Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hey Sister Soul

Happy Halloween Everyone!  Today on My Pet Blog, the spotlight is on author Bonnie Rae.  If you haven't been by her blog, you should check it out.  I always enjoy her posts and whenever she features music, I always end up needing to download more MP3s (not that I'm complaining. I love finding new music).  And what's even better than that is that her second novel, Nether Soul, was released yesterday.

Nether World was the last place Ava Walker pictured spending the rest of her life, but after her mother’s murder, she had no choice. In order to save her little sister, Ava made a deal with the Devil, an unbreakable vow to live amongst the darkness and demons in a city of steel and fire. She's lost everything. Her mother is gone, her sister and best friend are on the run, and Kaine, the fallen angel who stole her heart, was incinerated right before her eyes.

Life couldn’t get any worse.

But she underestimates Lucifer. He goes back on his word and asks Ava to do the unthinkable: commit herself to his service and be reborn as one of the very creatures she was destined to fight. If she refuses, those dearest to her heart will be sealed with a deadly fate. If she accepts, mankind doesn’t stand a chance.
War is coming, and Ava must make a choice: die or become Death...

Nether Soul is the sequel to Nether Bound, Bonnie Rae's first book...

Both are available now  for download from Amazon (go check them out now!).  Bonnie's starting the third and final book in the series tomorrow as her NaNoWriMo project (her user name is Bonnie Rae. Add her to your buddy list today!).  You can also find Bonnie on Twitter at @BRLouwerens.

Congratulations, Bonnie, and best of luck to you!!