Thursday, October 25, 2012

Questionable Content

As you may be aware, I've been on a quest this month to blog each and every day.  And, as this month winds down, I've been struggling a little bit more to come up with something resembling a quality post.    After all, if you're going to take the time to come here, I want you to have something interesting to look at.  Or, if 'interesting' is overstating things a little, then something that's at least something.  (That's right, folks.  I'm a writer!  Marvel at my command of the English language!)

So I am incredibly grateful that I found my way to author extraordinaire Jolene Perry's blog, Been Writing?,  yesterday and read her post "Questions... Questions..."  because now I have a post for today.  She thought about questions she likes to ask writers and posted them.  And now I'm going to answer them.

1.  Do you ever close your eyes when you're writing?

Not during the actual writing itself but if I'm trying to work out a scene or something, I might.

2.  Do you listen to music while you write?  Before you write?  Neither?

I like to have background noise when I write, be it music, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the Red Sox game.  But I have story specific playlists that I put on when I need to work out major problems.  Not that I ever have any of those...
3.  Do you work on one project at a time?  Or many projects at a time?

I typically work on one project at a time but I always have one in  reserve to play with when/if  I need a break from that main project.
4.  Do you know when you've started writing something special?  Or do they all feel special?

Nope.  Once I started a story thinking it would be something special— the best thing I'd ever written— and well... it didn't work out.
5.  Are there projects that you couldn't imagine changing anything in the story?  And on the opposite of that, are there projects where you could shrug about change and jump in and do it?

Yes, to both.

6.  Do titles come easily for you?  Or are they more difficult?

Titles do not come easily for me.  My stories usually get three or four titles before I settle on one that isn't lame and/or stupid.

7.  Did you know you wanted to be a writer when you started your first book?

Nope.  When I started my first book, I wanted to be an actress on Broadway. 
8.  Do you think your first book will be published?

Only if self-publishing counts.

9.  Are there favorite places in your house where you like to write?  Or do you get more work done when you go somewhere else?

I love writing in my office but sometimes I get more writing done at my day job (just don't tell my boss).  There's just something about the mindless monotony of my job that frees my mind to create some awesome (if I do say so myself) stuff.  But that doesn't mean I like going to my day job.  Because I don't.  But if I write something awesome, I don't mind it as much.


Thanks again to Jolene for providing today's topic and thanks to all of you for stopping by.



  1. Hey, that was fun. Like one of those blog chain things without the chain and with more relevant questions.
    Self publishing totally counts.

    1. Then I guess I'll have to change the answer to #8 to yes.

  2. Great answers!I'm pleased to know I'm not the only one who struggles with titles!!

    1. Oh yeah, no. Me coming up with a title is not a pretty thing. Not by a long shot.

  3. What great questions! I need noise when I write as well. There are usually lots of home renovation programmes on so when I look up from my WIP I just feel envious of the lovely houses other people have!!

    1. My significant other doesn't understand the noise thing but I just can't concentrate when it's too quiet.

  4. Loved your answers!

    Hugs and chocolate,

  5. I am marveling at your command of the English language!
    And won't tell your boss you write at work.

    1. It's all right. She kind of already knows. I think she just pretends otherwise.

  6. I close my eyes, too. And I talk to myself. And I pace. Ah, the creative process. :)

  7. I totally hate trying to come up with titles for my stories. I go through about three or four myself.

  8. That was fun! Great answers. I think it's so cool that people have playlists for their manuscripts. I've never done that but I think it's an awesome idea.

  9. Those are really good writer questions.

    It's interesting how many people need background noise to concentrate. I see it in school all the time. A class gets silent, and one student asks for music in the background. They get nervous when it gets too quiet.

    However, I work better in silence. I'm just weird that way.

    Writing at work? That must make the day job worth it. Somewhat.

  10. regarding #7...I love that you have awesome goals!

  11. Writing at work, I wished some days I could do that. Work can get a bit dull at times, and a nice sword fight would make time pass so nicely.

    Aye, covers are important. And all the research to make one, is a good way to make ones head hurt.