, azkaban was the best of all, imo!

    game of thrones!!! credits kill me!
    ingress, interesting, i like the real world link, bet vaca was more fun! ha! sorry, the man =) my hub hates being mentioned *looks over shoulder*

    welcome home!

  6. what a very cool concept and idea for a day post. have a great rest of the challenge! :)

    here's my L post:

  7. 'Says the Pegasus."

    Channeling Mr. Whedon?

    You've got great dialogue.


  8. Love the dialogue. You are most definitely a Whedonite and I love you all the more. Get Effigy published so I can read it right NOW!! :) No pressure, of course. Says the rude and impatient blog buddy.

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