Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Two Who Are The Two (A Tuesday Teaser)

Yep. Today's the day when I bore thrill you with an excerpt of my upcoming (some day before the world ends, maybe) novel, Effigy.

Last week, I shared a scene with my character, James, making a controversial decision.  Today's scene is between James and Dana, the leader of the rebellion, as they discuss what has happened and what has yet to happen.

As always, I hope you enjoy it...


“Varro wasn’t there,” James said.  “He left his men in Nechtan to go somewhere else— south, I suppose— and he wasn’t there.  So I killed his men instead.  The ones I came across in battle, the ones who surrendered afterward.  I killed them all.”
 “You didn’t do it alone.”

“It was done either at my hand or my command.  There’s no difference.”
“That’s what it is,” Dana said, “to do what we do.”
“To do what we do,” James echoed.  He looked at Dana, grunted with annoyance and stood up.  “Sit down before you fall over.”
Dana sank into the chair.  “Maybe you should take some time and go home.  Go back to Enimode and—”
“And what?”
“And remind yourself why you’re doing this,” Dana said.
“I know why I’m doing this,” James said.  “Don’t ever think I’ve forgotten that.”
“I think you’ve forgotten there’s more than what you buried that day,” Dana said.  “Sarai, Aaron— they survived, James, and you need to remember that.  You need them to anchor you to the living.  You have one foot in a grave and—”
I have a foot in a grave?  What about you?  You and Varro are racing to see which one of you can put you in the ground first and I honestly can’t say which will succeed,” James said.  “So where’s your anchor?  Who’s your anchor?  Is it my family?  Your lady’s maid?  You haven’t been near Enimode nor Eluned for months now so tell me who is it?  What keeps you tied to the living?”
Dana gestured to the tent’s entrance.  “Them?  You?”
“And aren’t we performing admirably,” James said.  “If you want me to believe that, you’ll need to stop trying to kill yourself.”
“I’m not trying to kill myself.”
“The hell you aren’t.”  James moved in a drunken circle.  “You should really get a second bloody chair in here, you know.”
“I’ll do that,” Dana said.  “Just as soon as we finish beating back the forces of darkness.”
James finally sat on the ground, his elbows resting on his knees.  “We’ll never be finished with that.  We could kill Varro, Maddox, Omur— all of them— tomorrow and still it won’t be done.  Their gods would only find someone else to do their bidding.”
“True,” Dana said.  “Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing those three dead.”
“No one would,” James said.  “How do you suppose one kills a god?”
“I don’t know.”
“We’ll have to work it through if we’re to truly end this but I can’t imagine it’s easily done.”
 “I can’t imagine that’s something a person comes back from.”
“Do you really think either of us will come back from this?”
James held out the bottle.  “Well, at least you didn’t lie about that.”



  1. I really enjoy reading these excerpts, MJ, and it's not a genre I usually read.

    Now, if only they were altogether in say, a book? :)

  2. Interesting...kill a god?

    Hugs and chocolate,

  3. I think your dialogue is done really well. It keeps the reader engaged.

    1. Thanks, Michael. I've always liked writing dialogue.

  4. Hurry you have till December to finish!!

    1. Oh, I know! I keep looking at the calendar and cringing.

  5. I loved this excerpt too. Your dialogue is great!

  6. >dashing through<
    Did you get the email I sent about Friday?

    1. If you mean the one with your post, I did. If you mean a different one, I don't know. I'll have to check my email and get back to you. =)

    2. The one with the post.
      Just checking since it had an attachment.

  7. Terrific, intense scene. This was a movie in my mind's eye and I was sad when it ended. I need the whole book! :)

  8. Great scene! There is so much said in this brief line: “It was done either at my hand or my command. There’s no difference.”

  9. Fantastic excerpt! Love the tension between them.

  10. Wow, what a great scene! Definitely not bored reading at all. I'm looking forward to reading more. :)