Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What Writing Looks Like

This post was inspired by a bloghop that took place on Monday.  I was participating in The Nineties Blogfest and therefore couldn't take part in something that sounded like a lot of fun (not that The Nineties Blogfest wasn't fun. Because it was.).  So I'm doing it today on my own.

The point of the What Writing Looks Like bloghop is just what it suggests.  I am going to show you some pictures of some of my notebooks.  Preparing for this post made me realize just how many notebooks I have kicking around this house.  The Man suggests that perhaps I have too many of them but that can't possible be true, can it?  You be the judge:

Okay, so that's not a tiny amount and it is perhaps made worse when I tell you that these are just the most recent notebooks I had in my office and that there are others, older notebooks, in other parts of the house.  But dammit, The Man just doesn't understand.  I'm a writer.  I need my notebooks.

Let's get back to the actual point of this post: what's inside the notebooks—

On some pages, you can tell what I was watching and/or listening to at the time because lines from shows or songs are scribbled in the margins or just in the middle of the page:

This page features a dialogue on the left and one of my many "Punch Lists" (where I detail exactly what changes need to be made to what scenes/chapters) on the right:

Here's another look at another punch list:

What does your writing look like?

As always, thanks for stopping by.  I'll try to do better next time.  Cheers!


  1. Ha, if I piled up all my notebooks, they would look every similar!

    I don't usually write a lot of stuff down, it's only recently when I've needed to get more organised that I have. But it's mostly a scruffy mess!

  2. love the rainbow of notebooks! and pen colors!
    i scanned in b&w, but my fave color to edit w/is purple =)
    you are very organized! glad you joined in anyway!

  3. I have a few of those notebooks and they look just like yours.

  4. (O_O) ehhhhhh.....

    I'm not that organized. I prefer scribbling on random scraps of paper that I find sprinkled all over the house. :D

  5. That's how I'd like my notebooks to look - organised... full up... you know :-)

  6. i used to be all about the notebooks, but I went digital at some point and use various software progs to organise my notes and ideas. Just have to hope we do't run out of eletricity before I finish my WIP.

    Moody Writing

  7. Oooo, love the pictures of the notebooks. I have oodles of notebooks (a lucky score one year at the tail end of back to school time), but not near as much writing in them. Very inspiring!

  8. I have a few notebooks, but I try to keep most of my writing confined to the computer these days. It's easier to find what I'm looking for that way if I need to find something and, also, um, well, I can read my stuff if it's on the computer which I can't always do from the notebook. There are few things more frustrating than not being able to decipher your own handwriting.

  9. Less legible than that!
    I used to write more by hand but most of it is on the computer now. At least I can read it.

  10. I sometimes wish I still wrote first drafts longhand instead typing them into the computer . . . there's something satisfying about having physical evidence of your work that you can flip through.

  11. I get such writer's cramp that I don't actually have notebooks. Just files on the computer. I marvel at those that write longhand (and think "ouch").