Friday, June 1, 2012

Are You Writing Now? Because I'm Not.

May was my first month participating in the Are You Writing Now group.  The purpose of this group is accountability.  At the start of each month, we create a set of goals to be completed by the end of the month.  Then, at the end of the month, we take a look at how well we did.

As you can maybe guess from my title, I didn't quite experience the rousing success I'd been hoping for.  I didn't completely fall on my face though least there's that.

The main goal was to finish all the edits and rewrites needed for my WIP, Effigy.  But here is the detailed list of goals I set on May 1st:

1.  Chapter Thirteen needs finishing.  There are two scenes still unfinished.  One needs a unifying thread.  The other needs...well, pretty much everything as it's only two sentences long.

2.  There's a fight scene in Chapter Fifteen that may contain some POV switches and general lameness.  I need to make sure neither of those things are actually there.

3.  There's another fight scene in Chapter Sixteen that needs a new opening because the current one is beyond lame.  It's just plain dumb.

Then, shortly after my May AYWN post, I added a fourth goal:

4.  Switch the order of the first two scenes in Chapter Sixteen.  I know you wanted it the other way around but if it stays that way, it'll screw with the rest of the novel's timeline and you don't want to do that because (a) it's a lot of work and (b) there's no need for it so suck it up and switch the scenes.

Now comes the super fun part where I come clean about just how much I didn't get done this month.  Yay.

I finished Chapter Thirteen.  I fixed the fight scenes in chapters fifteen and sixteen.  And while I was in Chapter Sixteen, I went ahead and switched the order of the first two scenes.  Then I formatted the entire manuscript for Kindle and have spent the last four days reading my manuscript on the Kindle, making a massive list of corrections that need to be made.  These corrections are all minor ones.  You know, a missing comma here and misplaced comma there.  There's been the occasional missing word and the occasional misspelled word (meaning I typed "ever" when I meant "every").  There are a lot of sentences where I want to tweak the structure or the wording.  So no major rewrites, just quick (in theory) fixes, scribbled down on pages and pages that look like this:

So in that aspect, I didn't make my goals because not all my edits are finished.  I do think I got the really heavy lifting out of the way— I mean, c'mon!  There was a scene in Chapter Thirteen that only had two sentences in it.  Short ones.  Now it's three pages long.  And, ironically, I deleted the original two sentences.
But I didn't finish them all.  I tried very hard to do so.  I've been awake for about forty eight hours now because I so desperately wanted to have them done.

A day late and a dollar short.  That's my motto.

That said, here's my goal for June:

1.  Correct all the minor quick fixes.

Yep.  That's it.  Just the one.  I have eleven and a half pages of these minor quick fixes so far and I still have nine chapters to read through.  I don't know if I'm being through or just damn picky but smart money's on 'just damn picky.'

Good luck to my fellow #AYWN compatriots.  Here's hoping we all have a super productive month!


  1. I'm glad you managed to get the formatting done! Good luck with your June goal lol!

  2. But you know what to do and that's half the battle! Slay all general lameness.

  3. I think that's fabulous progress. Having a list to refer to is miles ahead of me at the moment. When I've got a list I at least know I'll get to it some day. And you might find that as you go through your MS to correct those minor grammar infractions that you end up tweaking the rest too while you're in there.

  4. You're moving forward, and that's what counts. Maybe it wasn't as far forward as you would've liked but it's still going in the right direction. :) Keep at it!

  5. Good luck with your June goals!

    (Also, wow, your handwriting is so preeeeeetty!!!)

  6. It sounds like you got all the major stuff done, though, so that's great! Good luck fixing the minor things!

  7. i think you sound like you are off and running!

  8. dont be so hard on uourself! you did a lot!

    and minor fixes are a pita cuz there's so darn many of them!

    keep writing & have a great weekend!

  9. I think you did a great job, and your June goal fits it perfectly. Good work! :) Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Well, you had a very productive month. And may I say your handwriting is enviously neat. You also have great dedication to stay up 48 hours to finish a task, I would have fallen asleep way before than.

    Good luck with your one goal! Though it's just one, it sounds like it'll take a bit of time to do it.

  11. I think we writers should focus on our successes and forget've forgotten. ;-)

    Congrats on your new chapter 13!
    Some Dark Romantic

  12. Yeah, good luck with June's goals and more power to your elbow for sharing all this with us :)

    I appreciate ye :)

  13. Congrats on the goal you did reach. It's like writing, better some than none. There's always next month.. and the month after that. I do that, roll my goals over. Is that bad of me to do since I helped created Are you writing now? lol

    Co-Founder of AYWN